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  1. Do you have the LDD file for this or are there to many illegal designs??
  2. Single
  3. Sorry for late reply. I just fixed that a while ago ill post a new one soon.
  4. Awesome review. Thanks Cwetqo
  5. Great Review but some of the pics are in the wrong spot =(
  6. Incredible job!!!!!!!
  7. Awesome Job Brickscape
  8. Amazing love the greebling. Awesome Job Dr Ops
  9. Maybe add some detail to the front like a footpath,some road and some trees. Also tile the floor of the store. Other than that awesome job UberlegoTV
  10. Amazing. Great colour combination. Awesome job alois
  11. That's my favourite bit as well. Just asking is the ship a mod or an alternate build of 70700 cause it looks a lot like it
  12. Yes I do that ALL the time
  13. Awesome job mifody
  14. Many come to mind but overall I think.... Iron Man Mk 5
  15. This could be useful. Good find Legocrazy81