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  1. Just as a point of note, buses aren't actually allowed on the roads in front of Buckingham Palace. So, some very minor artistic license there. Cheers Rog
  2. I have always loved the airline pilot. Very classy and hasn't dated. Cheers Rog
  3. Motorised or manual? Have you looked at the machanism in the Town Hall which is also three floors? Cheers Rog
  4. #6 - 5 points Some great entries and really interesting looking through them. Just one that stood out from the others for me though! Cheers Rog
  5. I love this scale of LEGO aircraft. The new ones have too many large pieces and the finished aircraft are too big. They are more playable but the space they take up plus the size of any runways or aircraft buildings is prohibitive. And that's before I start on the nostlgia element... Cheers Rog
  6. [quote name='ZCerberus' timestamp='1451653031' post='2425101'] This thread was resting happily in lala land until revived. I guess you're still on topic and relevant but let's be careful when digging up nearly 5 year old threads please, especially if there is other new threads to discuss. [/quote] I'm quite happy this thread has been brought back to life. It's a great nostalgic read! What should new members do if they want to contribute to or discuss an old thread? They weren't here when it was started and starting a new thread to add their input seems illogical? Cheers Rog
  7. [quote name='Khorne' timestamp='1451471483' post='2422929'] The way the station is built, plus the snow and the police office with the wooly hat give me some serious Fargo (the series) vibe. I can instantly imagine the characters in your MOC speaking with the accents and voices from the show [/quote] "Oh yaah" I was just about to say exactly the same! Great little MOC... Cheers Rog
  8. Some really neat features - I most like the use of the wheel arch as the fin on the boot. I'm not sure what translator tool you are using or what language you are translating from but it's not done a very good job I'm afraid... Cheers Rog
  9. Looks very neat. I like the mini-modular kind of feel mixed with trad Town building techniques. The little slope/ramp up to the front door is particularly nice. Cheers Rog
  10. I use several Creator houses in my town. The town centre is made up of modular with a couple of MOCs. The suburb is mostly Creator houses. There's slight scale issues with some of them but if you don't put them directly side by side then it's OK. Cheers Rog
  11. Very blue and very modern looking - I like it. Very neat use of chairs for the ends of the containers outside. However, I hate to be the one to point out the phallic sign on the front of the building... Cheers Rog