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  1. This was way too short, no pictures, and I was confused when my night action didnt happen. :P BUTTTTTTTTTTT, it was superhero, which was pretty awesome. :P Thanks for hosting. :)
  2. Money Master stares at the Dynamic Eagle. "He's acting rather suspicious. I'd bet 2 mil that he's a villian, accept, none of you are getting my money."
  3. "It is surprising that the villans would be that uncoordinated so as to target one kitten..."
  4. Money Master looks around solemnly. *I will pay for their funerals..."
  5. Money Master grins. "In case you've forgotten, I BOUGHT you that paper. You owe me its cost, plus interest." Money Master shrugs at the various attitudes towards money, and waves his hands. Immeadiatially dollar bills seem to spring forth from the ground. "Money is power. Time is money. With Money, you can control the world." He turns and glares at everyone. "But this is MY money, so you can't have it." And with one wave of his hand, the money vanishes.
  6. *Money Master looks over your shoulder.* "16 across is 'money'."
  7. Would Mismatched Man be an example of this, "shattered and delusional personality brought on by the mish-mash of awful colours?" That is a serious implicated accusation my dear sir.
  8. "I hate to disagree, but Two Face has more than one style in his wardrobe. I have seen him parading around town dressed in purple and orange."
  9. *Money Master walks to the nearest newspaper stand, creates 2 dollars, and hands it to the employee.* "Catch." *He throws the newspaper into MMM's hands.* "So, what is this talk of, 'accusations'?"
  10. *A small woosh noise alerts everyone, and Money Master lands silently on the road.* "This seems to be the annual Thanksgiving Superhero Meet."
  11. I believe I need to have this working in order to participate in the Gotham City Mafia game, but it gives me an error and says I cant use it? Huh? Can someone please explain? EDIT: And as soon as I made this post, it shows up. figures. Sorry, just delete this topic.
  12. Money Master- His only power to create US Dollars, the original Money Master single-handedly ruined the economy during the depression, making prices rise, and normal money become worthless. Now, his grandson has taken his place, and is ruining the economy now by making WAY too many dollar bills. His weakness is scissors, as he is afraid of his precious dollar bills being cut in half.
  14. Pretty cool. I noticed that I have all the parts to make this... How come I didnt think of it?
  15. Wow. Those legs look awesome. The decals also. Overall, this fits all together perfectly.