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  1. Not only is it huge but you've detailed each of the 9! floors. Amazing work here
  2. And here I was hoping for: Your ability to come up with all these great bird builds busts impress me, that crown is about as good as it gets for brickbuilt
  3. He wears a bowtie now, bowties are cool. If there was ever a need for a lego fez, this would be it ..... I can't quite make it out due to the backlighting, is that a custom vest to go along with the custom jacket? Looks great regardless :)
  4. Yowza, These are great upgrades. I too really like your 6w, great job in keeping the lines of the limo while widening and fixing the awful wheel well setup that was part of the original
  5. Thanks but I can't take the credit really, Louise Dade did the ground work for this design. Mine is only a slightly modified version of her chair.
  6. Would love too, sadly I don't actually have one. A few blue ones from chima and that's about it for scale, the rest are all the smaller technics. I could put in a tennis racket but I've only played w/c tennis a handful of times. I've been keeping an eye out for one in my bricklink orders hoping to stumble on to one to include in an order. It will happen eventually.
  7. I'm somewhat recently disabled but my 9yr old son is now wanting to try it out next season, he has a blast zipping around in my chair . I'm sure he will do it competitively where as I am only doing it at the recreational level, I'm a little too old to try and keep up with the younger generations.
  8. Playing w/c basketball is what compelled me to build this to begin with. I've been playing since early last year, it's a blast and I highly recommend it for anyone (it's a sport open to able bodied players as well)
  9. After spending a portion of my evening melding one extra curricular with another, I bring you: This is a slightly modified version of Louise Dade's very cool creation. Additional angles can be found here in my Flickr account
  10. Yeah .... the former maybe, the latter would just make it worse! On the upside, I'm definitely on the good side of my son
  11. The good: My wife just managed to find a clerk who was willing to sell her a sealed box from the TRU in coquitlam. The bad: she now knows how much I spend on these things .... The ugly: I will have to share with my 9yr old
  12. Now I wish I was better at ship hulls, this looks like it would make a great front end to a tug
  13. The rubber piece, I'm assuming its that front bumper on the bigger model (center-ish of the first image)? Is this the 1st appearance of this part? I don't recognize it at all, looks like a chain or tank tread like element.
  14. doh, Canada being lumped into the denied category. sigh.
  15. If you have Lego Digital Designer installed then coupled with LDD Manager (over here on Eurobricks) then the two coupled together are a bricklinker's dream. I've used it for a couple of my own small LDD designed MoC's and its a huge help.