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  1. finally reared it's lil red and white head. And, it looks good! And, just for the record, I don't lie. My sources say something, it's legit! Any of you still not believe me?
  2. Tags added to all who posted thus far, except me as I cannot tag myself.
  3. You can share your interest all day long. Just don't clutter up the thread with things that don't belong.
  4. @Ashnflash and @THELEGOBATMAN, what part of 'do not discuss pricing' was not clear enough? If you have solid prices for a region, then by all means, feel free to post the info. If you want to guess what it will cost in your neck of the woods, go do it in another thread please.
  5. Pricing discussion does not belong in here, that goes for random guesses as well as speculation and creative assumptions based on past releases. I don't think anyone here works for LEGO anymore so...
  6. For example...???
  7. That job on the map is really cool! The second pic, I had to zoom in, the guy with gray hair looked like he had rabbit ears at first.
  8. Keepin those troops geared up, ready to do some damage!
  9. Good defensive position, guarding a bridge; a small item which becomes a huge target once combat begins! All these sandbags in everyone's builds, I guess I need to get myself some.
  10. Excellent checkpoint! Lots of plantlife right along the rocky coast. I really want to attack this later on, but it looks so good... Tough decisions!
  11. These guys are dug in!!! Too bad about your roadway, but no need to worry, when the armor comes in, they won't need roads!
  12. Makin sure those borders are safe, excellent! And just in case there is trouble, looks like your man can get out of there pretty quick if needs be on that sand rail!
  13. Supporting each other is exactly what the military does. Infantry is there to back up the air defense team. Hope this thing moves a lot because I'm gonna be searching for it in a few levels!
  14. Your guys are super busy, when do they get to rest? Glad to see someone is prepping their defenses just in case...
  15. Gotta keep up with the newest and best technology, and it looks like the CoST is on top of it!