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  1. Wow. Were you looking for attention? Because you've got some now.
  2. Winter is already here, I saw the white raven that discussion is over. Jon Snow knows more than most of us! The Falcon is coming, it's just a matter of when. No need to argue about it in here, just start a new topic. You can call it something like dumb argument when we already have evidence. I'm sure it will make top ten posts for a week straight! I don't care if it is legends, canon...whatever term. This is not the place to carry on your argument, it simply has no business in here. And if you cannot figure that out, you will be gone. Thanks, now let's keep this discussion thread on topic please.
  3. Sure, that constitutes pertinent news for your specific location. If you were really sorry, you would look back a few pages to get your info! Be sure to read what you missed!
  4. Yup! Registered and paid...hotel Spot claimed...builds progressing...found the blue jug as well!
  5. No, you stop. You also, knock it off! Remember, when you post something stupid or extremely off topic in here...all of the people that are following this thread have to read it as it pops up in their feed. I'm sorry to all of the followers of this thread as I have just posted as well! However, so you are all aware, this will change with the next year's news posts...and I'm pretty sure a few of the members that are unable to follow the rules or follow directions will not be around here much longer. So please, focus on the sets/new releases/info for 2017 and try to avoid anything that really cannot be backed up as it's only going to cause a commotion. THANKS!
  6. HAHA! Nice retort! Solid design on your lil beast here.
  7. Wanting to start with 2 players per country to start with. As time goes, that may expand based on interest, but for now, all countries should have at least 1, 2 players max.
  8. Welcome Connor, glad to see you joined up!
  9. This popped up in my Facebook feed last night. Great job, looking forward to entire show!!!
  10. It is treason then! The Black Sun’s sneaky manipulation of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance has been known for a while. After careful planning, now is the time to launch an all-out attack on the spider in the middle of the galaxy-spanning criminal web: prince Xizor. Both Imperials and Rebels set out to destroy the prince’s palace on the surface of Coruscant and his Skyhook floating high above it, killing the Falleen and saving princess Leia in the process. It will be a chaotic but tactical battle unfolding in palace corridors, hidden sewers and the fringe of space. That’s the story of the fifteenth episode of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, the building rpg we have going on in the Star Wars forum. Players can submit builds with an accompanying story depicting them fulfilling their goals to destroy the Black Sun once and for all. Only this time, Rebels and Imperials won’t be fighting each other as much as they will be fighting their common enemy. And that common enemy will be played by, well… you! If you’ve been looking at SoNE from a distance and want to try out first before you want to commit, this is the perfect opportunity to do a one time build showing off your building skills in portraying a frenzy of a fight as a member of the criminal Black Sun organization. This is your chance to try out something new, to meet some new people and to enjoy the fun and constructive SoNE environment we’ve got going on. We don’t require any particular level of skill but just a healthy dose of enthusiasm. If you feel this might be something for you, visit the episode topic for more information and for a place to ask any question you’d like. And if you feel ready for a more permanent participation in the SoNE adventure, head over here. See you on the other side, in a different galaxy!
  11. Yes, it is. But please be aware, if you wanted the tag, all you had to do was say so in the Campaign 1 thread. You never said you wanted it so I never gave it to you.
  12. Rumors or info on new sets for 2017 please. Not a place to argue about what UCS sets go up over XX years. And not a place for price argument. Those of you that do not believe in the new Falcon, please, just stop. Don't believe it, believe it. You are adding nothing to the conversation.
  13. Finally retired from SWTOR. Loved it, but didn't like where it was going. They made some changes, but too late for me. Now I'm onto Ghost Recon : Wildlands and I love it. If you play on PS4, lemme know!
  14. What pic? The one Penkid11 linked? From the LBR store in Northpark Mall?
  15. Apparently...I am Old Stoney Face now.

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      Ah I see. I thought mods could do their own though.

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      We could, but then we would never get one!  Same set of rules, even for the moderators.