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  1. A little question here. Will Palpatine be included in Vader's Transformation ? thx
  2. Well, according to Nrg, there is still a set number left, 75158, what do you guys think it will be?
  3. Well, but they match the information from Just2good. According to him, the price of 75157 and 75151 is $130, the price of 75150 is $100. And the prices of three unnamed sets listed as 75147/75148/75149 are $70, $80 and $100.
  4. Well, it's a tradition for lego.
  5. Well, isn't 76060 empty? Too much anticipation may lead to disappointment, just like the Spidy 2099.
  6. Hey, take it easy. We know you try your best to share information. But it may be better to share detailed hints that you've heard, then we can discuss and speculate together.
  7. Well, it seems that there are too much questions for this wave. Firstly, 75145 is rumored to be "Anakin's Podracer", now the pre shows the black/red thing. Secondly, 75147 is rumored to be $70, now the pre shows the price may be $50-60. Thirdly, 75149 is rumored to be $100, but the pre shows it's more likely to be $80, just like the Poe's X-wing. And it seems the rumored Resistance X-wing AND Encounter on Jakku may just be the same single set, the 75149. I compare the 75151 prelim with 8098, it seems 75151 is a little scaled down. Take the AT-TE as an example, 7675 and 75019 share the same price, but 75019 is a little scaled down. More pieces have been used for better details, but the scale is disappointed.
  8. Interesting, but isn't it rumored that 75145 is Anakin's Podracer?
  9. Wait, it is rumored that 75143 is confidential A-wing starfighter. But now 75150 has A-wing VS Tie Advanced, so how much A-wings will we have?
  10. Well. It seems there will be no X-men set any more. Glad that I've got 76022
  11. Interesting, will 75152-75156 be Rogue One sets? And 75158 is missing, Nrg's list has this number, will 75158 be an exclusive set?
  12. Dear Pablo94, will the Clone Turbo Tank be EP3 version OR TCW version ? Any info about the minifig selection?
  13. Thanks very much for these information A little question, will the Turbo Tank be a normal large set like 75106 OR an exclusive set like 75058? The scaled-down MTT is rather disappointing.