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  1. Not sure how I really feel about this one. It felt a little too drawn out with little really happening. It was full of little nods to the rest of the season that felt a little jarring at times. Acronix was pretty cool though, I hope he's treated a little differently than the other 'I've-been-gone-for-many-years-now-I'm-back' villains, that trope is beginning to be a little more common than not. Overall, this was probably the weakest season premiere in my opinion, but I am looking forward to how the season progressses.
  2. Oh, I thought it was airing on UK Cartoon Network on the 25th. My mistake.
  3. I'm surprised no one has talked about this yet (unless you have and I've missed it), but Hands of Time is airing tomorrow on Teletoon, in English. Prepare your insides for tingling. Link:
  4. I don't know about anywhere else, but Australia is getting the special on its own DVD, releasing on the 23rd of November. I assume it will have its own DVD everywhere else too.
  5. Something interesting and rather cool I found with my recently purchased Ultra Stealth Raider, and I apologise if it's already been mentioned. One can easily fit all six ninja in the vehicle. As opposed to the last Ultra Sonic Raider that could only fit two .
  6. Chris and Martin, eh? Someone on the design team is a Coldplay fan it seems ;). We've been waiting to see this set for so long and I, for one, am not disappointed. I never thought we'd see Lloyd and Nya in their Airjitzu forms, they look beautiful, Nya especially. The bird printing looks absolutely marvellous. I am very pleased to see that Airjitzu hasn't been forgotten and the arena is a beautiful hark back to the days of old Ninjago. The battle pack looks Marvellous too. All exclusive figures. Tournament Zane is a very pleasant surprise and the Samurai X figure is gorgeous, possibly my favourite yet. I don't normally find them in Australia, but I may have to try and source it some other way. I'm a little disappointed that we aren't seeing that new Skylor figure yet, but there's still hope I suppose.
  7. The whole 'circle closing' may also have something to do with imbalance with the realms. The Cursed Realm being destroyed caused Djiinjago to fall. Maybe Djiinjago falling means another realm will fall and it could be a domino effect. Perhaps closing the circle means restoring whatever balance is causing the realms to collapse. Just a theory.
  8. Those that complain that the lighthouse is inaccurate are asking for a set that contains a bland grey tower, the interior of which comprises primarily of a staircase. There are some things that fit the show and don't translate so well with the sets. The lighthouse set we have has colour and looks interesting. I'd say that there are a lot of children who collect Ninjago but don't watch the show, so a set that looks accurate to the dark gritty tower in the show is only going to appeal to one half of the market. Having an interesting looking tower that is directly based on a scene from the show, even including never before seen characters while also having the Ninjago charm we know and love will appeal to the vast majority of the market. I can understand wanting the sets to be accurate to the show, because I love the show too. But the sets are a totally different medium to the show. They always have been. There are aspects of the show that inspires the sets and vice versa. Phew. Well these sets are much better than I expected. The Stealth Raider is a personal favourite, with the Lighthouse and Zane's Tumbler following suit. There isn't a set I don't like and I'm really looking forward to seeing the last two. The figures are very nice, the new suits look very cool. I love the combination of the 2011 suits and the ZX suits. It looks like Ronin has a new torso print too, which is good and it's nice to be getting his hair, a piece that I lack at the moment. It's interesting to note that Cole isn't a ghost in any of the 'Rise of the Villains' sets...
  9. Purple ninja or not, I hope this new wheelchair mold means a non-possessed Cyrus Borg appearing somewhere. The last hope for him to appear in this wave is in the Airjitzu temple grounds, as we know next to nothing about it and what it includes. Also, I may be wrong, but the Kryptarium set looks like it comes with Zane in a prison outfit and with no mask. So even if the Echo Zane figure has copper hair, there's still hope for Zane's silver hair.
  10. I think that your second option could cause a lot of trouble for the mortals on Ninjago. If only one drop of venom could kill them, I imagine having Tiger Widows everywhere would put everyone at risk :P These are potential spoilers for episode 63.
  11. Yes i did! I thought I was crazy when I thought I saw it. Doesn't make sense since it was destroyed but it's a nice little throwback decoration for the junk yard. I feel like this season is one great big throwback to the fans. I've been so overjoyed by some of the little mentions to past seasons. Even so much as the same office that was attacked by Captain Soto in the second season being attacked by the sky pirates! Anywho,
  12. I personally agree with both of you. I think it's very plausible that Ronin is/was a member of the Pirates, but we shouldn't be so quick to come to a conclusion based on a figure design. Mandate brought up the example of Ash's belt. I seem to remember a large tussle about Ash being a servant of the Overlord, or something, because they shared a symbol. It was just a design on a figure. It's possible and I'm prepared to accept a humble 'I told you so' if it is true, but there isn't definitive evidence at the moment.