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  1. I built my first Japanese themed MOC tp try out some ideas. It's just a smal scene, I hope you like it: Full album:
  2. Thank You All! I am very glad that you like my first build so much.
  3. Here is my very first build: [SoNE Freebuild] Newcomers to the Outpost I hope you like it.
  4. Episode1 This is the first day for me after finishing the Academy as a Trooper, ... a Stormtrooper. I have done the one-year junior academy for cadets on Lothal and after that I had the standard stormtrooper training. Now I'm officially a member of the Stormtrooper Corps and I got the code name: TG-0222 I was sent forth Takodana to an Imperial Outpost to serve the Galactic Empire there. I travelled with a bunch of experienced soldiers, so I was the only one 'shiny' , new recruit on that shuttle. The Captain of this facility welcomed us at the yard. He is a characteristic imperial officer, strong-willed and disciplined. Unfortunately the other shipment didn't arrive yet, which means our equipment and blasters are still in crates. Our Officer said we will do repairs and cleaning as technician, until the supply come. Today finally the new shipment arrived, so we're lined up on the yard of the Outpost. The Technician brought the crate with the Captain , and then they started divide the guns to the troops. I was the last in line, so I got the one remaining blaster. Somehow it was a non-standard EE-3 blaster. I don't know how this happened, but I now this is mine. After spend a decent time training, I'm very good in aiming and shooting with this Gun, certainly among the bests at trainings. Anticipated this outpost will be my home for a long time, to serve the Galaxy, gain experience and maybe it's just the beginning of a great carrier...
  5. Thank You Sir! I'm planning my joining for a while now and I've already started working on my first build. I'm very excited about serving the grand Empire, I'll do my best.
  6. I want to join the Galactic Empire as stormtrooper TG-0222. Thanks!
  8. HothBricks has the official pics for the milano and the smallest GotG sets on their flickr: I really like the new sets, they are instant buy for me. The new milano looks really cool but I'm still in love with the older one, so I imagined that i will use the new one as Yondu's whitout the "milano" sticker. They changed the yellow so i think i'ts helps me too. The figs looks awesome too :)
  9. Iron Man armor collection:
  10. MayTheForceBeWithYou Princess
  11. Just found: Detroit Steel Strikes review:
  12. They use a lot of lights (as you can see), so i think it could make such unrealistic shadows
  13. Another underside view of the u-wing at .It seems have a window at the front on the transport module.