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  1. HothBricks has the official pics for the milano and the smallest GotG sets on their flickr: I really like the new sets, they are instant buy for me. The new milano looks really cool but I'm still in love with the older one, so I imagined that i will use the new one as Yondu's whitout the "milano" sticker. They changed the yellow so i think i'ts helps me too. The figs looks awesome too :)
  2. Iron Man armor collection:
  3. MayTheForceBeWithYou Princess
  4. Just found: Detroit Steel Strikes review:
  5. They use a lot of lights (as you can see), so i think it could make such unrealistic shadows
  6. Another underside view of the u-wing at .It seems have a window at the front on the transport module.
  7. Iron Man armor collection:
  8. Yes, of course, the build is based on the game version and works the same way: I'll add some more pics as flying mod.
  9. I always want a proper model based on Agent Coulson's flying car and fortunately the new Avengers Video Game have a really good looking one. So i decided to build it at least in LDD. The "work" beginned with taking a lot of screenshots from every angle the whole and the exploded car. I'm very happy with the final build and i hope you like it too. Here is the final model and it's LDD: I also built an updated one for better structure in the inside: LDD Update: Added some flying pics:
  10. I think maybe this plate with the sticker from the little drone thing without the other parts could work:
  11. LEGO Speed Champions 75871 Ford Mustang GT [Review]: