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  1. Very good work, would love to send me pics on how to do this :-) still not got around to doing my A4 still only in LDD i think i sent you the plans like 2 years ago now lol.
  2. I use a setup close to Rail Co But i use bushes to take the power direct from the wheel and not from the bar i isolate the bar so i can pickup power from both sides on a single bogie. but with only a single wheel set running it does lose contact as the train moves. to run this idea well you need to have two wheel sets just like the 9v motor to maximize the contact on the rail. But other than that this is the next step to running 9v in 2016 with the decline in 9v motors around and the price.
  3. Nice try, i have also been on this loco not bad runners and they dont get much bigger than this in little NZ. Wwould love to get the plans off you for my lego shows in NZ.
  4. euro bricks changed image types accepted also, i used imageshack for these and not Brickshelf. But this layout is now been pulled apart and moving onto bigger and larger train layout.
  5. Loving this years batch getting funky, wonder when they will stop the series, I have over 120 mixcels now its getting a bit mad.
  6. Question Guys, In nz we still dont have these two sets and the Library i can also see only limited countries have them for sale on Brick link. Are these parts of a 2nd wave or only limited release.
  7. Review

    about 48us each now, i bought some old sets that had them in, still cost a bit but i got 4 tails for about 60usd.
  8. Review

    Just finished mine, cost i think around 700nz with shipping and stuff to make, I kept to the original parts coz i am crazy. I have had issues with the feet poping apart, I put a black 1x3tile on the side to stop the seperashion. As i will be transporting this i dont want it to keep dothing this and at some point i may need to glue these. but the rest of the body seams firm.
  9. Gareth I think u still have my plans around for the A4, mine is only 4 wide at the nose out to 5.5 wide boiler on a 7 wide loco. As shown
  10. Ya sorry about Pics, Iphones are no good. I will take some more when I finish the wood and backgound. Thanks for the good feedback :-)
  11. Hello All. I have not posted much over the last 6-12 months, been busy sorting though all my Lego and its taken a long time. But in the last week I have finished my sorting and managed to dig into a small side project I have had planned since these sets came out. Build is complete I might add some minor touch ups but little. I just have some more wood work to complete and thats about it. Enjoy
  12. book was ordered before xmas can wait to read it.
  13. height vs Length is the issue i see with the FS, it needs to be 20% longer at least to make the model look even.
  14. Cant really improve that much on the layout due to the size, It anything i would say make a tunnel somewhere.
  15. I have been going though ideas, and this is about where i was at. I have a drill press that i bought that i will drill a 2mm hole into code 250 rail and then screw a 2mmx4mm screw from the underside of a normal 2x8 plate with some studs removed. This will take me longer than some of the other ways but should give me a more robust track and look more clean. I am just waiting on finance now so i can order some rail, most of my money has been going into buying tools (benchgrinder, drillpress, track bender).