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  1. [quote name='Supersonic' timestamp='1457524810' post='2495461'] I think that's a different case - AFOLs will buy both Jedi Starfighters no matter when they are released, but as a pure toy for kids, most parents are not going to buy basically the same vehicle twice. There's no big advantage of releasing both at once. The AT-AT, on the other hand, is probably a big seller no matter when it's released. I'd guess having an AT-AT availabe would make more people buy the Hoth set, rather than the other way around.[/quote] I agree it wouldn't be wise to release two sets of the same kind of ship in a single wave, but at least they could be spread one wave apart, like the new X-wings. I guess the strict schedule of TFA sets has thrown things off a bit, but the idea still stands that collectible things should be released more or less together, like the whole AOTC/ROTS/TFA waves have done. For example, the carbon freezing chamber set isn't great by itself and certainly isn't top of my wishlist, but if they decide to release more Cloud City add-ons at a later date, I'll probably wish I bought it to display with the rest.. We shouldn't be punished for not guessing the future correctly by being made to pay huge mark-ups on sets that have just gone out of production. [quote name='legolandia' timestamp='1457550187' post='2495769'] Why is that picture under a spoiler??[/quote] Just to avoid clogging up this busy thread for those who aren't interested.. kinda like your pointless post
  2. They did the same with Anakin and Obi-Wan's jedi Starfighters, and they'll no doubt do the same with another Cloud City set once the Carbon Freezing Chamber set has moved on.. I don't understand it.. People want to buy/collect sets that go together. Unless it was delayed as I think was mentioned, and was due for release this time last year.. would the AT-AT still have been around then? Either way, the Hoth Attack set seems like a pointless accompaniment for the UCS set, when an extended Echo Base would have been much more desirable, or something more Empire-focused. I guess it's meant to be an add-on you can buy multiples of, like the set that was released alongside Helm's Deep to extend the wall.. Here's roughly what I hope for the minifigs if the Death Star is just a remake.. (with Vader's new helmet, Stormie printing more like the FO troops, etc.) [spoiler][img][/img][/spoiler] But like others have said, hopefully the 'final duel' part will be left out since it now a great standalone set. That would leave room for other figs like Imperial officers (dark grey & black) and technicians (light grey) etc. in place of Jedi Luke, the Emperor and his royal guards. If it is a playset remake, it might be a nice idea to try covering the exterior so it looks more like the Death Star when on display, with removable/opening panels to access the interior; just to distinguish it a bit from the previous model.
  3. 75099 Rey's Speeder + 75148 Encounter on Jakku + this promo figure = [spoiler][img][/img] Now we just need that other obscure guy in the background and we're all set! [/spoiler]
  4. [quote name='Calabar' timestamp='1454231449' post='2456912'] The link works because I fixed the post browsing your gallery, ADHO. I've seen you moved some sets, for example these was moved from expanded universe directory to a new rebels directory. Similar faith for some other super heroes sets (just seen on the fly, not fixed). [/quote] Oh okay, well I'm planning another reboot to my LDD sets on Brickshelf (if I get round to uploading them at all and not just using them on my own PC) so it probably won't be the last time... If people want my sets, they're probably better just browsing [b][url=""]my Brickshelf account[/url][/b] (I'll add a link in my signature) or PMing me as a few have been doing - that's much more likely to be correct and up-to-date with the sets I build.
  5. [quote name='Cyberfounder' timestamp='1454156850' post='2456013'] The links for the Phantom and the Ghost on page 156 are broken, just thought I would let you know. [/quote] Both the index links and the download links work fine for me, so I don't know what your trouble is... If you're still having problems, just browse [url=""]my Brickshelf[/url].
  6. There is only one dream Christmas tree, and that is one that represents World Peace! [img][/img] Merry Christmas everyone!