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  1. 10) 3 points 14) 2 points 8) 1 point 13) 1 point good luck!
  2. I just wanted to build another attachement for my Unimog and because I have not much spare parts, the only good idea I had was this crane. I think it looks quite good with the 2 cranes on the photos! What do you mean with "the studless parts don´t suit it either"? I don´t speak perfect english, sorry
  3. I moved the stabilizers a bit back now, and you are right, it looks much better. P1081462_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr P1081463_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr
  4. Ok, new try in uploading some more photos... P1071461_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr P1071459_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr P1051452_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr P1051447_1 von Eaglestrike13 auf Flickr
  5. Wow this truck is fantastic with all those functions. It looks so close to the real truck. Respect
  6. Thanks to Efferman! It would work, but I get this message: You have posted a message with urls. Due to the fact that spammers really annoy Siegfried members can't post links until they have made 5 posts. Sorry.... But now I need only 2 more posts... Thank you very much for your help efferman. It´s all new to me here
  7. Hello Tim, Of course! I have some more photos, but at the moment it´s a bit difficult for me to share it here in the forum. Somehow I can´t upload many links of my photos which I have on flickr... Maybe I must make some more posts before I am able to do that?? I will try again later! Phil
  8. Hey guys, this is my first post. I´m from Germany and the Unimog is my first Lego technic model since 10 years! I made a new crane with pneumatic stabilizers. Hope you like it. Here´s a short video of the pneumatic stabilizers: