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  1. Oh right.. pullback motors! That's clever! We might borrow that idea some day Does the chain ever break?
  2. Hi Tofe59, Yes we've seen your roller coasters, we really like the launched roller coaster. Very cool! Can you make a how-to video for it?
  3. Thanks! We will make instructions for this one too, I promise. But we'll have to find the time :)
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words :) I have made a 3d model of the track for anyone it might interest It's an update of our previous track design. This track is much stronger and a tiny bit narrower than the previous design, so it's faster and can hold a lot more weight.
  5. Those are technic links:
  6. This is the original speed. I think somewhere between 800 and 900
  7. I can post a 3d model of the train tomorrow if you want
  8. Hi! Meet our new fully automated, themed roller coaster
  9. Here's the chain lift! Thanks! The camera work was all done by hand (but with good equipment)
  10. For anyone who's interested, we are making some how-to videos for this roller coaster. Here are the first two. More to come. And a small EV3 controlled test:
  11. If you look at our youtubechannel in the header image, you see how we did it with our previous track. We use Part 63082 and Part 3614b. The problem with the new track is that it probably can't hold that much weight (although we will try it some time) I don't think any type of wheel exists that runs as smooth as the 9v train wheels. Even when we used Part 2878c02 instead of Part 2878c01 it went slower.
  12. Here's an "exploded view" of the car. It doesn't have all the parts, but does have some important ones.
  13. Yes it's the slack, it might not be super good for the technic pins though..
  14. Exactly! What software did you use to make that? The car is a lot more sophisticated, the wheels can turn relative to eachother, it has pins to keep it from falling off the track and it has a clip that hooks onto the chain.
  15. I don't have Lego at my house, it's at my cousin's 'cause he has a bigger house. I asked multiple times for him to make detailed pics, but he doesn't.. Downloaded Lego Digial Designer, but it doesn't have the parts.. I want to show, but I don't really know how right now I can try to explain. The parts we used to make the "bars": 1x Part 32015 2x Part 4519 2x Part 32192 2x Part 32062 2x Part 6536 Attach pins and pin joiners to the bars and voila.. you have some track. Repeat 300 times and you have some more track, suitable for train wheels (Part 2878c01)