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  1. QM note: We will be away over the weekend, so there will be less updates for the next few days.
  2. "Pleasure to meet you, Bruhalv. And yes you heroes will be on it." Tweed sits down behind his desk. "We have rooted it down that we know it is a inside job. My former counslor told me before the raid where he dissapeared that he had found out something shocking that needed to be investigated. Never heard what he had founded out." "But tomorrow, with these new arrangements we will hopefuly find out and put a end to this all." "Because the only ones who will know about these new plans are going to be in this room, tonight. "So if the bandits know which cart to raid then we know it is someone in this room that is the rat."
  3. Mr Tweed looks out the window as he removes his cloak. "Pleasure to meet you, sounds good that you are eager to get to work. But as you can see it is dark outside, almost midnight. Can´t believe it took you this long getting here, the job will be pushed till dawn, unfortunately because of this delay. But I will ofcourse take that up with Blanton." "Don´t understand how it takes a whole day to get from Eubric to Luosh by horse." He walks over to the door looks out into the hallway and when he sees it is empty he comes back into the room and closes the door behind him. He talks more quietly. "Why you are here! I guess William filled in with some details about our current situation, no? That I have been loosing gold to some lowlife bandits?" "Your job is simple, you have been hired to act as guards to protect the next gold transport from here to Eubric. You will be on one of the two carts that will leave tomorrow." He further lowers his voice. "What won´t be know is that, which one of the carts actually will have the gold. You will be on the one that leaves at dawn." He talks normally again, "And for payment for getting this job done will be 100 gold, each, that was agreed earlier."
  4. The heroes follow mr Tweed into the house and up to the second floor, where they enter a room. Tweed removes his hood and turns to the heroes and says, "Before the others join us, I think a proper introduction is in place, I am Maxwell Tweed, businessman and banker here in Luosh and your employer." He looks at the heroes more carefuly, and extends his hand to them "Hmm, I always want to know who I have the honor to work with?"
  5. Keliim repeats. Battleorder Kiray Keliim SGerm Siercon Ezeran
  6. As they walk towards the house, the heroes has a hard time keeping up with the man. "Yes, you are correct. I am Maxwell Tweed." "You mean those two guards? Yes they have, seems like I am paying them too much if they have time to chat around like that. Hard to find competent underlings these days." He looks at the heroes getting behind and he says without stoping or slowing down. "Keep up, time is money."
  7. Keliim´s first and biggest fear is that he will never find peace in his current state of life but his former master will rule again over his life. The master and past life he is fleeing from. Second fear is that he is just imaging everything what actually happened in his past life, only thing that is real is what has happened for the past 3 years and that he was a solider in Azazot reign. And all the past memories are just twisted and a sick joke made up by his former masters, to torture him.
  8. "Yes, get out of our way you baboons." As the Blanton, the heroes and the guards argue a loud voice is heard from the inside. "What is this nonsence!" When the heroes look inside they can see a man dressed in black. He looks at the guards and says, "Aren´t you two suppose to be doing something else? If you two don´t get to your posts immediately, you will be cleaning the floors for the next month." "B but... yes sir." "And William, get cleaned up and meet us at the office. Heroes follow me." "Eh, yes. Thank you sir." What will the heroes do?
  9. "Now wh're talking." The big man shouts as the bird shatters to pieces. He points at the scarecrow and says "Does anyone mind if I take th't one!" And then he charges with his Chooper´s axe at the Scarecrow A from frontrow. Battleorder Kiray Keliim Siercon Ezeran Germ Stunned OoC: Is Germ immune to stunned? Edit: Nevermind, Doh, totally forgot about the effects of the challange.
  10. "Ah a little payment, to "grease" that everything goes smoothly around here." The first guard says with a smile but then he actually look more closely at Boris and sees his fangs. His fangs shine up in the moonlight as Boris grins at the guards. The guard screams out in horror and he backs into the doorframe, Cluthing for his sword. "Aah, a monster. " "A a va. .Vampire! What kind of doom have yeh brought here, Blanton?"
  11. "Eh, yes he will tell you all you need to know. And good, so lets go meet him." Blanton knocks on the door couple of times. A few seconds pass and the sound of the lock opening and the door swings open. Two big guards walk out through the door. The first one says to Blanton and laughs. "Look, Chuck who we have here, isn´t it Blanton the bookworm!" "Yea, yeh r late. Did yeh trip over a book or something?" har harh the other continues then he looks at the heroes "Who do we have here? Look Harry what bookworm brought with him... these are the "Heroes"! Hahahahahha "More like Freakshow!" "Yea, freaks and weak. Mr Tweed did ask for real warriors, like those who saved Luosh awhile back.... he is going to be SO dissapointed." Hahaah "A good the dumbwit brothers. Heroes ignore these two." He turns to the first guard "Get out of the way, Mr Tweed is awaiting us." "Ah, yes he is. Many hours he has been waiting on you... but no we wont move, ain´t that right Chuck? "Nay, we won´t move... yeh got a pay us first!" HAr Har har The both guards laugh and stand in the way of the door. Blanton shakes his head and tries to push through but he is not strong enough to nudge the guards . "Everytime the same thing, get out of the way." What will the heroes respond.
  12. "Damn ye!" The bigman thinks, "ye will not break my confidence.", then he hits his greatsword into the ground and pulls the battleaxe from his back, and does a leap attack on scary crow A from frontrow. Battleorder Kiray Germ Siercon Keliim scary crow b,frontrow, Woodchoopers axe Ezeran
  13. Apparently the heroes doesn´t answer the guard anything. Blanton nods to the guard good night and then flicks the reins and the horse starts moving and goes through the gates into the streets of Luosh. Going down the streets they finally arrive in a upper class district and drives to a big house surrounded by walls of it own, they leave the horse and cart at the stables and walk up to a domus style residence. "Alright we are finally here, a long trip. You have any questions before we go inside, anything you wanna know about the quest or Mr Tweed?" What will the heroes do?
  14. I want it to continue. It will ofcourse be different when Sandy steps down but we will figure something out how to continue this. And big thank you to Sandy for this amazing story and game. Flipz, that looks good and intresting.
  15. Keeping up the pace and not running into anymore obstacles the party finally arrived to Luosh. It was already getting late but the gates to the city was luckily still open. As they closed in on the gates the the guards at the gate approches the cart, "Halt, who goes there!" Blanton shouts to the guard. "Evening, evening, it is just me William Blanton. I have the new guards form Eubric with me." "Ah, Good evening sir. Good thing you arrived, just in time actually because we were just going to close the gates for the night." "But we were also getting worried something had happened to you, those bandits or something else had hit you." "Eh no, we just did run into some trouble on the way here. Nothing much, no bandits seen." "Alright then. Mr Tweed had sent word that he is already waiting for you." The guard looks carefuly at the heroes then, up and down. Then he says. "Evening to ye all also."