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  1. Looks great! I love the scale and the details. The custom stickers really help sell it, but you don't necessarily need them (especially since not everyone would have them). I like the new curved tile piece for the cart. That works really well. I may have to borrow some ideas here, like many others. Keep up the good work!
  2. A leak isn't a reveal... Anyway, I can't wait to see how this turns out. I likely won't be getting it right away, if at all, but I am still curious on how it looks.
  3. I haven't followed this progression much, but seeing the picture of the parademon up above, what if they went the way Star Wars did with their Geonosis people and use the plastic wings instead of molded? It'd probably be cheaper for them, but less what we want.
  4. It looks neat overall. I would have to wait for more pictures of course. But I definitely am not a fan of the price or that half of the figures I don't need. So I'll likely look to bricklink the few figures I do need, which will still cost too much. Alfred looks great. Very vintage Green Hornet. The vehicle itself looks really interesting. Better than most of the other vehicles, but since they are more affordable I'll stick with those I guess.
  5. Brilliant! I don't know much about these older Ninja sets, but I can see the likeness quite well. Even the roses/plants seem to capture the greenery the original set was supposed to convey. The rockwork is really clever and I don't think my mind can understand how to build in that style. Your MOC takes the cake for sure. Good luck in the contest!
  6. I was not into LEGO when the Ninja sets were available, so I always forget all about these sets. This seems to capture the original and add in so much more. I had to go to brickset just to see images of what set you were trying to rebuild, but side by side I can definitely see the likeness and can see your MOC is superior. Good luck in the contest. Is this on classic castle?
  7. ^^ That's funny you say that because I'd like to see the Florist fleshed out a bit more as its own building. Granted I just MOC'd a florist last summer and I'd take mine over this official version, but I still like how theirs turned out. I actually don't particularly care for the turret building. I love medium nougat, but I don't love the tiled look here.
  8. Iron Man 3 posters a few years ago were not folded. Granted, I was in Chicago on business and they gave me free posters, yet I had nowhere to put them so they got crumpled on the way home. Oh well. But usually, from what I've seen, they are folded. Especially easy to mail out in a mailer instead of trying to mail a tube. They need to maximize profits somehow.
  9. So I'm confused. You can't blink and you can't look at them? I've never been able to get into the show, but I've only attempted the Christopher Eccleston series and that was horrible. Anyway, the MOCs look great. You seem to have captured the scenes quite well and I can see you love the series very much. Kudos.
  10. Looking at the Panther Deville, it does look like a longer car, but definitely the right proportions to make it wider/shorter would be interesting to see.
  11. Incredible. I love seeing MCM remakes and this takes the cake. The neo-classic space works really well here. I really like the missile load. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Brilliant. You captured the essence quite well in LEGO form. The flaps work great for the doors. The angle works nicely. I always enjoy seeing your car builds. They fit in well with the modulars. I should look into doing this for my own buildings. Although I have tons of wheels, but never the right looking wheels for these style of cars. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I prefer the older version, mostly because of the shaping. The visor is a nice play feature, but I can't say I use it too frequently. I think I would prefer the new one if it was tapered a little more toward the neck, but then again it might be difficult to attach. I'll wait and see how it plays out, but I'm sure they will use both, since both have different uses.
  14. This looks very interesting. I had thought about converting that set into something more "realistic" also and less play feature-y, but since I don't need another Batman and I already have Penguin with the batcave, I felt this set was unnecessary. Your modification makes me question my choice now. darn you! But I like the nice clean lines. I do like the white-black two tone of the original, but this has a lot of charm to it. The vehicle is still way too big for my city, which is the downside of the Joker car too. That thing is ginormous. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.
  15. Very clever. Short of adding in some wall art, I think this is very well done. I love the shelf and the display of different memorabilia. The computer and chair is very clever too.