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  1. This looks great. I don't remember much from the movie, but I did buy the set recently. This looks much better. And the flags are a great touch. I'll have to rewatch that movie sometime.
  2. I love the color scheme. The trans blue works really well here. I hadn't thought about building her a unique ship, but that's a good idea.
  3. Interesting ideas. I can't wait to see the interior. I hadn't considered using the Party store as a modular, but it makes sense. I didn't pick that one up. I would say certain colors may not mesh well together, but you have to work with what you have. Keep up the good work.
  4. Clever techniques here. I like the angled entrances. It is quite a grand park scene, which would be fun to have in a real life town, let alone a Modular layout. I may even like the smaller version better with just the fountain. How did you make the water project that way? It looks like 1x2 trans clear plates, but then it looks like it switches directions partway down, or my eyes are deceiving me. The minifig scenes are fun and would be a big hit at a convention. Although I like sticking with my classic yellow smiley in my modular layouts, they don't show the exact emotion of ice cream being dropped or someone falling into the pond. I would say the handicapped ramp is a bit steep. Hopefully he can make it okay. I don't think the current layout for my LUG would accommodate something like this, but it looks fun. I want to build a modular amusement park for my daughter's Friends figures, so it's nice to see something come together in a modular fashion. I like the fencing, although I want to do something in white for the Friends. It seems more friendly vs a realistic iron fence here. Keep up the good work.
  5. Well, I'd say the figures look good overall. I can likely pass on a lot since there are similarities and I don't need a parademon army, although that will be neat to see. Wonder Woman looks the same as Sky High Battle, but is it the same shield with the bird? I skipped that set, so I'll wait for the actual WW set, even though they are different. Flash look good. Cyborg looks good. So bricklink/ebay will be in my future methinks. Hopefully it will save enough not buying the sets to justify it. My bins are full of pieces from these Super Hero sets that I never build.
  6. Um, incredible! Microscale is always tricky for me. I love it though. Very creative. Very recognizable.
  7. Well, I wanted to say how much smoother it is than the original (and it still is) even though it uses a similar mechanism. But I can't tell if it is his hand causing the skip in the spin or if it catches on something while going around. Either way, thanks for sharing that video. It sheds some light on the inner workings and it is much less involved than the original.
  8. Very well done. I looked up le sentier and I can see the inspiration. My only gripe (because I'm that type of person)..using old gray arches on the front instead of light bley.. hehe The rest looks great. Facade works well. Interior looks great. The flooring is a little busy for my eyes, but I like the rest of the details.
  9. ^And I think as many people on here that would want it, there are plenty of other people who would rather put their money toward other LEGO themes. I don't think the market could handle 2 modulars a year, even if one is a smaller 16x.
  10. Great idea. I missed out on the Vikings theme, but this is a good representation of them. I've been wanting to build in Miniland scale, but have not bitten the bullet, nor do I truly understand the scale. So I need to do some practicing. You nailed it though and those shields are brilliant! I also really like the waves in the water. Also, brilliant!
  11. Fun idea. Outside of it being a little cramped in the LEGO version, I'd say spot on. Although I'd like to see some dark green curtains also.
  12. Brilliant. Spot on, especially the rear. But those work really well as headlights. Good job. I suck at building cars.
  13. This looks great. I love reading about the history too. I've never been passionate enough about a subject that I would want to build it AND then tell everyone of the history. I haven't been into ships before, but this looks really well done. The scale is always tricky, but you've seemed to nail it. Kudos.
  14. Quite clever indeed. I like the oversized saw and wrench, but I don't like them on the outside of the building. If they were incorporated into a sign somehow, it might work, but then again I would probably just use the minifigure scale versions and incorporate them into a sign. The interior is phenomenal. I think there are a lot of great details here. I like the sections and how they work together. Naturally a downside is having stairs and levels in a hardware store, but it works well enough here. Maybe having some sort of lift could work too in case any heavier tools were upstairs, not sure. The exterior is decent enough. The depth works well. I don't love the gapped tile look, but that goes for any building. It can work in small doses like on Green Grocer, but for the full facade on the upper levels, I'm not sure. But that's just me. The truck is nice looking. The cast of characters works, although for some reason I'd put the owner in a different top than the employee. I hadn't considered building a hardware store for my modular city, but it makes sense to have one. I rarely go to one, so I guess it isn't in the forefront of my mind. But most businesses I don't go to, so maybe that's why my city is so bare haha. The apartment looks great, but I don't like that everyone forces an apartment into all of these businesses. I've been known to do it also, and I realize they need residences in the more urban environment, but I don't know. It seems every business has an apartment above it, which is weird to me. But maybe that is how it really is, I haven't looked into those buildings downtown before. Keep up the good work!
  15. I'm not sold on the color scheme, but this blows that other carousel out of the water!!! I built the original recently and it is a very grand scale, but the mechanics were not good and it was way too gappy. I altered it a little bit to blend in some of the gaps, but this new version takes care of all of those issues. The horses were fugly, but these animals look great. It's amazing what can change over time with techniques/pieces/colors. I wonder if it was a different designer also? Since I do have a modified version of the original, I'm not sure if I will splurge on this, but I'm glad I only paid about $100 on the original instead of full market value. This will go well with the Ferris Wheel.