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  1. That figure looks neat. I haven't been following Marvel too much since the Batman movie came out, but I can't wait to see the rest of Thor stuff. I'm nonplussed about Spiderman.
  2. You know you have too much LEGO when you can build this from your collection in a manner of days. Good work!
  3. I think all the figures should be a mystery, even on the box art! No one will know what they are buying. It will be brilliant! Brilliant, I say! Actually, I'm always torn on each series, but I end up getting a full set just because. In case I need a utensil or face or print, I have it...but they sit in a box and I never look at them. How do I break myself from having a complete set?? Especially at $4/each, it is hard to swallow. I need help!
  4. I like the first floor inset. It reminds me of the Toy and Grocery Shop creator set. Although I wonder how it will look next to another building. It might feel too cramped, but maybe not. I like the idea of the brown boxes out front, but it doesn't fit right for me. I'm not sure what to change though. The drainpipe is an interesting addition. I did something similar to the Kwik-e-Mart for mine using 1x1 round bricks. You could probably make it work somehow without being too bulky. The brownstone from the Pet Shop used regular flex tube like was mentioned earlier, so that is an option too.
  5. This grows on some people, but I am even less interested now. It's too incomplete. I'm sure they did a great job with the source material, but for the price and design, I think I will save money. Which is important this year. Although, once again, I love the figures, but not a fan of the set. That seems to happen with most sets these days. Thanks for the pictures and mini-review. I'll definitely look at it more, but I don't see how my interest will change.
  6. This is really incredible. The spacing of the wooden boards is interesting. How did you do that, if I may ask? The hay is brilliant. Although, isn't there usually a loft they could be hiding out in. I don't think one shovel will take out all of them. Good luck in the contest :).
  7. This is madness! No, it's a LEGO MOC! :) Brilliant movie. The scene is captured well here. I'd like to see some depth to that hole though. Keep up the good work.
  8. contest

    Thank you. That is actually exactly what I wanted to know.
  9. contest

    Do we have to use a zombie figure/head?
  10. Looks great! I love the scale and the details. The custom stickers really help sell it, but you don't necessarily need them (especially since not everyone would have them). I like the new curved tile piece for the cart. That works really well. I may have to borrow some ideas here, like many others. Keep up the good work!
  11. A leak isn't a reveal... Anyway, I can't wait to see how this turns out. I likely won't be getting it right away, if at all, but I am still curious on how it looks.
  12. I haven't followed this progression much, but seeing the picture of the parademon up above, what if they went the way Star Wars did with their Geonosis people and use the plastic wings instead of molded? It'd probably be cheaper for them, but less what we want.
  13. It looks neat overall. I would have to wait for more pictures of course. But I definitely am not a fan of the price or that half of the figures I don't need. So I'll likely look to bricklink the few figures I do need, which will still cost too much. Alfred looks great. Very vintage Green Hornet. The vehicle itself looks really interesting. Better than most of the other vehicles, but since they are more affordable I'll stick with those I guess.
  14. Brilliant! I don't know much about these older Ninja sets, but I can see the likeness quite well. Even the roses/plants seem to capture the greenery the original set was supposed to convey. The rockwork is really clever and I don't think my mind can understand how to build in that style. Your MOC takes the cake for sure. Good luck in the contest!
  15. I was not into LEGO when the Ninja sets were available, so I always forget all about these sets. This seems to capture the original and add in so much more. I had to go to brickset just to see images of what set you were trying to rebuild, but side by side I can definitely see the likeness and can see your MOC is superior. Good luck in the contest. Is this on classic castle?