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  1. I like this much better. It adds a lot to the surrounding area. What do you think?
  2. I don't think I'd feel too safe in that tall tower. I'd recommend thickening up the walls or add in more supports. How stable is the actual build? I want to do something similar for my daughter. I want builds around the 4 element powers too. It's a neat idea. I think there is some promise here, but some of it looks unfinished (tree house mostly). I'd add in more branches or trunk for support. And then the one set is obviously the Friends set. The roofing doesn't really mesh with the rest of elves. I'd recommend changing that a bit to make it more cohesive. Otherwise, good job.
  3. The last Carousel was huge. I built it recently. I was severely unimpressed with the mechanics, but the size was above what I expected. This looks smaller, but in picture form, it is tough to gauge scale accurately. The color scheme was neat, but I'm not sure yet. It blends with the Ferris Wheel quite well though. I love the animal rides. At least it is something different. I would imagine this will be a much smoother rotation considering how far LEGO has come since the last release. A review AND the price will determine if I pick this up or not. I skipped the Mixer, so I'm not invested in the amusement park theme per se. Although I do have most of the Friends sets, so I'll make my own Amusement park with them for my daughter.
  4. This reminds me a lot of the gas station that was posted recently. Similarly shaping and colors even. I think there is some potential here, but there is a point where it can be too busy, and I see that with this facade. There is a lot of color mixing and not all of it meshes well. Also, I'm not sure on that type of depth for this building. I haven't really seen too many buildings that are shaped like that, but maybe that's just my own mind. I like the idea of a brick built sign, but why name it biceps? Why not just brick build GYM or something generic. Not everyone goes to the gym to work on their arms. Just an idea.
  5. The exterior looks great. I like the detailing on the upper level and the roof windows work well. Using the trans clear panel works well without having an actual window frame. The interior seems really empty and small, especially for having a 32 wide building. I'm not sure what can be changed, but it doesn't come off as crowded as any LEGO store I've been to. They have bins everywhere and giant LEGO bricks and whatever else about. Either way, a good idea. Keep up the good work.
  6. Looks good! I love the brick built shield and Kahuka mask. Very well done. I hadn't thought about incorporating that into a tiki juice bar before. Seems fitting. And it is likely Kahuka owner is likely the oldest person in all of town ;)
  7. Some neat details here. Definitely a gas station sounds like a good use of space. My complaint, where is the dirty bathroom that no one wants to go into?? This place is way too clean :). With that said, is there enough room for cars to get gas? It looks pretty tight to make turns. I guess it also depends on what scale you are building the cars.
  8. I'd imagine by now they could come up with a better way to design it. I agree with a few above comments about how horrible the original spins. I build it recently and was unimpressed. I'll likely take it apart and work on something smaller for my Friends Amusement Park. We'll see about this new one, but if it is too expensive, I'll likely pass. I have more important builds to work on.
  9. Whenever I've built micropolis scale, I tend to keep sidewalks and streets tiled and grass studded, that way it creates some more depth separating the building and the street. Although I would likely have a sidewalk around or a parking lot with this type of building. It looks very modern, which works well at this scale. I'm not sure about those bars at the back, but the curves on top work well. Maybe add some other foliage?
  10. Incredible. I recently built a neo classic space X-Wing and I had a lot of fun doing it. I had no interest in CS or neo CS previously until I built it. I surprisingly had enough of the blue and light bley and trans yellow to make it work. Either way, I do NOT have enough to make something like this. Very inspirational. I love all of the details. The portals are really neat. I like the different ships and I can see where you took your inspiration on a few. I would have no money to get that many figures though. Maybe I can figure out how to make decals and put them on bodies.
  11. This is incredible. But I can't imagine spending that amount of money or time on any one project. I guess that's why I don't have any large impressive projects under my belt. This shows the hard work you've put into it. I've never been, but there are so many tiny details that I am guessing are realistic that are quite impressive. It would be really neat to see it in person.
  12. Very well done. I actually was inspired to build a police Modular as well recently. I have only begun my initial drawings, but oddly enough it shares a lot in common with your drawing. Eliminate the garages, but the rest with the outshoot centrally is oddly familiar. I like the overall look of the building. The details work really well here. The Post Office is something of interest. I had not seen that building before. I can see the inspiration and it translates well to Modular format. The interior details are quite clever. I am not too familiar with the interiors of too many police stations, so I wouldn't know what to put in them if I ever get around to building mine. But I like the depth you've created here and I hope to achieve something notable as well. Keep up the good work.
  13. GoldenNinja3000 - I'm not sure where I picked it up, but I found that Scuttler on sale for around $60 also I think. Some brick and mortar store. Anyway, I bought it for that Ivy figure also. I love the details. Now I need to get my hands on a second Ivy for my daughter. But I've been able to get the whole line other than Arkham (I have not purchased) for 20% off or better, so I was content with that. Now this next wave, I only want a few of the figures, but I don't see myself buying them all.
  14. I unfortunately do not have any close up shots of my build. Hopefully if I ever figure out how to work my wife's fancy camera, I will. With that said, my changes were basically very little dark blue. All of the 2x2 plates and technic bricks on the inside were all changed to other colors that were cheaper that I had on hand. Like I said, I basically had to order very little, so I went with colors I had available. I did away with jester hats and no heads. Instead I built different gold accented designs to take their place. I also didn't use the 16L white axle like the original. I used the 2L light bley axle connectors to make it look a bit more solid. And my bottom steps are actually solid instead of open on the front. And I didn't use any stickers on the center section like the original had. I instead used a pattern of trans studs to make it look like it will light up centrally on the tower. I would say darkhorse00 did a really good job on the horses. I made my own rides too since I didn't like the horses that came with the original. I actually just used Kingdoms printed horses and had them stationary, then used other rides I built to make them go up and down. I would say overall mine looks decent. It is definitely different than the above two shared and the original. It's nice to put your own spin on things. Hopefully I'll get some pictures sometime.
  15. A 10-4-1 B 4-3-5 C 8-2-1 D 7-5-9