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  1. Alright, as I said before I get your point. A prize I captured is basically supposed to be a ship that already exists ingame, even if it is an unmoced one. And I can understand that it basically already has a background story in that way, that it was a ship I seized. But I can't see where it is gaming the system if I change that background story. It remains the same ship type and class, it gains me no advantages if I say that it either was a prize or (as I did with the junk) that it is a pirate ship that joins my fleet because the fictional captain wants to. It is just a story thing and has nothing to do with the EGS. Something different would be (as said previously) if I use a prize license on a ship I've already built just because it fits the ship. That would mean I could build dozens of ships and just wait for the suitable license to be captured by my fleet. And to see it from a different angle, let's imagine I would have captured that license, built the ship like I did and then wrote a story about how I sold the prize and paid the yield to a junk pirate captain to join me. It would have changed nothing for the EGS or the game mechanics. It would only have limited my story developing because I was forced to include that prize ship somewhere.
  2. @Bregir I think we meant the same in major points. It is hard to discribe but a simple case: just imagine I captured an NPC ship, and it would be my fourth ship. I intend to sell, but to increase the value I moc it. Now if I was to sell it to someone for whom it would be the third ship, it logically would be cheaper for him to licence it himself. Now my question was if I built the ship, state that it definitely is this very prize (to avoid the issue you mentioned about retconning an existing ship to be the prize), would it be legal to sell a player both the license and the unlicenced ship as a so to say 'licence-it-yourself-kit'? Only reason would be to lower the price and increase my income (something all of you seem to be interested in). About the thing with my junk, you may understand that for a professional pirate, who mainly concentrates on seizing ships to use them for strengthening his fleet (because he is not that much into landlubbery and generating monthly income) it can become a boring routine if the only background story he can give to his ships is that he captured them. At least with the current rules, that is. For a player who mainly focusses on trade it can be an exciting thing to capture a ship from time to time. But for hard working pirate captains it is literally the only thing to do.
  3. Although I completely agree with you on that point about "retconning" the story of already moced ships @Bregir, I must admit that I did something similar, just the other way around; I used a 4A license of an unmoced prize to licence my junk, without giving her a background story of being a prize ship I captured during the mrca. And I must say, even if I felt like it was a bit violating the intention of prizes, for playing the game I would find it odd if a prize license couldn't be used this way, because I like to build the ships I'm up to, and develop my personal story, and that is not done by licensing only prize ships. And something different; perhaps it's not the right thread, but the right time to ask: the rules state that a player may use a captured ship that is moced and licenced whenever. Does that mean even if I already own more than 3 licenced ships I do not have to pay the difference between license value and increased cost for a +third ship? And if I own a license and did built the ship, could I sell both things separately to a player so that he may licence it himself? (Just in case for him the licencing would be cheaper)
  4. I agree, I was in fact thinking of a case where player A specifically orders this ship from player B.
  5. What if we say that player A caught a prize and sends it to player B's shipyards to be refitted, so that in fact player B depicts the ship as it will be licensed.
  6. Oh no, do not take me for that kind of man. Captain Morgan's motives go much deeper. I have great plans how to develop my character this year!
  7. It is always a pleasure to witness the effort you put into your own legacy I am curious how future historicans will validate commodore Maxim's role in this era @Bregir actually the Royal Fortune was the name of several ships used by Bartholomew Roberts. As much a merchant as myself
  8. That gave me a good laugh, calling the bishop an honourable man. Pirates have their own sort of honour you must know. And it is something only pirates can appeal to. Great new chapter to your story! Good to see you managed to post it.
  9. @Bregir , I suggest naming her Royal Fortune for no special reason. It just came to my mind when looking at her. But I must admit I am not sure we haven't had that name before.
  10. Although I hope you know that I would never post a build that not accomplishes my own quality standards, I understand and accept that a cetain number of court members have to examine the case and that this takes a certain time. I thank you nonetheless for the quick answer.
  11. Just one question: I still have the permission to upgrade my flagship by mocing a fitting scene. If I make a proper speedbuild and post it within the next two hours, would the court be able to make its decision before the deadline for the mrca?
  12. The trophy gets my vote, it's just lovely and desirable! Hm, I like the colour scheme of the tuna king, and of course the fact that it hoists the rights colours. But the Piercing Flame features such a wonderful brick built hull. I suppose it's the reason there wasn't enough time left to finish the masts? So, I think I'll give my vote to the Tuna King. Of course I haven't overseen the Tribute, it's absolutely perfect; but it is just too similar to other ships that have been done before, and for contests, I usually go for things that are more unique. And please, give us more pictures of the Batavia, Captain!
  13. Price C arrived today, now there's something strange in the neighbourhood. Thank you very very much CopMike! I really enjoyed the surprise.
  14. Why not directly founding a settlement called Tax Haven?
  15. @Scarilian The hull of the Silent Mary is taken from a Ship of the line from around 1700, looking at the long and flat beakhead, the forecastle and the rigging. For the size you should just look for points of orientation. You want minifig scale doors to the fore and aft castle for example. That means these areas have to raise at least five bricks from the main deck. For the width of the main deck consider what size your cannons shall have. If you want to use the Lego cannon, the gun carriage + knob that makes 5 studs per side, so a total of 10, the cargo hold should be at least 6 studs wide, and at least 2 studs space between cannon and cargohold so it doesn't look stupid. That makes a deck width of 18, + 2 studs for the bulwark, so 20 studs. And of course the hull has a vault, approx. 2 studs on each side. That would make a total width of 24 studs. And that still is not accurate minifig scale, just a rough consideration. Now for a vessel of this era we can consider a width to length ratio of 1:4 (stern to top of the bowsprit) so you would go with a total length of ca. 96 studs, or 76,8 cm (if you're American, ~30,24"). I hope you know how ambitious such a project is. Building a brick built hull of this size alone is an art. Please don't underestimate the effort and resources necessary, otherwise this could lead to frustration. But if you mean to go for the ghost ship appearance that would probably be way easier.