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  1. Congratulations! Since when do we say Kraaken? Always thought it was pronounced Kraken
  2. There's a far more important question. When do we get the bounty for all these Eslandiard ships from Mardier? Where is me gooold???
  3. And sometimes he's just an opportunist! But all that makes his story so exciting. I wonder if this will be the turning point in Sinbad's story where he maybe becomes a captain himself?
  4. I'm sorry to question again, but I have doubts about the suggestion regarding the Royal Oak. @Kolonialbeamter stated that real life ship types wouldn't be a matter defining shipclasses, but size instead and "right feel". The Royal Oak is pretty much the size that was established as class 5A until now, especially the armament of 20 guns. I know, I know, we had the discussion about firepower already, but since she's built as a warship, what other aspect could be used to evaluate? To say that she's a light frigate and therefore a certain class is contradictory to what Kolonialbeamter said. And it would bother me since that's exactly the kind of discussion we tried to avoid in BoBS. You see, my whole problem with evaluating the ships now is that there are no standards. I don't think this whole 'right feel about it' will work without problems. On the one hand it is said that size and tonnage matter, on the other hand we don't want strict measurement rules in studs. And on the third hand () it is said that quality would be a factor. But I'm no fan of evaluating quality outside of contests. What quality standards are we looking for? Elaborated techniques? Accurate rigging? This doesn't work for me. And I'd really like to avoid this ship type aspect. It limits creativity in my opinion because most more realistic ships built for bobs are either frigates, sloops, and a galeon once in a while. Ship building, especially in BoBS deserves to be more diverse, without looking only at types of rigging used by the royal navy from 1750 to 1800 (not that I would not enjoy these vessels and the models of them around here). But what about the few junks around here e.g.? How to compare them to a frigate? Or ships that are more inspired by official TLC ships, which are far from historical accurate models? I don't know how to solve this yet, but I definitely welcome the new system. Defining my own licenses adds to the strategy aspect of the game and that's great. But I don't believe that we will find a satisfying consent without real standards.
  5. My rum-soaked brain still denies to step through the upkeep calculation (as it does by any form of calculation). Could we have a few examples for different fleet sizes?
  6. Without intending to question the court's thoughts on the whole matter, I have to say that it sounds like a contradiction that size matters in the rating but without certain measurements. I agree that tonnage should be more important than over all length, but that's another reason why I liked the gun counting, not only for warships. You see, when planning a ship of a certain class I always thought of the warship type of that class and when building a tradeship, just took that size and removed the guns. E.g., when building a 4T I would think about what size the ship would need to carry the full armament of 12 cannons for a 4A. Now that it was supposed to be a 4T, I would just remove the guns , because that space would be shipping space instead. So both types of the same class would have been at least comparable in tonnage. Of course that's not a perfect system, but I found it reasonable. Now looking at the given examples, I don't understand why the Margot is considered a class 7 instead of a higher class. Well, my thoughts about this case are a bit complicated. Even without specific ship type licenses (war, trade, wr) people certainly know what purpose the ships they are building will serve. And the Margot was certainly intended to be a warship. Know if it would be about the amount of guns with the old 1~4 cannon scheme it would definitely be a class 10. But what would it take this ships to be a class 10? More tonnage for more cargo space? Wouldn't make any sense since it's a warship. Additional cannons? Would be odd since the firepower can't go over 12 points so a class 8 ship with g12 should have the same amount of guns than class 10 with g12. And about the aspect of build quality, that's a highly subjective matter. Please don't get me wrong, of course I know that nobody intends to segregate people with less building experience or skills or parts collection, but I think especially people with higher building skills should be encouraged to fit the reasonable size of a class, to give newbies and less experienced fellow guidance and inspiration. So far that's it. In the end I always trust in everyone's sense for unwritten guidelines. I am confident that this will become a solid system. @Bregir the size of guns was always the "creative license" for me. For example your 4A galley was reasonable even with only one massive chase gun. Or my very own junk that features less than 12 guns but also heavy chase guns. Another thing: I imploringly hope that we don't end up in discussions like "although your ship has the right tonnage, it can't have a maneuver of 5 because it's too top heavy" or the like in the court. Of course some ship types are unlikely to reach high speed, but I liked about BoBS that people without ship expertise could build without being forced to follow accuracy. And speaking for myself, it would make me sad if I couldn't build extravagant galleons with ridiculously hight aftcastles anymore because they don't match the ship characteristics I need. I appreciate reasonable rigging and I am always amazed by the rigging expertise of many brethren around here, but as a clasdic lego pirate, and for fun's sake, I will always prefer fancy design over enough sail area.
  7. So does upkeep for active ships mean that if I don't send a licenced ship out for a mission in an MRCA I don't have to pay its upkeep for that month?
  8. So I may ask the first question: can 1 point in firepower still be considered as equal to ~4 guns? I found it always helpful figuring out the appropriate size of a (war-) ship aiming for a certain amount of cannon. And can the crew still be increased via troop location form, following the same reglement?
  9. Great layout! The use of more natural colours like the olive green adds a feel of realism.
  10. Neat micro scale. But the flag piece looks a bit off for me, considering the size. And nice business idea. Sadly nothing for me, an insurance seems a bit unpiratey.
  11. A bauty as always. I wouldn't have thought that the white hull works so well. But in combination with the tan sides it's really appeasing.
  12. Neat windmill! For this size it's very elaborated and well shaped.
  13. Fantastic monument and great way to show off a bit of the Pirates' wealth in Bastion. I love the simple but effective combination of the skull pattern and the dinosaur tails.
  14. Neat ship! I'm always impressed how you put an interior in all of your vessels. Even on such a small one. And I want to commend your presentation. For me such a wavy water diorama is the best and only way to present a ship in a way that fleshes out all its beauty. Sadly I don't own enough trans coloured parts right now to do it myself, but I will keep in mind your pics for the time I'lll afford enough.