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  1. @TalonCard ok, so you try to say that Lego (!) was trying to save us, the customers, money? I'm not sure we're talking about the same company. Bad jokes aside, the shark will be in this set, have faith people. And it would make absolutely no sense to throw such a mold out of the set only one or two months before the release. Not to say that it's nearly impossible. It's not like Lego designers finish a set three months before the release and then it goes into production. The whole process takes a long time, and the finished and sealed copies of the set are probably waiting for their delivery for months now. Also, developing such an incredible complex mold like the ghost shark is really expensive and again it takes time to create and then produce it. And the only way that those pictures of the shark got leaked is that it was already in production. I mentioned it earlier, the only source for leaks of finished figures and molds like this shark are the Lego factories. You can find that reprehensible and it's certainly a security breach for Lego, but it's a fact. Even the figures of top secret sets like the first force awakens wave got leaked that way. And there was a picture of the shark body and jaw sealed in a transparent bag somewhere, just like such a piece would be stored in a set box. And again, the mere existence of such an image proves that the shark went in mass production. And now imagine someone would make a last minute decision to skip the shark- what do you think how expensive that would get for Lego? And if the sharks would already be in the box, they could throw the whole box in the bin, because of Lego's quality policy. They can't just open the boxes, take one part out and seal the remaining bags in a new box (without shark in the layout). It is one of Lego's standards that regardless which copy of a any set you buy, no human hand has ever touched what's inside. The shark will be there, for sure. I too believe it's most likely Disney that is holding back material. There have been cases of seemingly unreasonable regulations they made. E.g. the may the 4th promo figure of a first order heavy stormtrooper that was almost the same as the one featured in the current battle pack, just with one different detail on the torso printing. That was 100% a demand of Disney marketing. And about the PETA theory...please be realistic. They are busy enough complaining about animals that got injured during film production, I doubt they are interested in plastic toys of CGI sharks. And how should anybody who could have complaints about a toy find out about it's production when there was never an official mention of it's existence? Or is there a PETA spy around here?
  2. I would find it far more important to give those smaller nations a bit of identity and characteristics. Nothing firm, only a vague and lose connection to historic counterparts like it is with the player nations. E.g. I would love to have a nation being inspired by the Netherlands, because of their importance in the age of sail.
  3. To be fair, that has always been an issue at toyfairs. Regardless of which subtheme you're looking at, the models are always assembled uncaringly. Some bricks are not even put together tight, other elements are flimsy, and the figures are just thrown in. I don't know who is responsible for assembling the shown sets at events, but those guys don't seem to care about the models, the franchises, or even the Lego system itself. Poor representation for a company that's a synonym for the joy of playing. I can understand that at Nuremberg toyfair, where it's mainly about showing new products to retailers. But NY toyfair is all about promoting the sets.
  4. Those are technic pipes (attached to 1x1 round bricks and a 1x1 round cone on the main deck). Those on the gun deck are connected to mixel joints. I count 28 cannons in total.
  5. I don't think so. There is one stand behind the bow. On the picture were the bow is raised it is removed. I don't think they would spoil the box art by keeping it attached there during the "action mode" (I assume we can agree that the box art shows the bent ship). And even if the stand was in the picture it wouldn't reach to the position were I imagine the shark, in the bottom right corner, under the rowboat. There is a grey spot that doesn't seem connected to the ship structure.
  6. Could they still be in one thread? It wouldn't make sense to build a large diorama and then have to post every part of it in a thread of its own.
  7. That's an important point you have there; it really seems that the shark is on the blurry box art. And since the blurred picture was made most likely with the final box, it must be meant to be included in this set. For now, nothing of it makes sense. We know for sure that the shark exists We know that it belongs to PotC since it's in the trailer We are pretty sure that it is on the blurred box art But it wasn't shown or mentioned at toy fair. It isn't included in the current official pictures or the set description. So the very last explanation I can deliver is that the shark will be in the set but they hold it back until the early vip purchase. Be it to avoid spoilers (although it was in the trailer) or for a strange bold marketing move. We have to keep in mind that only a small majority of the potential buyers take notice of events like toy fair or spend months in the internet to keep track of every tiny news leak. I guess most people that are going to buy the set don't even have in mind yet that the film is about to be released. And surely we weren't supposed to know about the shark so early.
  8. I assure you we stay on the same side concerning netiquette in this forum. Now I consider it your duty as able mate to head us back on course by sharing your opinion about these fancy roundels mounted on the forecastle.
  9. Calm down please, that was in no way meant as a serious statement. More of a ironical reference to Bregir's introduction post. Sorry that you took it that way. To be honest I was hoping you would have joined in this subject when I saw you responded.
  10. @Legostone I say aye to figureheads! It's part of a ship's personality. Something every vessel should have. The blue and tan make for a noble appearance. Ahoy lads, I have a question that I was wondering about for a while now. Although it's not directly connected to a current ship project I find it worthy discussing, and I prefer to enjoy the exclusive company of BoBS'lers instead of bringing it to the main pirate forum. For sure most of you have followed the release of footage from the upcoming PotC film Dead men tell no tales and noticed the antagonist's ship, the Silent Mary. A major detail of her unique appearance are six roundels armed with cannons. While I would find it reasonable as a kind of oriel as part of the aftcastle's gallery and the transom, I have never seen such a feature at a forecastle before. Has anyone of you? Is there any reference material, or is it perhaps an original idea of the film's production designers? I must admit that I like those roundels. Their tower-like structure give the ship the appearance of an impregnable fortress, without looking like they would narrow her sailing performance. And I would love to see a BoBS warship inspired by the Mary.
  11. There are pictures of the shark. And it was not a prototype, but the finished mold with printing. And there wouldn't be a finished new mold ghost shark if it wasn't to be released. That's the question exactly. The only reasonable explanation would be that there is at least a second set. But if there is a second set it is strange that we haven't at least a set number. And two d2c sets for one film would be also strange. I doubt it is as @GoldenNinja3000 suggested a last minute addition. That's unlikely because such a complex new mold takes time to be made and produced and it then would have been shown at the toyfair. And as said, the picture showed a finished shark mold months ago. Plenty of time to put it in the official images. I the set really comes without the shark that would bother me; it wouldn't have been the main reason to buy the ship, but it made it more attractive. The figures are good, and I think the model is well done and fun to build, but for 200 bucks it offers nothing completely new, except Salazar's hairpiece.
  12. These are exactly the pictures the lego s@h will use. If there was a shark you would see him on them.
  13. Look on hothbricks.com. There are all official set images except the box art. But no image of the shark. Also you can read there the press release of the product description. And the shark is not mentioned. If it was going to be included in the set they would have mentioned it about three times in the text. Like Lego always does when releasing new molds. Also the shark was on screen in the trailer so it wouldn't be a spoiler they are probably holding back.
  14. So the official images are out and so is the product description. And no ghost shark in sight.
  15. Marvellous work! That's literally everything what's to love about the Lego pirate theme in a nutshell. There's the exotic island paradise, the pirate hideout everyone would love to spend his vacation at, the pirate cove, cannons, hook hands, peg legs... And the buildingskills shown with every detail are first class. I really have not a single nitpick (well, except that yellow bird that should better have been the classic tricolour parrot). The water texture works great, the rockwork is superb, and the vegetation is just right. I love that boat hanging from the side of the rock. It's just hilarious and fun to look at. You should really spend more time building in the pirate theme. A proper pirate hideout is as important as a fancy pirate ship, and in my opinion we see far to few of those.