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  1. This is my mod of Lego 76001 Tumbler :) Sharing the same major flaw of 76001 Tumbler, this doesn't have 4 rear wheels and certain parts at the back are not available in black colour, but overall I'm satisfied with its sturdiness and shape. Hope you guys like it ! Regards, KMP
  2. Thanks guys :D
  3. Hi, this is my moc of Toyota AE86 of Initial D anime :) Hope you guys like it ! Thanks & Regards, KMP
  4. Yea these newer speed champions tyres made 8-wide cars look slightly better, with changeable rims too
  5. Hi everyone :) Below are mocs of 2 of my favourite cars, '69 and '05 Mustang Hope you guys like it ! Thanks & Regards, KMP
  6. Thank u guys for the kind words !
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post here :) Below is an 8-wide Le Mans race car, which is able to fit a minifigure with helmet in the cockpit. Hope you guys like it ! As I need more funds for my future mocs, this LDD file is now available for sale :) Regards, KMP