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  1. @EKae the Rebells Hammerhead in orange looks very good. A rail system from the ceiling could be a good idea, I think 3 or 4 rails side by side with cover hook should work. @mortesv bigger than the nebulon! - we need a flagship like the MC80 - but in scale it is 4,8m long. Are there any rare parts I need to build your Tantive IV; I would like to start bricklinking some parts for a second GR 75 and the Tantive.
  2. Sorry, not my design, I found the Hammerhead (instructions) on bricklink and ebay.
  3. Thanks, first I take trans clear panels under the Hammerhead but I decided to use the black stand. I get the instructions from QuiGon via bricklink moc section. Part 11213 are listed in lbg, but I will change them into white with my next bricklink Order, and to get some orange parts is no easy job.
  4. Here my little fleet with the RO Hammerhead. Next Project is my favorite, the Tantive
  5. On german ebay the rathar escape and some other new sets like Bounty Hunter Battle Pack listed for preorder. shipping will start on may 20th.
  6. Hello @all, I make my first post here, because buildung morteĀ“s Nebulon was the beginning to get an AFOL. Thanks morte for the fantastic Fleet you build and shared with us. My fleet grows and I just finished the RO Hammerhead (my little son the Rebels HH) Pictures will follow Fuchs
  7. Hello, I'm a liitle Star Wars Nerd from germany. After years of buying Lego for my kids I decided to make Lego (Star Wars) to my hobby. Fuchs