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  1. Neat small tower. The refugees should appreciate your promptness in sending your troops to restore order.
  2. Nice build Kwatchi. I like the houses and the sloped walkway, and the cortege of Mardierian soldiers is great too.
  3. Great looking ship! The custom hull is very neat, and with more effort on detailing and overall shaping, the result could be even better. The stern is very good, I like the slope part on the railings. The fort is very well built too, massive and well armed.
  4. Impressive work, captain, both in speed and quality. I like the ruined building, the cart and the tilted base.
  5. Very nice little build. I like the building style and the colour, dark brown and white work well together.
  6. Great story and nice build! You made me want to frequent the Blue Lantern one of these days.
  7. At last, the legendary 8 Provincien finally joined us, and I must say I'm not disappointed, nice ship, captain Braunsfeld, the colour scheme works very well for a ship of 17th century if I am not mistaken. I like how you've built the bow section, with bricks, and if you have a dozen of these hinge pieces, I think you can use them to make the transition between the prefab piece and the custom-built parts less pronounced, it will be even better.
  8. Nice little fort! These slope parts work very well here.
  9. Cow mounted artillery, good idea, Brandon.
  10. I love these builds, some great techniques here. The Mardierians on Malto should certainly appreciate the corries' initivative, helping them to rebulld their properties, and like all humantarian projects, I imagine the redcoats will leave the island once they've accomplished their mission.
  11. When I saw the first picture, I said to myself, nice tower. Then i scrolled down, it's only a part of the build, it's jaw dropping. It's grandiose! I like the idea of hollowed-out tower, we can see all the details inside, the use of prefab hulls are brilliant too, they fit so well with the rest of the structure, if you have not mentioned them in the text, I'll never notice them. The same for the white plate on the main bell, it blends perfectly into the whole build with its gold and white colour scheme. Impressive work, captain Dee!
  12. That's a big plantation, filled with details, I like the rabbit in his hole and the elevated ground. I agree with the others for the terrain, you may consider to build ridges between the rows of tobacco.
  13. Nice ship, Ltfalcon, filled with tons of details, and the overall shape is excellent.
  14. Nice sigfigs, LS, especially the Monezterrell one, I do have his head, but not the torso, it should be a hard to find now. I second BD, the old cape is a good idea. More pictures of the ship please, and the dinghies'.
  15. Interesting story and nice diorama. I like your idea of vanished culture, judging by the architecture, maybe their ancestors are descendants of Atlantis? What attracts the most attention is the rocket-like pillars.