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  1. Nice mine! Glad to see they all escaped. I like how you made the frame, support, or maybe should I call it scaffold? The dude grasping nuggets while running away from the collapsing mine is hallarious.
  2. Nice sails! I like these brown lines, I shall try this on my ships too.
  3. Thank you Captain Dee for your kind comment! The rigging is indeed quite messy, I'll see if I can improve it later.
  4. A very detailed and sopisticated build, nice job! The waterwheel is enormous! Minifigs look really mini next to it. Is that M. Thibault the bare chest dude in the water?
  5. Impressive build! There's a lot of idea I could steal use to improve my land based properties.
  6. The Islanders! Yet another theme I've missed, I stopped playing lego when they came on the shelf in 93? If my memory is correct. I like the connecting bars on the small boats, it made the build less bulky. The cooking shed is nice too, reminds me of a pirate I used to have, this said I recall having seen my son play with the leafs of that set yesterday.
  7. That's a great villa! The main gate reminds of La Belle et la Bete. The inclusion of main characters of the movie is great too. I like the roof made of round bricks, and all these ornament, flowers, vegetables.
  8. Welcome to BoBS, lieutenant Picard. Nice entry, I like the map on the wall, the halbard, the flag, and most importantly, these cool classic figs! Vive le Roi!
  9. Nice scene. I like how you built the wall and table.
  10. She's a beauty, very well built, with a lot of nice details. If you don't mind, I'll steal some of your ideas for my next ship.
  11. Nice brick-built boat! The surface on which it sits is amazing, looks like real water.
  12. Nice ships! My favourite is the xebec, grey red and white, looking good!
  13. Lost both hands and both legs, are we expecting to see captain Rijsk transformed in mecha-Rijsk in part 4? The Tuna King is a fine ship, and the Mardierian catamaran is very original.
  14. I like the ship, it's like a pocket batteship twodecker.. The scene of seascape with a small island on the corner is very exquisite. Underwater attack is an ingenious tactic, although I wonder why the divers are wearing Oleander uniform?
  15. Hahahahaha, you really got the sense of humour, KB! Poor privateers, they should not be well received when they come back to their port, captured by fishermen, the shame. Everything is awesome in this build, the ships, the sea, dudes throwing fishes and abandonning ship. Nice job!