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  1. Thanks! I see what you mean about the engine length. Might be able to shorten them by a stud. I'll play around with the design a little more when I can. :)
  2. Finally got myself an A-Wing! I started with the LDD file that posted in this thread by @TheNerdyOne_ and modified it from there. I took inspiration from @DarthTwoShedsJackson's A-Wing's engines, I wanted to brick-build the fins for a more accurate shape, but I wasn't sure because of how thick they'd be, so I went with the new A-Wing fin pieces. I didn't set out to make a specific pilot's ship, I just wanted an A-Wing in a canon colour-scheme. Knowing there was a green squadron I chose that, and stuck a Duros head on the pilot for some variety. Whaddaya know, turns out he already exists! You can also see the cowling behind the cockpit here, instead of the usual wedge piece I tried to replicate the shape with some simple snot sloping. I'm not sure if I saw this design somewhere else, so credit to you whoever you are if you did it first. The biggest problem I had was the lack of parts in the colours I needed to build the slope on the underside so that it nicely mirrors the top. The inverted slopes were either too short, or have big holes in them, and while it's possible with more advanced building techniques, I like my models to be somewhat similar to Lego's sets in their construction, just more detailed if possible. So I just flipped the top slopes and they're held in place by a 11211 1x2 brick with studs on one side and a 99207 1x2 - 2x2 inverted bracket, with brick and plate inserted into the empty space and connected to a 1x2 technic brick with 2 holes for extra grip. It holds well, but the front ends of the slopes have nothing to stop them hanging open a little. Until Lego produces 1x1 plates with studs on the top and bottom, I won't really be able to finish this part as I'd like, so for now I just pinch it now and then and imagine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Finally, here is the side profile. I made the stand to not stand out too much, and have a somewhat Star Wars-y look to it. Thanks for reading!
  3. Didn't get the rest of the parts until today, but I built a custom Green Squadron A-Wing using @TheNerdyOne_'s LDD file as a base. I'll take a better picture when I can get the lighting right. I also accidentally made a canon custom fig by putting a Duros head on the pilot. Turns out Green Two was a Duros called L'ulo L'ampar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Those details are really nice!
  5. Looking great! Were you able to put cargo under the transport at that scale? :)
  6. They've also stated that they're not accepting ideas for brands they already hold licences for, haven't they?
  7. I love it. The build has a clean look to it, but all the shapes seem to be there.
  8. The horizontal rectangular slots along the side of the ship. The ones that look like they could be hangars.
  9. So simple, but it works!
  10. Looking great so far!
  11. Great design! Any idea what the part number is for the arched bits on the middle beam?
  12. Nice job! I love seeing the old toy-only SW vehicles recreated in Lego.
  13. That's a wonderful build. :O
  14. I get what you mean. I like the ideas in it, I just need to get around to familiarising myself with the New Republic properly.
  15. I definitely will! I tried reading some New Jedi Order stuff ages ago, but I think I had so little knowledge of what happened inbetween them and the movies that the significance of a lot of characters was lost on me.