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  1. What could "moveable lights" mean in the 42070 description?
  2. Hello! I am a new Member, so please let me shortly introduce myself: I am a 35 year old male from germany. I am married and in summer, my son will be born. During my Childhood, I played nearly exclusively with LEGO Technic, up to the time, when party and girls became more important :D After a long "dark age" period, my love for Technic bricks was re-inflamed when I bought 42009 spontaneously. Up to now, I own a quite nice collection with a lot of studdles and some classic Sets. And then, I found this Thread. Holy moly i love it. Count me among the people which were bitten by the "GBC bug". I really want to build those masterpieces of engineering! I am really in love with the bucket factory. But is it meaningful to start with such a complex module? Or should I first try to build a more simple module like "cup to cup"? But first of all I need to find out, were to order the thousand of bricks I need (I dont want to disassemble my other technic sets). Are there any other germans here, who can give me a god hint where to order?
  3. That is just awesome I would like to build one of this!