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  1. Maybe it is the BB8 model which was rumored and discussed some time ago? Sorry if this is wrong, but didn't read anyone confirming it as fake rumor.
  2. Amazing visualization of the ChickenDuckWomenThing :D
  3. According this video its 79,99$
  4. Bud, just check the video one post above yours and you can see the SRP
  5. Toys"R"us had a 20% discount on all Star Wars items, so I had to buy the 75095 UCS TieFighter and 75060 UCS Slave1.
  6. Or he might mean the amount of 2018 sets.
  7. If its expensive, I guess its going to be big. Due to this I could think of Starkillerbase and I guess this is what DeltaCustoms meant with "sphere".