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  1. If we get a beeyard, we'll need some bees
  2. I thought the bad guys would have animal companions.
  3. I dind't know one could do that. Thank you very much ! Coming back to the topic of animal moulds, how different is the new dolphin mould from the Friends one?
  4. How did you get them? All of them are sold out in Bricks and Pieces Lucky you!
  5. My guesses: -The new mould will be a pufferfish. -The goat will get a new colour.
  6. That's what everyone in this thread whishes
  7. Sorry, I think I missled you with my reply. It was only a guess.
  8. Maybe there isn't any new animal in the sets, but there could be one in the Minifigures series as it happened with the Lego Batman Movie
  9. Series 17 has been revealed and it includes two new animal moulds: a rabbit and a French Bulldog
  10. Nice! Thank you! This spider mould looks more dangerous than the previous one
  11. I haven't paid attention to the spiders. I think I need bigger pics to see them properly. The big cats moulds are great, but the dolphin one in Fun at the Beach looks odd.
  12. You're right I would rather have different moulds for different dog breeds, but as you said, the standard one should be used with more colour options. I've just read there may be a gorilla in one of the Jungle sets
  13. Thank you! So we have to wait and see. I hope they don't begin using minidoll animals now . Unfortunately, it is commonly believed that all lobsters are red.
  14. Such a nice thread! I've just checked the pic of the Fun at the Beach set. Is the dolphin mould the Friends one? I wish there would be more insects such as a bee, a butterfly, a moth or a dung beetle like in the videogames.