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  1. You can use any Tie Fighter model design out there. Just skip the wings part from both sides and you're ok :)
  2. I really like your collection - I was thinking what should I do next after building Interceptor and Defender - Automated Starfighter looks like a great project to complete the set ;) Great work! I really like the red eye :)
  3. Yes, you can use some parts from TIE Fighter, but not enough to justify buying 75095 to be a donor :)
  4. Yes, it's slightly modified 75095 stand - I've changed only mounting part as it's kinda different now :) I'm working on fixed and polished LXF file. I will post it here, I just cannot give you any deadline :|
  5. Sure thing, just got to clean it up a bit and I'll post LXF. Got no idea how to create human readable instructions :)
  6. Hehe :) I did :)
  7. Hi there, To my surprise, 3 layered plates weights closely the same as solid ones. This is like 30'ish version of the wings, happens to be the best I come up so far having in mind that Defender has lots of wings displayed at weird angles, so not Tie Fighter/Interceptor 'looking at the one side' way :) Is for the mining wheel, I was browsing different 'engines' around LDD to use instead TIE Fighter original one as it wasn't ok for Defender - and this one was the best :) (this time only 9 engines happened before this one).
  8. Hi there, I've seen some nice work done around here, so I decided to share my part ;) I've been working on TIE/D Defender for some time now. It's based on the very same cockpit concept as original lego Tie Fighter (id: 79095). Model has ~2400 bricks (+around 100 for a stand) and believe me or not it's quite sturdy :) It's scaled to be displayed next to Tie Fighter 79095 UCS. I cannot post images here, so here is a link to some renders: Cheers and let me know what do you think.
  9. Hi Raskolnikov, Instruction is great, just had couple troubles reading it but mostly due to my way of building models :) I'm made some screenshots with some description, have fun :D Thx again for the best model I had pleasure to build!
  10. Hell yeah! Just finished this beauty. Build was surprisingly fast to build considering amount of details and blocks. Thx for amazing redesign and detailed manual :) [there were several errors thou, and misleading steps - I was using latest pdf]