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  1. hah, that's cool creative repurposing
  2. The front landing gear is my favourite idea, haven't seen this before, but it's so effective on this ship. Shame that TLG didn't do this with the stock A-wing
  3. Cool idea for using spare parts, it looks like it could be the resistance version of a U-wing role craft for combat and transport purposes. Honestly, I like it better than the resistance troop carrier, even if the general shape itself is nothing spectacular. You did use parts of a U-wing for this right?
  4. oh wow, someone takes the heatwave worse than others I guess...I don't know what the whole mini-modding millennial part is but I'm sure you'll have a nice conversation with Stash you're right about the reason for a "wrong figure" though, that might be the cause. But as I can see you're not here that long yet so I'll just spare you some rage and give an advice: let it go. If TLG "messes up" a figure/set, there will be endless moaning. Just do what I do in times like this, bite your lip and wait for the mods to make order. Trust me, it works better than rants but then again..I'm just an everyday potato quality expert
  5. Welcome! Confirmed and rumored sets from reliable sources are highlighted in the first post of this thread, it's updated fairly frequently, so you'll want to keep an eye on that if you don't want to get lost in the wild guesses and wishes I was wondering that maybe you went into exile or looking for the first Jedi temple or stg....this galaxy thread needs some serious cleansing Yeah, that's a weird comment, provided that no one saw him in the flesh before...just because the hologram looked different from the ones we've seen before, doesn't mean it's correct in colors. Although in the 40 years or so that has passed since Jedi, they could've developed a multi-color hologram projector but who knows, maybe Snoke is so old-school, he still watches black-and-white tv
  6. It really doesn't, but actually does it matter? Almost my thoughts exactly, when I saw the pic...omg, not alleged Falcon leak...
  7. This is one of the few things where ol' George had right. The day we find out all about Yoda will be the saddest one yet in SW history. Some things should be left in the mist. But back on topic: I don't really get the hate for the stormie sergeant, or the love for the Kylo for that matter. A stormtrooper with pauldrons, what did you expect? Kylo is ok, but nothing too spectacular. Nice printing overall. All in all every minifig is decent I would say. Nothing fancy but they are good. The quality you would expect from TLG for this money.
  8. That's not a LEGO set. At least I can't see any studs, and we can rule out the possibility of a studless official set...
  9. So no TIE pilot, no flame or snow trooper. And I actually have a feeling that the "elite praetorian guards" might in fact be the knights of ren
  10. C'mon, Chewie is long as you don't beat him in a board game...that's when limbs start to fly :D BTW I'm fairly confident now that it will be him.
  11. OK, so Chewie is still probable, I'd say Snoke's guard, old Luke maybe? The other "helmet" one maybe the new stormtrooper?
  12. Well, my backordered Saturn V is now in Warehouse, so really hope they ship is this week. It's temporarily out of stock now, before it was in backorder with shipping July 11th....crazy demand for this expected, it's selling on ebay for double price already
  13. SW sets are overpriced. Full stop. I don't care anymore just be good-looking. That gorilla walker looks really lackluster compared to the newly leaked photos of the real deal. That is a bigger problem for me. We should be happy about the BB-8 being fairly well-priced, if it indeed looks good enough.
  14. While you are right logic would dictate it this way, we've seen tricky things before...
  15. Soo I was just checking out my local TRU website, and they now repriced the whole summer wave already. Before, everything was the same as in S@H, but they slashed every price a bit, including the Jedi starfighter. It is 130 CHF on S@H, same was in TRU, now they are selling it for 110, and until tomorrow, additional discount to 89 CHF for club members...Still not gonna buy, because it's ugly AF, but looks like they discovered that no one is going to buy it for this money... The battlepacks are on a lower price too, but it's just 3 chf less, so I'm not that mad that I ordered it from S@H Oh, brother that Saturn V.....I saw it's in Backorder until July 11 now in Europe...waiting for mine as well. That for example is a set that's infinitely cooler than the Jedi starfighter and more than twice as many pieces, yet it costs the same....