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  1. Looking at his photos, I'd be surprised if he wouldn't be a member of this forum :)
  2. It's not that old, 2014 set. I don't think that counts as "old run". About the's just a moisture vaporator isn't it? :) In order to have a proper scale you can't really go crazy with it. About instructions: you should be able to find the instructions on brickset for official sets, even if you don't like a particular design, it gives you a good base, which you can modify later if you got the hang of it.
  3. For this money, if they don't give in an interior, they can...go someplace warm. This price still brings tears to my eyes, I was praying for the rumor not being true, but as I see it's more and more likely now....
  4. To be fair, this probably should be merged into the generic questions topic even....
  5. Well, it doesn't have to be the same as the old lore, otherwise the deletion of all that stuff would be for nothing. But they could come out with some new stories, and instead, they are just releasing tie-ins to tie-ins and that, you're absolutely right, just makes the universe feel so small. Everyone is connected to everyone. They need to break free of that and I hope they realize that sooner than later. Anyways, we're wandering off topic, sorry for the intermezzo...
  6. (but without the irony)
  7. We actually do know which sets will be discounted, it was mentioned some time ago here too, brickset listed them as well. The first one is announced since a week.
  8. good one, you should definitely expand it to a base if you can :)
  9. I miss the times when not everything had to be clarified and explained. The small reference to their mysterious origins in the Visual Guide was just enough to create a bit of mythology around them, and everybody could think whatever they wanted. Lucasfilm needs to stop explaining myths and go on to new stories. Leave something for the imagination...
  10. Really disappointing model, that fighter looks like something from 10 years ago...
  11. Well, shoot...too bad I bought the X-wing a month ago....It would be cool to see into the future and see if all the UCS Falcon rumors are true...
  12. My thoughts exactly after the last image, it is in itself a cool concept, but maybe there could be an opening in the middle of the wing so the pilot can actually see something in the forward position.
  13. My latest batch just arrived, I ordered a few hundred pieces and even got triple VIP points for it, so construction can resume, I should be finished in a few hours :)
  14. That is a fair assumption, although in my opinion the only good thing about these sets are the minifigs. Otherwise there's not much to them.
  15. I would imagine stocks depend on your country. As for the 40% promotion, I haven't seen any viable info on the timetable, it's a day by day thing, so you won't know for sure. The 10% is stable discount though so you don't have to hurry because of that.