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  1. As c't is a German-only magazine, I suspect it may be targeted to German speaking audiences. But I bet it will find it's way to social media in time, anyhow. BTW: Can someone explain to me how to embed that youtube video? Have tried several methods, didn't work
  2. Well, to be fair I posted this 1 hour earlier So by that time there was no thread over at Technic... I don't know what the purpose behind all this was, but in terms of marketing it is an interesting method to get media attention for LEGO, Porsche and c't magazine. And yeah, I can't afford one either. But however horrible it is to watch, I can't help but watch it anyway.
  3. Hey there! Some guys on the German IT and electronics newspage thought it would be fun to conduct a real-life crash test with the Lego Porsche GT3. I've missed the competition that came with it (the lucky winner got a new GT3 set), but the video from that crash test is now up on their page and on YouTube. It's hitting a block with 46 km/h Don't watch if you are afraid of hurt LEGO-parts...
  4. Makes me wanna play that game, again. Thank you
  5. Hilarious little figures, nice work man
  6. Hey there and Welcome to the party! I'm exactly in the position you're talking about: Came back from my Dark Ages through my son getting Duplo as presents. Mainly drooling about every one else's creations and wondering why mine aren't up to par :D Still having fun in here, hope you will too!
  7. The one on the left...
  8. Very nice collection and interesting constructions with those Technic pieces. Thanks a lot!
  9. If upcoming 9V will look the same, it's definitive Yay! The switch mechanism looks great, too.
  10. I don't have a problem with high-speed trains, but THIS is a no-go to me. 7938 looks indeed very cool and has good playability. Even if the front on 60051 looks remarkably close to an ICE, I would have prefered a brick-built version. I've bought it, nevertheless, can't say no to 25% off. Guess I will give it to my sibling and stick to my 9V beauties And yeah, it seems like 4 years is about that regular release scheme for Trains nowadays, besides the Holiday ones. I'm too hoping for some new Creator train this or next year.
  11. Thanks for your input. Good to know I don't have to revise my storage,then
  12. I don't like staring at things. I either brake em up or put them in boxes for storage. But I could buy a Kim Jong Un minifig, he can look at my things, ah, MOCs for an infinite time...
  13. Has anybody experience with long term storage of LEGO trains on their own axles? I'm worrying about damage to the axles (be it old metal axles or newer Technic ones) in the long run, bending and such... or is this a non-issue?
  14. Having bought 6380 lately, I feel there is a place for a new Hospital. Last one has happened in 2012, so it's been 5 years without a new one. And please, this time no stupid helicopter Better include 1 smaller and 1 bigger car (a Doctor's car and an Ambulance).
  15. A warm Welcome to EB! But: What's up with that "eh", eh?