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  1. I love the spectre. Glow-in-the-Dark head, half-transparent "legs" and the chains. Way too nice.
  2. eLab Renewable Energy Set 9684 for 75 €. Got a Mars Mission MT-21 Set 7648 with it for free. Used, but in mint condition and both sets complete. Yay!
  3. I guess the problem is not the amount of stickers, but the problem that those LEGO stickers tend to peel up or start to dissolve themselves after some time. For a collectors model, this is just plain horror. So, yeah, dry / water transfer stickers might be a viable solution for collector sets. But loads of "standard" LEGO stickers are a defnitive no-go.
  4. Ninjago may happened later, but there was the Castle Ninja Theme before Minifig Series 1 Voted for Yeti too. Still need a "Reinhold Messner" minifig...
  5. Nicely written article, lots of useful information and good pictures. I may not be a beginner to LEGO, but as a beginner to MOCing I find this document very helpful.
  6. Me too :) Count me in for a BuWizz if this is working as needed (and my budget restocked, haha).
  7. Oh wow, smells like heavy work but looks very good so far :) Nice idea to bump up the overall height.
  8. Legoland-Era, I love it :) A wonderful set with loads of playability. Thanks for your review!
  9. Uuuhhhh, this is nice. I don't know about those "Fantastic beasts", but this build sure looks great
  10. Maybe spice up the front page with a nice photoshoot of a brick-built one? I'm having white spaces (at the bottom on the front page, bottom and right side on following pages). Is that just Acrobat displaying it wrong? Otherwise, everything is fine, instructions are perfectly clear. Thanks a lot for your work!
  11. Hey there and welcome to the Eurobricks Yay, another train fellow?
  12. I'd totally buy that ones, although I'm not a big fan of CMFs...
  13. Dammit, yeah, that sounded weird in the beginning Welcome to EB and have a good time with your Yankee Candles (and LEGO, of course)!
  14. Well, I'm looking forward to the next 61 rounds