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  1. HTTP-Code 507, insufficient storage? As for 404 - not found? :D Damnit, I just don't get it
  2. 507 = SOT = Support Our Troops? Might be fitting for the 40ies era... but maybe it is just "Sot" because that model was built with the expense of beer :) Nice little shunter, awesome technique in that gnome of a locomotive.
  3. @ust60 @HoMa @James Mathis I'm a Train nut....
  4. Hey there, welcome and greetings from "behind the mountains"
  5. Nice story, welcome back from your Dark Age Try to keep your head "afloat" while wading through that modular pool... hehe.
  6. Excellent. Now we just need snow... better put on that water tank and sprinkler, until then :D
  7. It's banned in Germany, Austria and several other countries. Besides those countries, this symbol is not found often in public media like this LEGO magazine for children...
  8. Ever found anything weird or even awkward built out of LEGO? Maybe even built by LEGO themselves? I was wondering about this when I stumbled upon this little precious from the "Bricks'n'Pieces" magazine, which had been published by British LEGO Ltd. back in the old days, checkout Creation No. 2: 12 year-old Leon definitely knows how to do a Swastika in LEGO Admittedly, it's a fan creation. But how come THIS has been picked out of all those pictures to choose from?
  9. Ha, funny to dig out this thread finally. Bought Lego Islands yesterday for a mere 2 bucks. It's in its original cardboard box. Original jewel box and a very good looking CD, not a single scratch. Anyone tried to install it on Win7, perhaps? I have a WinXP box too, if that's less complicated to get it run on.
  10. Count me in for Lego Star Trek as well. But I bet this will not happen, it's too close to the Star Wars franchise.
  11. Looks more like printed legs, not dual-molded... I do like them, though.
  12. My favourites are the Mushroom Ride and the River Wheel. However, it's a very good looking display all over and it definitely deserved the "Best Group Display" title, Congratulations everyone!
  13. Nice rendition of that beautiful site. It really kicks the Llamas' *ss!
  14. Wow, congrats. A great and good looking vintage assortment. That yellow space guy with that horribly broken helmet is hilarious
  15. Found a nice GIF of that Porsche crash: