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  1. Ok, then I try to buy the online guide as soon as possible. Donauschwäbisch, what the..... Try to exercise that one and thus keep it alive, if possible. It's going to disappear soon, as no one in that area (were Donauschwäbisch originates) is speaking German anymore You could say, that you are a "living relic" then, he he.
  2. Very good point, indeed.
  3. Hm, Benguit Gothic is very different. You can test it for yourself here: Maybe you can try your luck at, people on this reddit sub are amazing at finding out font names
  4. Wusste ja gar nicht, dass du ursprünglich aus Deutschland kommst. Sprichst du noch Deutsch? You've mentioned that your encyclopedia available online will disappear when the books are getting into print production. Any clue when this will happen? I'd love to buy your digital version, but currently I lack the funds to do so. Would be a shame if I'd miss that last opportunity.
  5. Looks damn sexy. Have been following your progress over on DB, the idea of using the Tower Bridge (or at least, most of it) is cool and the tunnel looks OK too. Maybe, if feasible, put the black bricks one or two studs into the back of the tunnel to get a more 3-dimensional look? But I think this is planned to go flat against a wall, so this might not be an option at all...
  6. The dark side has no cookies, it's all just a lie! Stay on the light side and close it now
  7. Jail time? For taking those expensive LEGO sets without buying them, because of the lack of money? Totally possible... I'm currently working in my "new" flat, hoping to move in by end of June or beginning of July (old building, so lots of stuff to repair or replace). So all my plans on working on a small train layout with a couple of MOC buildings are on hold until Fall. It's mostly lack of time and lots of other things running around in my head (and the fact that most of my own LEGO is already packed up in boxes). But I do try to take some time now and then to play a little with my son, sometimes we take out his LEGO and build something.
  8. BTW, clicking on the "Posted XX hours ago" right above the post gives you the exact location of that post You can copy that link target with right mouse button as well (if you're using a more modern browser than IE 5.0, that is).
  9. @msx80 Thanks a lot Maybe you can post back when you get your latest shipping?
  10. Yeah, and starting at 15 bucks for a working one... postage NOT included! I dare to guess that the OP's version is much cheaper than that. @msx80 I'd appriciate any info about that small motor. Where is it from? Gutted out from older toys? Or new? What are the specs?
  11. I've got a lot of those older frames with the metal axle, mostly from early 90ies sets. No rust so far, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  12. I'd say: Go for the trains and dump the rest :D (BTW: what do you mean with "railway crossing barrier"?) Welcome to EB and have a good time!
  13. Still wondering if I made a good deal or not... bought the Technic Quad 9392 for 6 Euros, couple missing parts (handle bar, piston and some gears to drive the piston are missing). No instructions, no box. Hmmm...
  14. "Rennsemmel", harr harr :D Is there space enough in the "racing bun" to fit the minifig?
  15. Wow. Just, wow. Incredible detailing. I have been following the progression of your fire vehicles on your blog, pretty impressed what one can accomplish in LEGO