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  1. Only if you're collecting all the SH sets. If you're collecting the figs, only juniors matter. Personally, micros and juniors are a part of my collection as they're unique figs and I'd regret not having them later.
  2. So old themes to me are- POTC, HP, Spongebob, Speed Racer, JW, IJ, TMNT, TLR, and Toy Story since I said HP previously I will stick with that as the other properties don't seem that compelling other than maybe TS.
  3. Awesome find, thanks for the video and link to the auction. looks like a pretty nice lego room too!
  4. Holy crap, Betty and Veronica figs!?
  5. I can help. Pm sent.
  6. We'll have to wait to see if it's 1/17 scale or not, right? Nothing on brickfan states anything useful other than "it's coming". Either way, this is a let down for me. Maybe seeing the model will change my mind, but this doesn't scream "buy me" like past offerings.
  7. Man, Lepin sure is hungry to get their hands on this instruction manual!
  8. Marvel 9 is a sick group of ladies. But electro got my vote.
  9. Walmart is clearancing sets right now but I can guarantee most have been picked through by now. Target is starting to clearance a little but it's mostly creator sets. if you find a Kmart you may find old/obscure sets, sometimes clearance, but they're getting few and far between. depending on where you're at, Craigslist, OfferUp, and Let Go could be an options too any specific sets you're hoping to take home?
  10. Your profile pic is my face right now. /you're my favorite leaker
  11. Was wondering when you were gonna get your megablocks over here and do this
  12. Warren G is in the house!? My man. Must be Stash i still think force Friday makes the most sense for the falcon, but I guess a slot like the Disney castle last year or something in time for the holidays could work too.
  13. Is that conf that a car is coming then? I was resigned to the fact that nothing was in queue this year, but would be thrilled with another this year.
  14. Not only that, but someone made e comment about it not being the first time an ideas set ended up as a set outside that channel, and the ideas BB8 was not that small. though again, it was said that BB was rather disappointing, so I'm not expecting R2 scale nor quality.