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  1. So much for living up to your user name, heretic. Lord vader!
  2. Aren't there more Harry Potter movies coming out?
  3. That is life, leave it.
  4. Haha yeah you're right! crappy round and swimmer gets no love.
  5. Is Italian math different or should it say 43 in the title and description? 😉
  6. It will come to NA, just wait for it.
  7. Wow, sad trombone for thor sets. What a let down.
  8. Voted gorilla but I do love the highwayman. Imagine my surprise when I saw he was running neck and neck for the lead!
  9. And it was sealed? If it was open it was the remnants of 2+ boxes. if it WAS sealed, I wouldn't be shopping at that store any longer.
  10. (In response to the 'bigger price means more pieces') Or more figs, or simply more unique (printed) pieces. Who knows that will share?
  11. Hollllllllllllllly sheet. That set is amazing. The microfig astronauts! *swoon*
  12. Re: lego store falcon pic shouldn't the price be xxx.99? Aren't all prices rounded down a penny?
  13. Several have given indication here and on reddit that the chances are greater than 50/50. It wouldn't happen before Q1 2018 though.