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  1. @Inthert I think your tie was one of the ones I borrowed ideas from. And since you mentioned the Mining Guild and Sabine's Tie, I took a little time and moc'd some up. Mining Guild Tie: The altered wings took some playing around with, but I was able to make them work. Though I'm not sure of there strength if made in real bricks. Star Wars REBELS - Minifig Scale Mining Guild Tie Fighter by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Mining Guild Tie Scale Project-TEST by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Sabine's Custom Tie: Getting the colours to look good on this is pretty challenging without the use of stickers, and unfortunately with the wings, the colour comes through on both sides, not sure how to remedy that. Star Wars REBELS - Minifig Scale Sabine's Tie Fighter by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Sabine's Tie Scale Project-TEST by IcarusBuilds, on Flickr Enjoy.
  2. Hey everyone, Was just browsing the board and noticed @Forresto asking about Rebels style Tie Fighters, so I pulled up the ones I designed a little while back that I hadn't posted yet. I haven't had time to build them in real bricks yet, but once I get some free time I'll probably give it a go. First up in the Standard Rebels Tie Fighter; I combined multiple techniques from different builders from here and on Flickr to get the ball as round as possible, I can't remember who right now, but if I remember I will try to add names. Changing the wing size from the standard was a bit of a pain but this seams to hold together. Next is my version of the Inquisitor's Tie Advanced Prototype; The wings were also a pain to build on this one, I tried to keep them as thin as possible, which unfortunately means they aren't the strongest design, but they will work for now. Hope you all enjoy, I realise tie fighters are a dime a dozen, but I tried to go in a different direction with my design to better fit the Rebels aesthetic.
  3. Hey Jamie, thanks for the comparison pic. I did a lot of researching while building the Ghost and based on everything I found, my Ghost should be the same scale as the UCS Falcon, just goes to show how big it really is.
  4. Interesting changes, though unfortunately the cockpit design wouldn't work for a real brick build, due to some of those pieces not existing in trans-black. I'm currently not uploading the interior, I'm holding on to that for now, also with the stability issues of the Ghost model trying to add in the interior immediately crashes LDD. As far as the landing gear, I went for accuracy over practicality, a brick built model would need additional support for sure. I would like to make some more things from Rebels, currently I have an Inquisitor's Tie Fighter that's scaled to my Ghost that I've been working on.
  5. By all means post it here. I am interested to see what you came up with, The reason I went with a brick built cockpit was because I could figure out a way to use any of the Lego windscreens to do it. I'm glad you like it, and nice to see you kept up with my build, especially since it was seeing your Phantom that inspired me to show off what I had built in the first place. Oh and thanks for mentioning turning off the outlines, definitely helps with the whole crashing issue.
  6. Hey everyone, It's that time, the Ghost has finally arrived. Okay, so just to get a few details out of the way; Part count totals; 10963 bricks for the Hollow Ghost, 11601 bricks if you include the Phantom, grand total 16068 bricks with the interior. As a NOTE this is the hollow Ghost only, I am currently not planning to add the file for the interior, we will see if that changes in the future. AS A DISCLAIMER due to the high brick count, this file is quite unstable, so don't be surprised if LDD crashes while using the file, so if you are making any changes I recommend saving often and saving backups. (Over the course of my build, I had up to 16 backups due to some files not opening again after saving and losing hours of work.) On a side note I have been trying to build a Phantom II in scale with my Ghost, but it has a lot more curves to it and is not coming along as well as my first Phantom. Also, to anyone who builds either my Phantom or attempts the Ghost, I would love to hear about your progress and hear about any changes you might make or issues you might find. And finally thank you for the support and keeping up with this project, I look forward to posting more MOCs in the future. Alright, enough stalling... You may notice from the gif that the engines have been entirely redesigned, and I also did minor touch-ups here and there. And you can (download temporarily removed) I hope you all enjoy, and have a happy holiday season.
  7. Hey everyone, So I was finally able to get all the bricks needed to complete my Phantom, so I'm posting some pics of the finished build. And as promised I'm adding the .lxf file for it. rendered using bublible's SunFlow MOD v20160627 as rendering engine for BR You can (download temporarily removed) Hope you enjoy, the Ghost will hopefully be coming before the end of December.
  8. Hey everyone, I know it's been a while, but I wanted to throw in an update. I had a bit of time to gather some pieces and test a couple parts of my build, I started with the Phantom and right away the wings were not going to work. So I went back and rebuilt the Phantom, it is now significantly more structurally sound, and generally looks nicer. So I thought I would share. I've also added some additional details to the build, I added so more accurate railings to the inside and a functional floor hatch. I am also much happier with the wings, which also sit nicer when folded up. However since the Phantom widened after the rebuild, it meant that it no longer fit the dock at the back of the ghost. Whilst I was fixing that I noticed that some of the proportions at the back of the ship were off, so adjusted those while I was at it. The one issue I have with the dock at the moment is it is a bit cheaty, the grey tiles lining the top are currently not attached, they look nice and create a nice snug fit for the Phantom, but I haven't figured out a legitimate way to attach them. Also, in regards to sharing the files, I will be uploading the file for my Phantom soon, I'm just collecting the pieces to finish building mine first. As far as the Ghost goes, I want to check a few more things before I upload it. Currently due to it's size, it has become a bit unstable in LDD, I can no longer dock the Phantom in the model without it crashing. But yes, I will be uploading it eventually and hopefully it will be worth the wait. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Alrighty, I know it's been a while, but since the forum was down when I got back from my trip, I thought I would give it some time so they could get everything up and working again. So it's time for an update. The biggest news is that my LDD MOC is finally done! I'm sure there will be some touch ups here are there, but for now I will say it's done. First things first, I am going to start with my part counts, my Phantom is 563 bricks, the Ghost(no interior ver.) is 10814 bricks, giving a total of 11377 bricks. The Phantom & Ghost w/ interior has a grand total of a whopping 15844 bricks, all I can say, is that this is going to be an expensive and time consuming build. OK, now that that's out of the way, time for some pictures. Now for a comparison to the original image that started it all. Next some detail shots of the docked Phantom, it can dock either way, however since I don't know how to make the front guns retract, it does unfortunately involve removing them. In the show, when the Phantom is docked back in, guns out, the ship sits in farther allowing a seal between the two ships, I was able to recreate that and it actually seals up quite nicely. And then adversely when docked guns in, back out, the back of the Phantom sits flush with the back of the Ghost. Once again, thank you to everyone following my progress, I would appreciate any comments of criticisms you have, let me know if there is anything you think I could fix. And hopefully I will be able to start posting progress photos of the actualised brick build in the near future.
  10. Why yes, I was actually just preparing for an update last night. I will be leaving on vacation, so I thought I should show the work that I've gotten done. I've essentially finished the interior build, save some parts that will have to be designed while this is nested in the rest of the model. Alright, first we have an overview of the interior build. I was able to frame the body so that the interior could be fit in. Now for some detail shots, first I made a few adjustments to Zeb & Ezra's room to make it a bit more recognizable. (Mostly making it messy) I also tweaked the cockpit a bit. Next the center point of it all the main junction. And the Docking tubes coming off each side. After that, we make our way into the Lounge, where most of the action happens on the Ghost. That curved couch/bench, took a lot of rebuilds, it's as close as I could get . And finally the Canteen, for everyone's dining needs. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for following my progress. **EDIT: Fixed broken links.**
  11. Yeah, the ones on my model are mostly just for show, for the actual build I would probably need to build a support stand or something to support all that weight.
  12. Alright, after a few busy weeks without any time to work on this, I have some new photos to share. First, some new overhead, front, side and 3/4 shots; While working on this, I realised that the centre section with the landing gear needed to sit lower than the front of the ship, so I adjusted that. Doing so however meant that my ramp needed to be longer in order to touch the ground, in the show in extends by sliding out, mine folds in at the end since there is no room for that. Here is a closer look at the Phantom docking area. And then finally a look at my progress on the lower rear angled section. Hope you enjoy. I looked into this, and it appears to still be the lounge, just from a different angle than normally seen.
  13. Haven't had access to internet for the past week, posting a quick update from work. The current rebuild that I am working on doesn't have an interior, but is designed to fit one. I have been trying to figure out a sturdier and potentially retractable set of landing gear, but so far I haven't been able to come up with anything. I have been considering sharing the file since there are a few people interested, I will look into it more once I have a full design done. The Phantom can currently dock either way, with the exception that the long guns need to be popped off since there isn't a way to make them retractable that I have come across yet. Movie magic? Also here are some new pictures of the rebuild progress, including a new docking port design with doors that actually lead inside.
  14. For those wondering about the framing of my model, I have been working on re-framing it to better hold it together. This is what I have so far. I hope to have more soon.
  15. Had a bit of time and fleshed out Hera's room. Also took some slightly better photos of the other crew rooms in case anyone wanted a better look. Enjoy.