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  1. Thanks for all your work on this! I would really like to build the 2 buggy motors version with Buwizz battery option. I will try and work with the pics you posted. Any chance of instructions? I know room is limited but did you try using the RF battery box for the buggy motors instead of buwizz?
  2. Door mechanism is excellent. Will be interesting to see how this progresses!
  3. Very creative! Did you document how you swapped 4L motors for 2 buggy motors? Depending on the performance, I would be interested in a swap like that! Assuming the tires on the front are not Lego parts? Look forward to seeing the video!
  4. Not sure if there would be much interest, but I think a speed contest would be interesting. It can be setup with two or more categories to make it more fair. Cat. 1 : Use of M, L and XL motors only. Official lego battery boxes only (AAA, AA, Lipo). IR, IR V2 and Sbrick allowed. Cat. 2 : All of the above and: Use of buggy motors and BuWizz are allowed. Rules: 1) ONLY Lego parts can be used except for Sbrick and BuWizz. 2) No altering of any electronics eg. shunting battery boxes. 3) You need to be able to adjust the steering so it travels relatively straight. 4) Maximum distance for measuring speed from a stopped position to be 100 meters. 5) Test needs to be run in both directions and average of the results is used. 6) Predetermined speed measuring app to be used only. 7) Minimum weight including the attached phone is X Kg. The phone can be placed anywhere on the vehicle. Required ballast can be placed anywhere of the vehicle. 8) Video is required showing both runs.
  5. The metal hook is an official Lego part so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use it. I think it was an excellent choice using it!
  6. Where did you hear that? I had zero issues with using XL motors
  7. I have several and only two of them are in use. Wish more MOC's used them. Currently the only MOC I have them in is the Deadly Nightshade off-road buggy.
  8. Amazing work on the chassis! Lots of goodies packed in there! The top view makes the rear wing look massive compared to the car.
  9. @mwnilsson have you tried connecting the batteries in series as mentioned by @Boxerlego?
  10. I do agree with your general statement; however, it just seems it would have been so easy to implement multiple ports to a function without impacting performance or reliability. I didn't get Sbrick through kickstarter so maybe I set my expectations a bit too high with Buwizz. Then again; I look at the software of the new PFx and it looks absolutely amazing.
  11. I also bought a couple and really wanted to test it out on the ICARUS and BMW DTM which I believe would benefit dramatically from. It is too bad I can't use them until customizable software is available. IMO they should have included some sort of customization option even if only in three modes, how hard would it be to assign two ports to the same function?
  12. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Are you affiliated with the Buwizz company?
  13. Is it on the back? lol I got the paper Dugald just described, but I don't remember if I looked at the back of it.