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  1. The modular design is quite impressive! I don't recall seeing a MOC which had so many modules so easily installed. Functionality is also excellent and seems to work flawlessly.
  2. Stunning. I too am a bit of an older car guy and my favorite lambo is the countach, but the shapes you have done here is truly stunning. I would love to build this in white if possible? I know the one piece which you have likely used and not available is the 2L lift arm. TLG did make a 2L with cross hole so maybe using a rigid hose instead of flex axle on fenders and it may work? @Thorsten50 is excellent at making multiple colours.
  3. I agree that it looks much too short / stubby. I may be wrong here but didn't the focus st always come as four door? This feels more like a fiesta st with 18" wheels.
  4. You should totally build it blue / black! Would look amazing.
  5. Thanks for doing the work on that! Isn't that part 11211
  6. Thanks! When kids come over they will have a blast driving this. Hopefully controls on phone work ok.
  7. Will you be putting a parts list on rebrickable? It is a small model so not a big deal, but most people like to build by having the pieces ready.
  8. Works on IE11
  9. Thanks @Thorsten50! I can finally test my buwizz out on something I will enjoy!
  10. To me, the painting makes this look pretty bad. I painted a wheel hub to black but I used spray paint and it looked like official TLG part.
  11. Excellent job! At first glance it looks like a Viper to me.
  12. Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 DTM