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  1. I am sure you will hear the same promises that have been ongoing for several months. If you haven't received an update address email yet, I wouldn't hold your breath to receive it any time soon.
  2. Did you order as part of the Kick starter campaign? I bought the early bird, received update address email over a month ago. Received shipment email over a week ago but it is stick stuck in Slovenia. It is getting frustrating considering the original shipment date was Nov 2016.
  3. Has anyone received a message from DHL about shipping info? I received an email Monday but nothing has happened since. Are all kickstarter campaigns like this?? The following shipment is being sent by Roni Leben from FORTRONIK d.o.o. via DHL Express on 13.03.2017 The estimated transit time is 2 days. It is now 5 days later and all it says is: Monday, March 13, 2017 Location Time Piece 1 Shipment information received LJUBLJANA - SLOVENIA 16:31
  4. Unless you build digitally; you will need to count out all the pieces unfortunately. We can certainly help you with rebrickable and bricklink issues. Adding the quantity is very easy. See picture below. You make a wishlist, add the parts one by one into it. You can also import parts into a parts list or custom parts list directly into rebrickable without using bricklink. You just make a custom list (in my example it is called Palace), you search the part, choose the quantity circled in red, choose the parts or custom list and hit add. I am not sure which method is faster, as I have never had to do this. I think bricklink would be easier to find the parts. Hope this helps!
  5. Indeed I did; and it is so glaringly obvious now! I was getting a little tired near the end of the build last night and had some trouble inserting the flex axles into the tan 3L pins under the roof. I switched to LBG 3L pins and they worked much better. I must say this model handles the wheel well areas much nicer than the BWM did. I never liked the look of the rear wheel wells on the BMW with the three hoses. Hope you don't mind the use of beams, it was an idea Dugald (brother of Lox Lego) suggested for the Mercedes but I thought the BMW would benefit from; so I tried it. To me it looks a lot more realistic now, and I plan to try it on the Mercedes as well on the back wheel wells.
  6. I have the stickers but have decided to post pictures without them for anyone that may be interested in seeing it without them applied. I built the manual version which works flawlessly using two liftarms in the rear of the car. It uses a system which I have not seen before using springs for pressure / return. Overall I am extremely happy with the results and the looks. The build was fairly straight forward if you build MOC's often. I am missing a few small pieces for front lights which will hopefully arrive soon! Thanks Bruno for another beautiful car and Thorsten for well done instructions.
  7. exactly what I was going to suggest.{"color":11
  8. Nope.
  9. Link brings me to sign up page. Can you not just link the pictures here? It would be a lot easier for us to see them.
  10. indeed.
  11. I had an axle which was too flexible. Upon very close inspection, it had a minute crack.
  12. Although I personally like the AMG model better, this picture shows the excellent design by Bruno and that the stickers are an extension of his work. I have seen models "depend" on the stickers to look good and this is clearly not one of them.
  13. Only a few small mistakes so not even sure it is warranted to be updated, of course, it is appreciated! Since you will be updating, if the OP is ok with the change and it is not a big deal updating instructions and rebrickable, I suggest putting the round 2x2 tile on the ankles and removing the jumper. It looks much more accurate and pretty much everyone is doing it anyways.
  14. Ok, I think it must be a 1x6 technic brick with holes with 1/2 pins.