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  1. I should have bought you guys some beer to enjoy! Look forward to building it soon!
  2. It is likely of little interest to you and way too much work, but it would be amazing if there was a RC (as built) and a Manual version.
  3. Thanks Thorsten!
  4. It is awesome to see instructions created for this car! Has there been modifications done to the original in blue? A quick scan of the parts list shows Qty. 6 of LEGO PART 42003 Technic Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with 2 Pin Holes which doesn't exist in blue.
  5. A bit hard to see in the picture, but do you have the RC motors connected to the sbricks and one wire from buwizz to sbrick to provide power? If so, that may be why the buwizz is going into protection mode. I haven't read the specs in awhile but I thought the buwizz can handle two RC motors but they need to be using two ports. Can u try setup again only through buwizz? I know it's not available on buwizz yet, but a soft start and stop may solve your other issue with u/CV joints.
  6. I very much look forward to your progress! How many battery packs will you be using? I know the buwizz can handle two RC motors. Will you be using regular lipo for use with the sbricks?
  7. I don't believe this is the case at all. I don't like certain styles used by well regarded builders, I also may not like styles from newer builders as well. In both cases there is nothing gained from criticizing a style. Some love it, some don't. Criticism of build rigidity, accuracy, reliability, etc. should always be shared and hopefully taken to be used to make improvement. I am a big fan of many builders and have built many different MOC's. I always try and keep an open mind and an unbiased opinion. This is not directed to anyone specific, but I find some members are snobby and alittle unwelcoming of newer members. All I care about is innovation and improvements. Sometimes I don't like it, sometimes I love it. Both are ok.
  8. I think you did a superb job on a difficult car to build. Certain elements may not be to some people's liking, but that's fine. I feel the people building are artists so there is always elements people will like / dislike. As some have pointed out, I think if the nose was slightly sloped it would be a bit more accurate. I think the beams over the axles is an excellent choice for the rear fenders, was it not possible to use 5L beams instead if 3L and 2L beams? I think it would look a bit more cohesive. Overall, another excellent build of an iconic and difficult supercar.
  9. When you told me several months ago what you were doing, I NEVER imagined this amazing outcome. Although most people don't know, I know the many months you spent on just the chassis. I very much look forward to seeing it next week up close! It is a masterpiece esthetically! Very worthy to be in the HOF Congrats on finishing it up.
  10. Just curious why Chrome Plating is considered more acceptable than painting pieces? As an example: I wanted the Caterham 7 620R to match the real car better so I got a chrome exhaust and wheels. Unfortunately the wheel cap I needed to use from Lego does not exist in black, so I spray painted it black. I don't see the difference between chroming and painting in this instance.
  11. I am not a designer but I build a lot and I don't build any models which use non Lego parts. The only exception I have made is using 3rd party yellow hose (like lego pneumatic) for the BMW DTM. I personally feel colouring / chroming lego parts is acceptable but only when absolutely necessary. One exception I would probably make is custom wheel covers, for instance custom Ferrari F40 wheel covers for the 1:10 scale version. I don't believe in designing and making parts that you need because you can't find a solution in Lego.
  12. I think it looks futuristic and cool. Outside the box thinking for sure!
  13. True; however, the Hennessey uses the AA battery pack compared to your model with BuWizz.
  14. I would guess around 5 lbs. I can weight it tonight if you need to know for sure?