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  1. I recommend the connection with some ball joints presented in an earlier section of this thread. It's much better than these magnets. edit: Oh, after reading again I think you just did this...
  2. Hm, Poe looks best but I hate him. So I vote for Endor Han.
  3. All four are a bit boring but I vote for Clone Pilot.
  4. What a great manual. Awesome.Very professional looking like the MOC itself.
  5. You can find the link to the LDD file in the starting post.
  6. It's so hard to decide. All 3 are really great. Vader looks so good, but he was 40 years the king of the hill. Now it's time for something new and I go with... #TEAMAHSOKA
  7. Wow, that's great. I will love to build this.
  8. Maz Kanata. She is very unique.