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  1. [quote name='Sariel' timestamp='1464767242' post='2574898'] So the only real job for transmission is to change the frequency of the grinding sounds. [/quote] Yeah, covering up the engine is just silly. This could be the first flagship I've missed since 8070...
  2. [quote name='Cwetqo' timestamp='1464788798' post='2575173'] I can guarantee you that NOBODY dictates the way fansites review products. Only in one case (Hoth Assault) they sent some "key advantages" but even there nobody was asked to sahep their review because of it. [/quote] Indeed. I've done some rather harsh reviews in the past without complaint. I'd be very against us doing reviews if it was not the case.
  3. Excellent review! You've actually convinced me to prioritise the Bucket Wheel Excavator though....
  4. [quote name='Jelo' timestamp='1464177416' post='2568893'] I am having this issue and when I try to click on the master index I can access some categories but not others as it says 'You do not have permission to view this topic' [/quote] [quote name='Fugazi' timestamp='1464218791' post='2569451'] I believe that the Set Index is no longer actively maintained and therefore may have broken links and such. [/quote] While you're right he's talking about something else. In any case Jelo probably shouldn't bump 4 year dead topics...
  5. [quote name='Blakstone' timestamp='1449239485' post='2399826'] In prior years, CopMike's rule specifically stated no trading. This is a complex enough operation for him to run as it is. We can manage the trades after we receive them in the appropriate forum. [/quote] This is the appropriate answer. Sure you could give the wrong name and address and it [i]should[/i] work out. If people want to do that then it's their choice. But we'll be putting fingers in our ears and humming really loud.... [quote name='Sinner' timestamp='1449011330' post='2397207'] There's some minor issue with the calendar that is preventing it being moved. One of the templates probably. I need to fix that then I can link the old calendars. The problem is I'm always busy this time of year and I then have higher priority jobs in January.... [/quote] ...I fixed a few of them so there's now some recent ones to compare to. Enjoy... and good luck!
  6. [quote name='CM4Sci' timestamp='1449101465' post='2398381'] Yeah, what is the bonus thing? Is it just another 4 winners for the day? [/quote] I said earlier; it's a bug in the code caused by last years bonus hack being triggered by... actually I'm not sure exactly. In any case I modded the code so it won't happen. I'll look into the data tonight. [b]THERE IS NO BONUS[/b]. Now. There might be, But it won't happen. Probably.
  7. [quote name='Graham Gidman' timestamp='1449100271' post='2398368'] Got my hopes up for nothing... [/quote] Sorry! The "bonus" was hacked in at the last minute last year so it's got some smarty pants detection code which is tripping. However it could happen this year too... I doubt it... but it could.
  8. [quote name='LegoPercyJ' timestamp='1449097543' post='2398336'] What's the 'Bonus!' And... what time does the calendar daily winners go up every day? [/quote] EB time. The bonus is a bug; I'll fix it tonight.
  9. [quote name='mediumsnowman' timestamp='1449022138' post='2397333'] Sorry if I sound a bit greedy here... Do the figures come with any sort of their accessories? For example, Cap with his shield, Green Arrow with his bow, or the Doctors with their screwdrivers? Once again, a huge thank you for hosting this amazing raffle with very generous prizes. [/quote] Generally no.
  10. [quote name='SilentWolf' timestamp='1449002571' post='2397053'] This line made me laugh: [list] [*]Looking for the old calendars? Look no further; [url=""]Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008[/url], [url=""]Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2009[/url] [/list] Poor years 2010-2014... they don't get included. :) [/quote] There's some minor issue with the calendar that is preventing it being moved. One of the templates probably. I need to fix that then I can link the old calendars. The problem is I'm always busy this time of year and I then have higher priority jobs in January....
  11. [quote name='Actor Builder' timestamp='1448986631' post='2396788'] Question time! Are the prizes the same every day, or do they change? [/quote] Yes. If you look in the FAQ there's a dynamic line that goes something like.. [list] [*]This calendar is automatic; prizes are revealed according to EB time, which was 17:28:48 01-12-2015 [i]at the time this page was generated[/i]. [/list] Use that to align your expectations!
  12. Bike tree! [img][/img]
  13. There seems to be a flood of "What should I buy" type topics lately. The problem with these topics is that if everyone made one over ever purchase the forum would become unreadable. Thus to solve this problem this topic has been created to be the new home for all such questions. Do note though that there there's a topic about this already but since a lot of you Technic guys seem to not want to hang out with the System guys I'll make a similar topic here, but please do realise that EB is one site, not a collection of many small ones. I'm making an exception here, not a rule... Ask away!