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  1. My work here is done!
  2. Sorry to be a party pooper, but I picked the image. I used it last year too for a shorter period. Analysing its meaning is rather pointless...
  3. Indeed; there are even links (most work I think...) to previous calendars in the footer. Yeah, me too... (His head is a nice brown too...)
  4. I didn't win last year... But I won this year!
  5. Due to an odd mix up the calendar will be temporally hosted here... Should be fixed in a few days. FIXED! Go here now;
  6. Miike Snow Genghis Khan by Siegfried Glina, on Flickr
  7. Please don't bump topics that have been dead for 8 years for such a unimportant reply...
  8. Yeah, covering up the engine is just silly. This could be the first flagship I've missed since 8070...
  9. Indeed. I've done some rather harsh reviews in the past without complaint. I'd be very against us doing reviews if it was not the case.
  10. Excellent review! You've actually convinced me to prioritise the Bucket Wheel Excavator though....
  11. While you're right he's talking about something else. In any case Jelo probably shouldn't bump 4 year dead topics...
  12. This is the appropriate answer. Sure you could give the wrong name and address and it should work out. If people want to do that then it's their choice. But we'll be putting fingers in our ears and humming really loud.... ...I fixed a few of them so there's now some recent ones to compare to. Enjoy... and good luck!
  13. I said earlier; it's a bug in the code caused by last years bonus hack being triggered by... actually I'm not sure exactly. In any case I modded the code so it won't happen. I'll look into the data tonight. THERE IS NO BONUS. Now. There might be, But it won't happen. Probably.
  14. Sorry! The "bonus" was hacked in at the last minute last year so it's got some smarty pants detection code which is tripping. However it could happen this year too... I doubt it... but it could.
  15. EB time. The bonus is a bug; I'll fix it tonight.