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  1. It's funny, cause I really, really like the Riddler's suit/body, but the head bothers me due to the off-kilter/center nature of it, but then the older non-hair hats from before look TOO plain to me now - I've been spoiled! lol
  2. Top middle Scarecrow is my favorite.
  3. Clayface can get bigger and smaller if he adds more 'mud' to his body, so it's not that I dislike the scale they put him in, but mostly just that I don't want him ALWAYS that big. Plus, I'd like to have him in my Arkham when I build it and he'd never fit at that scale lol Yup, I was thinking about two yellow slopes as well, I just really, really like the printed eyeballs lol Probably gonna work on a Mixel-sized/based one this week as well!
  4. Does the 1x1 cheese slope (I think that's what I'm thinking of) come in nougat? Cause the eyes are the only piece I think may be too big when Clayface is scaled down. If there's a nougat 1x1 cheese slope though, eyes could be printed on the side of that by us and then a smaller version made. I also wanna make a smaller version with an orange Arkham jumpsuit as a gag
  5. Could print them out in grayscale? maybe even shrink it a bit before printing?
  6. Mostly want to pick this up for the red cowl, but will defnitely be throwing a random head/hair on the Tears Of Batman to make another random Joker thug (like I did with Mime )
  7. Wow, will be entering for sure, prizes like that, worth throwing an entry in!
  8. Has anyone done any MODs to Clayface to make him a little more bigfig or Mixel sized? He's just soooo massive compared to the minifigs lol
  9. Aaaaaah they never finished the New52 designs and now we're getting post-Convergence designs my poor little nerd heart can't take it
  10. My guess would be that they're banking on the familiarity of John over the other GLs (to the general public) will help move units, while AFOLs will pick up a Green Lantern based set no matter which Lanterns are in it? If you don't mind the lack of details the Mighty Micro Flash is a pretty decent Wally West JL Flash
  11. I love the Green Eyes too - without a domino mask, he looks 'depowered' without the green eyes IMO
  12. Yessss hopefully this means we'll see some more Lanterns soon! I wish we could have a new hair mold with him, preferably something to look more close-cropped or trimmed, like John has sometimes and Falcon had in the MCU, but I'll be popping it off and making him bald anyway haha EDIT: It's expected, since this is a bonus fig, but the non-dual molded legs are meh. Oh well, at least he'll blend in better with Hal's legs lol
  13. Did Anarky ever make the list of 'B-C Level Villains Not Mentioned"? Was looking at his classic costume and Arkham Universe costumes and both would make pretty cool minifigs IMO. Sidenote, I LOVE that Batsignal, Polka Dot Man and the Batsignal will definitely get me to snag that set.
  14. There's definitely a precedent for children's movies being based on unabashed horror, see; all the fairy tales the Disney movies are based off of
  15. Yeah, I'm just trying to stay happy lol - before all the sets/CMFs got released I assumed it'd take a small fortune to get a bunch of Arkham suits and GCPD...but at least the CMFs helped with Arkham suits and female GCPD officers!