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  1. It's amazing. Yet, at a price of over 300€ (pretty sure), i'd rather get the other big sets. 300€ is like half my yearly LEGO budget.
  2. Maybe they should include a Nexo Knights cameo in the new Ninjago Movie, that might get the theme more attention (if they're still going for a year 3).
  3. I think 2018 will start with more sets from the Lego Batman and Ninjago movies. So even if Nexo Knights is coming to an end, and a new theme is launched, i'm guessing it will be summer 2018 at the earliest. It seems to me Lego is cannibalizing its own markets, with so much stuff at the same time; Ninjago (Movie), Batman Movie, Superheroes, Star Wars, Speed Champions, Minecraft... there's just so much 'boys stuff', i can understand Nexo Knights has a hard time getting through, all those other themes are well established already.
  4. I think both are great, but my favorite's the Tumbler no doubt.
  5. Oh my... I like that ship a lot... But it's so much money... i can get 3 or 4 other sets for that kind of money.
  6. At this point i'm only certain of getting Axl's Rumble Maker and Aaron's Rock Climber. I might get The Stone Colussus Of Ultimate Destruction. Not sure though. With the RRP, i might just get a few other (cheaper) sets instead - not Nexo Knights.
  7. Nice find ad79! That Rumble Maker looks awesome!
  8. I'm sure it would've been a more succesful theme if the Nexo Knights episodes were on morning-kids-tv in more countries. Also, there was a lot of competition from lego's own themes, especially Ninjago, The Batman Movie, and maybe even Dimensions. I really hope they will release all the summer sets, most of them looked very cool, a lot better than last winters.
  9. Aaron's set is one of the best this summer wave. The villain certainly is. The parts are cool too.
  10. I'm not suprised at all. The Fortrex is a very distinctive set, and a mascot for the entire theme. It's also in (pretty much) every episode of the tv series. Good to have an actual source offcourse. Thanks It's been a quiet month for Nexo Knights, at least in my world; no news on the internet, no new sets in my house. The holidays are far gone and my sons birthday too.
  11. I think it was just too expensive; even though you could dissect a funpack (at €15) like being a combination of a €4 minifig + €3 worth of bricks + €3 for two rfid tags, you would still pay €5 for the digital content. That's still pretty steep for some of the packs. Only the packs which unlock a new world would be worth it. And let's not forget, the people getting more than half of all the available stuff, are a minority. I'm consider myself a pretty big fan and only just own half of year 1. I did expect it to do better, after the cancellation of Disney Infinity. Oh well.. It had a good run anyway, two years isn't that bad.
  12. I think that Nexo Knights "contributing to growth" only means it did better than Chima. From the get go it was supposed to run for 3 years. It will. It might be longer, but i think that's just speculating.
  13. I can imagine the baddies-pack didn't sell as good; all sets have baddies, not al sets have soldiers. In my case i wanted more kingdom soldiers. And more scurriers.
  14. That's actually the only one i could not find here in the NL.
  15. Cool stuff! The third build is a bit goofy yes, but that's Dimensions. It could be different in-game too, they don't really care about that in Dimensions