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  1. I'm not sure if anyone here knows the truth behind this, but am I the only one who thinks this looks legit? Found it on google images. It's likely a custom judging from the shinyness of his hand.
  2. Am I the only one that finds the real reason the Snoke figure appears unappealing is because he lacks any accessories or weapons? We still don't know if he has a lightsaber or if he uses the Force. I can live with the gold robes, but he just seems boring without anything. I also hope we get some sort of unique piece for Phasma's spear. If they just use a plain silver spear I'll be sad.
  3. I have a strong sense that Luke and Rey will be in an Ach-To set together, with Rey wearing her Resistance outfit from the end on TFA. These larger sets we've seen so far look pretty fantastic to me. While the figure selection doesn't seem amazing (mainly in the FO Star Destoryer, should've had at least one more unique character like Hux or something) the sets themselves are amazing, particularly the Bomber. Kinda lame but understandable to see a piece reuse for Amilyn. I really can't wait to see those other sets. This wave is looking like it's gonna surpass the TFA wave in terms of quality.
  4. I find it rather funny that with this years iteration of Qui-Gon Jinn from the Duel on Naboo set, LEGO still hasn't quite perfectly nailed the accuracy with his character. While the addition of the grey hair as part of his beard is a step in the right direction, there is now one final change they need to make: his hair colour. It needs to be dark tan. I also have similar gripes with the TPM Obi-Wan figure as well from the same set. The hairpiece itself is inaccurate (should be the same hairpiece used for Goyle in Harry Potter and on numerous spy characters throughout the years) in reddish brown. So I have thought of a set that, while however unlikely a remake, would be a perfect chance for LEGO to properly correct their designs. Trade Federation Ship Ambush: 50$, main build includes the door to the waiting room where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are escorted to by TC-14, including the table and two chairs, with a section of wall as well. I'm imagining this set to be similar in size and price to the Battle of Takodana. Minifigures include Qui-Gon Jinn with updated hair colour and a black lightsaber hilt, Obi-Wan Kenobi with corrected hairpiece and colour, TC-14, 1 Security Battle Droid, 1 Battle Droid Commander, 2 Battle Droids and 2 Droidekas. While I was thinking of this set, another The Phantom Menace set that could use a remake is of course Anakin's Podracer: 40$, a remake of the 2011 version of Anakin's Podracer, perhaps made slightly smaller and tighter to match the price point. Minifigures include Anakin Skywalker (helmet and hair accessories), Padme Amidala, Shmi Skywalker, and maybe Kitster.
  5. It seems to me that the new wave of sets have not been released yet in Canada. I called the Fairview LEGO store in Toronto today in the hopes of finding the Y-Wing in stock and was surprised to discover that they hadn't received any of the new sets, and also they had not been posted on the LEGO Shop site. I was under the impression these new sets were slated for a January 1st release. Is this incorrect?
  6. Let us assume that this Han Solo anthology film will be set roughly 10 years before the events of A New Hope, making Han and Lando both in their early twenties. In terms of age, the casting works and I have a lot of faith in the acting ability of both actors chosen. The main thing I find people talking about is the chance of seeing how Han meets Chewie or Lando or the Falcon etc., but many people are forgetting a key person in Han's past that was just introduced to us last year: Maz Kanata. There is no way anyone can convince me Maz didn't have a significant role in helping Han become a smuggler. Even pirates need mentors, and the idea of getting to see that relationship in more detail, and maybe finding out why Maz refers to Chewie as her boyfriend, would be really interesting. Another particularly cool thing they could show is how Han became employed by Jabba the Hutt, or at least how they met. Maybe Lando drags Han to Jabba's to deliver some cargo, before Han inevitably wins the Falcon from Lando. Maybe Maz introduces the two of them? Anyway, sorry for the speculation, its fun and I digress. No matter the quality of the film, I'm sure the sets will be able to offer us tons of new amazing sets and figs. We're looking at a Star Wars movie likely completely set outside of the view of the war or politics or anything. It will hopefully be an intimate fun personal adventure with Han, delving into how he became the man who helped save the galaxy. We-re probably gonna get to see lots of cool new ships and aliens and all sorts of random things that will make awesome sets. Lets just hope that new Han hair piece still works, I'd love to see it in a few sets in the coming years.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, Thrawn is appearing in the new Phantom set alongside Kanan and Chopper, coming out this january.
  8. I was wondering if anyone who has the Jyn Erso minifig could post a picture of the minifigure without the goggles attached to the hat. I'd love to see what the mold looks like without the big oversized white goggles.
  9. I concur, and one particular character has been on my mind that needs the benefit of the dual molded arms: Rey. If they molded the top shoulder part of the arm flesh colour and then the rest grey as normal, it would give the look of her arm wrapping being separate from the rest of her outfit. It likely wouldn't be an expensive update and it would be worthwhile.
  10. I noticed that dark green seemed to be heavily used on both the build and the figures in the RO Rebel battle pack, but I hope we get a particular variation of soldiers. 2 of the Rebel soldier that appears in the Striker set, and 1 each of the two different Rebels that appear in the AT-ST and the U-Wing, which gives and plain yet varied grouping of plain Rebel soldiers. The Imperial battle pack honestly sounds amazing. I find it curious how people are upset about 2 Deathtroopers. Sure, they might not be everywhere all the time in Rogue One (I feel like they'll be around Krennic mostly), but why does that matter for army building? Having lots of Deathtroopers sounds awesome, and more Stormies is so fantastic. Also, I'm pretty sure but not quite 100% if the helmet mold used for the Shoretrooper is the same as the Hovertank trooper, am I right?
  11. Keep in mind, these leaks and EXTREMELY preliminary. Including a hood and cape for Obi-Wan and capes for Maul and Qui-Gon seems like a preliminary thing. LEGO has been pretty good with accuracy recently, so I really doubt there'd be such an oversight for the figs here.
  12. I'd really love to see a UCS Trade Federation blockade cruiser for the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace in 2019. It could include Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Nute Gunray with a new TPM hat mold, Rune Haako, 2 Droidekas, 2 Battle Droids, 1 Security Battle Droid, 1 Battle Droid Commander and a holographic Darth Sidious. The arms of the ship could be hinged at three points, and between each hinge could be rooms that could be accessed by opening the hull of the ship. Two hangars on each end, and then on one arm could be the waiting room Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan escapade from and the hallway where they fight the droids. The other arm could have a barracks room for the droids and a room where the Neiomodians communicate with Sidious. The middle ball section would house the control bridge which could be accessed by removing the top hemisphere of the ball much like how the interior of the original LEGO Falcon was accessed, the whole roof of the sheer would detach.
  13. The Duel of the Fates set sound like its easily the best set of this upcoming wave. A small set based on probably the most iconic fight of all the prequels has never existed, and sets based on the duels have been rare until the recent Duel on Geonosis and Death Star Final Duel, which makes this set even more excited. It makes me hopeful for a set based on the Duel on Bespin set, which would be amazing because we need an update of Bespin Luke pretty bad. The one thing I really hope the Duel of the Fates set gives us is a more accurate update for Qui-Gon by simply changing his hair from reddish brown to dark tan. All they'd need to do is change the hair colour on the figure that was in the Sith Infiltrator set, its so simple and I feel like it would make the character look way more like Qui-Gon. A similar adjustment to the Obi-Wan figure would be a new hairpiece with a built in braid (which I know is something other people have mentioned before) in reddish brown rather than orange because thats better for Phantom Menace Obi-Wan.
  14. Its all because of the hype for Rogue One. If LEGO had released this update 2 or 3 years ago, it probably wouldn't have sold as well as this will because there wasn't a movie coming out that Christmas season all about the Death Star. This will likely become the most popular Star Wars set this Christmas and LEGO simply wants to cash in on that hype. Plus its getting close to 10 years since the first version was released (2008), so I can see why LEGO felt it necessary to update the ultimate mothership playset with current minifig detailing and slight changes. For all we know, there may be more structural improvements on areas not seen on the box art. I most likely won't end up getting simply because I already have the first one and the most important minifig updates are easy enough to get online [Han's hair (which I suspect we'll see plenty of in the upcoming Han Solo Anthology sets), Leia's torso print, and Tarkin]. Overall I'm actually happy they stayed with the A New Hope/Return of the Jedi characters, but I find it a shame that LEGO didn't take the opportunity to give Ben a hood.