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  1. I ordered it when it was on backorder, because I knew it would go out of stock. So atleast I ordered it. Here in the Netherlands there aren't alot of shops/online's store that sells the Saturn v. Even if they do it has been out of stock since launch.
  2. Got a message from lego a few days ago. Saying the product I ordered was out of stock and I need to wait a little longer till they have it stocked again. I ordered mine June 3rd when the backorder said July 11th. Hoping they will have it and ship it out by that date. Can't wait to get mine and build it. Really weird though, the set is so popular yet it takes a really long time to get it back in stock.
  3. I am still waiting for mine to get shipped. Ordered mine on June 3rd. It said it would probably ship by July 11th :/ So I guess I have to wait a little longer
  4. crafting box 2.0 looks kinda lame. The models from the first one were really interesting. These look kinda like something is missing
  5. In the next couple of days wb will livestream some stuff here
  6. The dutch lego store now also says not available. Glad I ordered when it was on backorder. Although I am still waiting for mine to get shipped.
  7. Keep in mind that Lego City also releases sets based on adventure and exploring, like jungle, artic etc... Which to me doesn't make sense. So my bet is that we will see some outside Lego City stuff... Again
  8. Old fishing store is listed at shop@home. Coming on September first. In the Netherlands it'll cost 160 euros.
  9. Where did you purchase one? That you will get it in a few days 0.o as far as I know the Lego store shows backorder
  10. Weird, I ordered mine June 3rd my status is backordered. Hope I'm lucky to get it send sometime this week.
  11. Strange enough at the Dutch online store the backorder seems to be switching from different dates. Sometimes when I look it's June 15th and other times July 11th
  12. Yeah it was on backorder really fast. I didn't even notice it went online already. Well going to order it I guess. Then I'll atleast get one in July. Instead of waiting for other websites to get them in stock.
  13. Well crap, I wanted to order today but now the rockets will be shipped after July 5th instead of June 15th. :(
  14. Really hard to find any online stores selling this set. The ones that do have the set dont have any in stock or never had any in stock at all. Gonna back order the set tomorrow, then I'll get one eventually.
  15. No pc promo? When I preorder Lego games I do get preorder bonuses. Depends on the store where you preorder it.