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  1. Back in 2015 I bought the detectives office. Now I want another modular building but I don't know if I should get the Parisian restaurant or brick bank.
  2. This is one of my favorite going merry moc i've seen. Looking at this I'd love to build my own. Good job! Can't wait to see your thousand sunny
  3. Searching assembly square on Google and then I found this. So perhaps it's a big building like this with other buildings onto it.
  4. They should bring back orient expedition for Lego dimensions or some other classic themes. Some of the stuff the old Lego games from 2000 were based on. To be fair this second Lego someone doesn't really appeal to me. As far as hs been revealed I only really like harry potter, the rest I've never watched. The figures and builds look really good tho
  5. Hey everyone So I was looking at the darth vaders tie fighter set 8017, and wanted to build a tie fighter out of this set. So I started working on it. Personnally I think the finished model looks really cool. Front Back Underside
  6. So if I understand it correctly if you buy a disk version from a store and the dlc on steam they get added to the game.
  7. The only way to get dlc on PC version is via steam right? I'm planning on getting the disc version with pre order bonus but than I can't get any of the dlc.
  8. Heres a video showing a hawkeye and thor power combo
  9. I laughed at the spaceship levels in starwars complete saga, kept spamming the shoot button and almost 100% the level on first try. Glad that there are no vehicle lvls. Though I'd like to see a level where we have to ride around in vehicles trying to destory enemies almg side puzzles and the usual walking around.
  10. Ok thank you, kinda dissapointing its PlayStation exclusive.
  11. Is the civil war dlc only for ps3/4?
  12. Just a question, I usually buy Lego games on steam but this time I might get a disc version because I'd really like to be the pre order bonus for once. Now if I buy a disc version can I still get dlc? And now will that work? Also achievements will be steam exclusive for PC right?
  13. thats indeed a good looking face for thanos. Can't wait to see the final figure from the set
  14. I'd love to see the pictures. Could anyone perhaps pm me the pics?
  15. Impressive lay out. Wish I had the space for soimething like that.