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  1. Really a nice combination of colors and architectural details!
  2. Never been contacted either. (I had backed some plastic and a metal sample kit.) Frankly, I've kinda written that money off. If I'll receive something after all, I'll be happy, of course, but my expectations aren't exactly high. Obviously I don't plan to purchase anything else from them in the future, either...
  3. Wonderful indeed, well done!
  4. Or maybe they release another 48 studs wide set in 5 years for the 15th anniversary, again for the 20th, etc., and regulär 32 wide ones in between...
  5. A great hotel with great interiors! The themed rooms are a good idea to use non-City things here, and the pool also looks noble.
  6. Great idea and very well done!
  7. Great combination of old and new sections and nice details!
  8. It's definitely a small 3-in-1 Creator set like 31015 - the leaked dealer catalog photos confirm that.
  9. My guess is a 32x32 square with the usual decoration like a tree and statue, but also enough open space for minifigures to assemble and maybe listen to a speaker, plus a 32x32 building that would be expected at such a square. We already had a town hall, so maybe a library or post office in a (neo-)classical architecture. Or, for a further reference to "assembly", a Lego store...
  10. It doesn't seem to be a full calendar. It says "build and rebuild", so there are not enough pieces to build everything at the same time as with regular calendars. Still, with 210(?) pieces (can't read that properly) you won't have to tear it down every day; certainly a nice GWP.
  11. Really great indeed!
  12. It would if each shield code were totally unique, i.e. different codes even in the same sets, and could only be used once. But since it's the same code for the same shield type, there's really nothing to rip off. The box art contains only dummy codes, doesn't it? But they could just google...
  13. Could also be a combination of with the 1x2 connecting the front section (with the 3x1 slopes) to the rear section (with 2x1 slopes). The 1x1s provide more stability than using only the 1x2.
  14. I do like the buildings (and I've built some fancy details myself, too), and for itself, the small one does look good in blue, too. I only think that the combination of these two colors next to each other doesn't look that good.