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  1. Awesome can't wait...
  2. Second the ask on the LDD files please - I'd love to give this a crack a real bricks.
  3. Looking great - I did a UCS version but had to simplify the engines due to the weight - it would be great to see a brick version of this and see it in real bricks.
  4. I would love to do a green one to go with the current red one - but I suspect it would mean way too much spraying....tempted though...
  5. Awesome - can't wait to get started on one of these beauties...
  6. May do - I nabbed one yesterday with that same idea...
  7. In Lego stores as well subject to the usual availability stuff
  8. Today is the 75173 Luke's landspeeder at 40% off.
  9. Well I just bought the UCS Snowspeeder and Duel on Naboo from the UK and got 187 points - so defo no double VIP points going on.
  10. I tried asking Lego the 'hold' shipping question last year (bit cheeky but if you don't ask...) but no go.
  11. My local lego store said it was D2C only on the VIP snowspeeder, but that was not the case for other VIP sets such as the Disney Castle so I'd be surprised tbh if they are not in the official stores.
  12. Echo the Slave 1 view, followed by the Tie Fighter...both love awesome on your desk...
  13. Yup I got told the same at my local Lego store on Friday - they said it would not be early VIP access....hope that's wrong!
  14. Isn't the ship an Imperial Raider class? - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Raider-class_corvette
  15. Hi, http://rebrickable.com/sets/10212-1/imperial-shuttle-ucs/#buy_parts gives you a feel for a 100% match on the parts (new or used is your option), you can of course use the option to create a Bricklink Wishlist and then price from this. But for this number of parts you may want to use a tool such as BrickStock to get the best balance of orders/shops/parts/locations/new/used etc - plus you can of course always swap out parts for any mods you particularly like (unless you aiming to be 100% pure) and what bricks you currently have yourself. If you want a 100% pure build, you may want to check out the usual buying sites for a second hand but 100% complete set in case the bricklink option gets expensive. Worth searching the forums as a number of folks have trodden this path Cheers