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  1. Now that what i like about Rebels, it adds real contence. Can't wait for S4 and the kits that will come from it :) *Snip*
  2. Today in bought and built the 75175 A wing. I like A wings so this was a must buy for me. For 49,95€, it's way too expensive for what you get. Compared to the 75150 A wing it's inferior. The only 2 things that are better are the guns and the storage space. The landing gear is dreadfully done, i added a few pieces myself to make it look decent. Even compared to the old 75003 it's not a good deal valuewise. It's a hastily rehatch of 75150, but with less bricks and more flaws.
  3. I bought two 75140 resistance troop transports (39,95€ each) and A 75100 FO snow speeder (29,95€) at the same store today.
  4. The problem is price and competition from 2 movies released in short sequence. There is abundance of sets available. I really like rebels, so i buy all sets. There are some mediocre like the combat frigate, but it has also some gems like the TIE advanced and the AT-DP The most ludicrous examples of overpriced are the phantom 2 because of a thrawn figure and the vader's tie vs a wing, because of vader.
  5. What are the chances of lego doing a deathstar move on the recently retired ewok village set? By death star move I mean bring out an updated version which only limited changes
  6. So far i like most SW stuff i've seen, Only dissapointment is the way too small clone wars republic tank, why????
  7. I'd go for the x wing in the colors you like best, it practically teh same build anyway. It's fantastic on display and in your hands :) I don't reallly like Krennic shuttle alot.
  8. The only thing i have left over from battle packs are those terrible stud shooters. One day i will bag them all and send them back to Denmark... I like most minibuilds and keep them or ajust them to be cooler.
  9. My top 5 from 2016 All sets in 2016 were way overpriced, so that is not an argument in this list. I went for innovation and fun sets. 1. 75140: Resistance Troop Transporter Finaly a good set with a decent amount of interior to transport figures. It looks like a sausage, but it's cool. 2. 75149: Resistance X-wing Fighter Same as Poe's but lighter colors so detail is shown more. I just love to pick this one up and fly in my living room :) 3. 75155: Rebel U-wing Fighter Innovating design, nice figures. 4. 75135: Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor I like obi one. I like the colors. Anakin's version is better, but hey Anakin is no Obi :) It's just fun to play with :) 5. 75157: Captain Rex's AT-TE Got to love the guts to make this pile of junk in LEGO :) *. 75150: Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter This is a special sitation. The A wing in this set is superb! The firing mechanism, the minifigs (pilot and sabine) all great.! I don 't give a bit about darth vader's tie, that's why it did not make the top 5 It was also the most overpriced set of 2016....
  10. Great mod. Planning something similar myself, but with even more cargo space :)
  11. I agree the starscavenger is a mess. Haven't seen good clear pictures of the 2 new ones yet, but we keep hope (for now)
  12. Yes they do, Finaly some refreshing stuff instead of the ever repeating of the same. If executed well they could be awsome, just like the jedi scout fighter and JEK's starfighter.
  13. First order snow speeder which is finally available at the now affordable price of 37€ (lego action for overpriced stuff that does not sell well due to being overpriced) Yoda's starfighter 2 latest battlepacks.
  14. 1. I do not mind playfeatures incorporated into a lego set, even one marketed towards adult fans. I hate sets that do not fit minifigs or don't have any. Hence i'm not a big UCS fan. I like a balance between realism and play. However there is 1 play feature i hate on almost any toy and that is shooting (springloaded or otherwise) missiles, i hate them with passion. This set has plenty so that's a big negative. 2. Star wars die hard fans tend to overdetail everything, if it's not exactly like in that dusty 40 year old movie it's not good (it's not like everything in the movie(s) was oooo so great). I change alot of stuff if i don't like it, movie correct or not. 3. I bought this set with alot of doubt. It's clearly not as good as the ewokvilage set (which i should have gotten, but it was sold out) but it's not the end of everything. 4. It's clearly way overpriced, hence it was on discount (payed 220€ for it myself ) and even then i felt a bit ripped off afterwards because i could have gotten it at 200€ a week later, Does all of this mean i'm gonna resell it? Probably not, because it's Lego, if it's not what you want it, you can change it, remake it or re-immagine without much effort. It does give you a good basis for building a hoth display if like me you start with almost none of the older Hoth sets. Will i recommend this set then? Not at the rediculous official price, but at the lowest discount price of 200€ i've seen it (official price in Europe is 280€) it's a good deal if you're new at lego star wars Hoth and you want to have some fun in the snow :) .
  15. After building the phantom II, i had a few questions popping my mind: 1. Why is the space for chopper offset to 1 side and not in the middle? don't remember seeing that in the cartoon. 2. It has a bigger cargo hold the the first phantom, but still it's not very big, you can make it 1 tile of studs deeper if you remove the stopplate. 3. The landing gear looks stupid, It looks better if you leave it off. 4. The cocpit needs to be pulled off to open it, why no hinges???? 5. it's not big enough, but that's with almost everything in lego scale. 6. NO real engines on the back. For the rest it's an okay ship, but at the official retail price in here in the EU (45€) way way way way way way overpriced , I payed 38€ for it and i still feel ripped off. it's should have been 35€ max. I might get a second one in a few months in promo and do some customisation like i did with the first phantom.