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  1. Here it is my entry: Through the land of Worrakaths
  2. Build for the Black Spire. From Orcish Marshes, through the snowy mountains of Mitgardia and deeper into darklands the orcs for help the Black Spire now traveling through Rakath Mountains, the area inhabited by mysterious creatures Worrakaths, which with its long tentacles catch and kill everything in their path. Even the bravest orcs are afraid of this terrible way.
  3. Sorry guys. I see that I messed up with the story. What now?
  4. Here it is my entry: Temple of Blood
  5. Build for the Black Spire. In the darklands in the land of undead lies the Temple of Blood and where Angonran the greatest vampire, leader of undead and his army performs rituals with blood magic, pray for darkness and call the chaos god to protect all undead for the Black Spire victory. It's been a long time since I build something so I'm glad that I'm back and, of course I like the idea of this challenge.
  6. 48) Ballerina Entry (Build by Pakita) - 1 point 50) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by kritch) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point
  7. 41) Series 12 - Fairytale Princess Entry (Build by soccerkid6) - 1 point 66) Series 2 - Explorer Entry (Build by dimleon) - 1 point 71) Series 14 - Gargoyle Entry (Build by GuloTheSavage) - 1 point
  8. Great contest! Until now, I build only freebuilds, so that it was my first participation and I won third place in the category A. Thanks to all who voted and congrats to all the other winners!
  9. Journey from the dangerous swampy lands, through the cold Mitgardian mountains, Eric and Ira now finally reach lush green Avalonia and end up this story.
  10. A: soccerkid6 1 point, Garmadon 1 point, Kai NRG 1 point B: Gideon 2 points, LordDan 1 point C: Simon_S 1 point, LittleJohn 1 point, Jacob Nion 1 point
  11. "Creating A Monster" with the Monster Scientist from Series 14.
  12. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest: Worenthon Tower
  13. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. Elmd and his guards patrol at mountains in Mitgardia, protects nearby villages and hunts Algus forces which threaten the villages. Those who are caught end up in captivity in the Worenthon tower until it arrives guards from Valholl and take them in the jail of the city Valholl.
  14. CCC XIII Undead Siege There is a place in the eastern darklands where in a dangerous place in the swamplands of Moruth stands a small village Thrihinad. The village is protected by a guard, led by Knight Rakis. One day the village attacked army of dead Morraken and at the gate of Thrihinad battle begins.
  15. Eric and Ira now traveling through cold Mitgardia. They go to the family Rohvor where the horse breeder Eldd will prepare the best horses that they can rode to Avalonia. Because I have not been active since February, just a cottage with stable to warm up.