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  1. AVCampos; I know that but you still have to have power to run. Having pickups from the powered rails to the pf motor would allow not having to build a battery into the train.
  2. As a late starter with trains I am using the pf motors in MOCs. Most of the club has 9 volt track. If there was a set of 9 volt wheels in a block with a pf connector on top. With that pf trains could run on powered tracks. Ed
  3. Amazing! Will you have plans available? Ed
  4. Sorry- I need to be specific. I guess since I posted it in the Technic Lego site, that certain things would be assumed. I want to 3D print Lego parts and I want the best filament to use that results in a part that is as close as possible, in strength, to the plastic used in Lego. One that would allow the best clutch characteristics. VOC's during the printing process do not bother me. These will not be played with by children. Smell while printing is not critical, but being rank after printing should be avoided. I would like it to be commercially available, not an R&D specialist product. I will be printing slightly modified, or original Technic Parts.
  5. There are several different types of filament available. Has anyone had experience enough to recommend the best filament? Thanx, Ed
  6. Great. Clean simple and functional. Ed
  7. Thank you very much. I should have checked the scale - I thought you used some sort of 1/4 cylinder that I couldn't find Ed
  8. One basic question please. What is the part number and name for the curved sections of the engine boiler? I need to build some large round towers and these should do the trick. Thanks, Ed
  9. Ian Just a quicky. Robot c changes the firmware in the EV3, BUT mindstorms still runs. No card needed. Robot c is pc based, has an development environment, and you just compile and download the programs to the EV3. You can run them with a debugger, from the pc that shows the EV3 screen on the PC. Cost is $49/ year or $79 permanent. I'm just getting started but it looks good so far. Ed
  10. Ian, I finally got everything running with RobotC and the EV3. I found good drivers and a test program. Works fine but the range is very poor. The normal Lego IR control for trains works very well and it's range FAR exceeds that of the IR-Link. Looking at the HT construction it may also have something to do with the design of the housing. Maybe you have a technical bent and can find the technical specs on the emitter and it's output power. I've looked and have had no luck. I'm going to put this portion of the project on hold and get everything else running. I was even wondering if a servo, hooked to the dial, plus another motor to push the control button combined with the Lego controller would work - very awkward. Good Luck in your project. Ed
  11. Is there any chance of a drawing or other plans? Love to build one.
  12. Gentlemen, I looked at the C code in Xander's drivers and it seems to support ComboDirectMode. Like I said I have not gotten that far yet. Ed
  13. It is probably me, but attempting to follow the EV3Dev instructions to set up communications between the PC and the EV3 got me completely lost. Thats why I switched to RobotC. If I could get communications going I would rather stay with EV3Dev. Ed
  14. Ian; Progress - of a sort. I have finally settled on RobotC. I'll have to re-learn C (it's been 25 years or so), but kinda looking forward to it. I found that Bot Bench, a RobotC support site, has a driver set that includes, I hope, all the stuff for the EV3 to use the link sensor. The drivers have to be compiled and included in the C code, so I'm pretty sure that I will have to use RobotC, not the graphical or natural language versions. I hope to have it tested out before my free trial is up. As an aside the Bot Bench download also has test program source code. I believe the site will be a good resource. Xander, the owner of the site has answered questions and blog reply's very rapidly. Ed