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  1. Only "might"?
  2. Let's see if the happening with 42053 Volvo's review occur again this year
  3. Can you enlighten me on the differences between these two? I'm not very familar with this topic.
  4. @Anio: The 42030 Volvo has transmission + steering and no suspension too?
  5. On another note, I had an idea that maybe the upcoming 40th anniversary event can be a design your own 42065 body contest. I recalled from a video on Youtube in which Milan said he only used 4 pin to attach the upper body and let it sit loose because that allows for customization. This sounds familiar with what we have for 9398.
  6. @Maaboo35 What do you mean by "slag off the mic"?
  7. I'd say over-engineered though. Look like the style of Michael T. Jeppesen.
  8. I already have 2 BWEs for A and B model, both for that price I don't know who among the AFOL are the early adopters for 42070, but I aint one
  9. Currently the BWE is selling for 155 EUR. That's 75 EUR (33%) off from MSRP 230 EUR If the same thing applies to 42070 I'll wait until before the release of 2018 flagship. BWE might make my pulse race and prompt me for an immediate buy, but 42070 doesn't. I really wonder how much retailers really get the set in able to afford such deep cuts. Maybe MSRP is just a blown up number in order to dig money from the impatient, as a basic price discrimination strategy.
  10. For the price of the flagship can be expected to decrease by 33%. So I'd wait until it drops to 160-170 EUR.
  11. I wonder why "jerry" when only "can" is enough
  12. But that means the XL motor would have to be relocated
  13. SO 42070 is like a big bad older brother of the Claas Xerion. Perhaps too bad though...
  14. Amazing review as usual <3 <3 <3
  15. All hail Jim \(' '\) (/' ')/