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  1. Thanks amazingbricks! The Cruiser sounds like an awesome idea. My only concern that being a cheap set means it is not likely to be big, so more like a starfighter size than a cruiser. But still, interesting!
  2. The last licensor was Ionix, though I'm not sure if they've done anything recently: I don't know if Nanoblock counts, but I feel they're a bit separate.
  3. A bit disappointed there wasn't at least one more year to go out with a bang. I hope they learned some good lessons and work that for whatever they plan next. I hope constraction continues, and hopefully the strategy around future themes will be better planned out. In the meantime, a thank you to the team for giving us some great sets, and at the very least it was fun.
  4. Why would someone take credit for a fake, though? It seems bizarre.
  5. I don't understand why anyone would do that. What's the point of messing with people like that? I had such a good day, excited at the prospect of Power Rangers sets. Looking forward to the most exciting thing in 2017. It's just ... sigh.
  6. This is pretty much a dream come true. For such a long time I've always said that the one dream franchise LEGO is missing for me (well, aside from Pokémon) is Power Rangers ... and here it is. I hope the license covers the TV series too. But I'd be okay if they focused on the movie. I hope there's more than one set. It would be a shame otherwise. But at least if they'd let us get all 5 Rangers, I'd be more than happy.
  7. Excellent. The Maze is looking like a lot of fun. I wonder if the dents mentioned in the balls will be a big issue, and if there are any other suitable replacements for them.
  8. You know, I'd totally buy that. If only to have a Gungan headpiece.
  9. It does seem rather strange for them to not have a concrete release date, or any other info so close to its release. Even Glitter Force, a relatively low-profile Netflix production, had a fixed release date announced two months before. Hopefully it's not been delayed.
  10. I don't mind it, I like the contrast. I view it as a stylistic choice. It reminds me a lot of Transformers Robots in Disguise, which is also similar in how the characters are rendered in very sharp cel-shading while the backgrounds have a more painterly style. EDIT: All character videos are now up on YouTube.
  11. As usual, spot on analysis. I do hope that if Bionicle continues to be successful we may get even more in 2017.
  12. I'll just say, I admire you old-time Bionicle fans for putting up with this attitude for so long. :D It's so dampening that I don't know how you guys do it.
  13. Solid work, and very clever use of the fabric pieces. I love the beard.
  14. Hey WolfMaster. Unfortunately, the Bionicle sets will reach our shores only in March (as are many other themes). Here's the full catalogue for the first half of 2016:
  15. That looks great. The red and the blue contrast well with each other. I'm really starting to like Gali a lot, and she seems to combine rather well.