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  1. Indeed, it's rendered in Bluerender, but I did not use developer mode in LDD. ;) In short, I removed top and bottom panels first, which allowed side panels to be placed. Then I attached modified bricks with studs on a side to top and bottom edges of side panels (temporarily removed black technic bricks if there wasn't any room). And with some fiddling reattached top and bottom panels back. Here's the file:
  2. Since you kindly provided LXFs, here are two "quick" renders. ;)
  3. :D I think the 7-rib version looks better.
  4. Very cool, smooth design. Maybe it's just a small detail, but I really like how the ladder follows curvature near the roof.
  5. Here's a landmark from my hometown - Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Legnica. It still needs some tinkering.
  6. My little ships are hardly comparable to your creation. The Agamemnon is huge and incredibly detailed.
  7. It's awesome! We need more B5 MOCs. ;)
  8. SylvainLS posted a solution above. :)
  9. Oh, my bad... I quickly put together a couple of bricks but apparently didn't use any plate underneath.
  10. Temporarily connect 1x1 with that long 1x plate using another brick and then try rotating the brick blow.
  11. Sure: 1.lxf
  12. For example like this. ;)
  13. Yes, you can change lighting. You'll have to edit file in order to achieve this. Default is located in the Bluerender directory. However, it's a good idea to use separate scene files for every build. Just copy the default and paste in the same location as your lxf file and and name it the same (so you have your_build.lxf and next to each other). Bluerender will detect it automatically. Ground plane is just a ground under your build, background is basically a sky. Depending on angle, you may see only the ground, a thin line at the top of your image or large part of a "sky". It's possible. But again, you'll have to customize Read posts from here onward, your answers have already been answered to some degree. ;)
  14. You probably have selected Wireframe/preview option.
  15. To me it only looks like the program is completely confused because 6585 parts are not connected by studs. This whole thing flexes in all directions when you try to rotate any axle. Try putting 6585s on a plate and this wont happen anymore.