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  1. Yeah, the smaller set looks identical to the Ninja Training Outpost from 2011 with one of the 2015 Anacondrai Cultist Shrines thrown in...
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Kiss Cartoon has been taken down indefinitely and will not be coming back. The .io site is a scam and phishing site, and full of malware. Be careful not to go on it and find other alternatives. Kiss cartoon's Admin's have set up a new site: Kim Cartoon. I have not tried it yet but have heard that it is good.
  3. KissCartoon is still down... (Don't go on the one's that are active, cos thy're Phishing sites :/) But other sites should be fine. As for the date and time of airing, I don't get why Cartoon Network has relegated Ninjago to such a minor show.
  4. They're printed on, but are sometimes off center
  5. Maybe at SDCC?
  6. Ah, thanks for letting me know :p
  7. Nice! Do you know when the English episodes will air?
  8. Cole is wielding a large hammer...
  9. Sorry if this only speculation, Mods, but what if the 3rd rumoured UCS is a Starkiller Base? i would fit the description...
  10. That Resistance trooper has leg printing, does he not? Something the first ones did not, right?
  11. Wait, there's a new trailer?
  12. The episode name is 'Ajan Vartijat', translating to 'Time Security Guards'. So I'd infer that it mean Time Guardians or something like that.
  13. Just had a thought. What if all these years, Wu (and possibly Garmadon) has been using the 'Slo-Mo' Time Blade to slow his aging? It would make sense due to the timeline and in the Teaser didn't he say he has been waiting for this for a long time?
  14. You've got to be kidding me!! The Winter 2017 Lego Star Wars sets in the US!!