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  1. I have insider info from my supremely secretive source dude. They said this next series is going to be very cool, including characters like "Sculpted Humanoid", "Talkative Exerciser", "Magic Dino Suit Guy" and a "Little Kiddo In A Suit".
  2. I just voted for WeightLifter because I couldn't care less which of these wins, and I didn't know there was a tie keeping us from the next round.
  3. I've not had any trouble with multiple accessories, as long as they're all attached to the figure somehow. Edit: thanks for clearing things up with me about store variation, everyone. I love you all like a cat loves a vole, but less violently.
  4. I think the stock varies from store to store. Is that incorrect? Even so, I'm going to have to go check mine for snakes.
  5. This round was painful. Some of my favorite quirky characters were up there. I had to vote for the Thespian in the end. He's one of the few non-warrior figures that I've bought more than one of because he's just so darn cool.
  6. I'd put in in my signature for safekeeping for you, but I haven't been able to figure out how to change my signature since the last site update.
  7. You only work in black? And very very dark grey? Hmmm...
  8. Why stop there? Let's go for an entire Brick Suit Series.
  9. Oh. I was imagining some kind of massacre akin to an ant colony with a dead grasshopper, but I guess your idea works too.
  10. I'm a little bit late to the party, but I've got to ask... What would happen if some heathen placed a mega blok into a mid-construction hive-mind project?
  11. I opened this and immediately audibly said "Ooh".
  12. Shakespeare is a great figure.
  13. Oh, is THAT what BS stands for? My whole life I've been mistaken.