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  1. What, no! Go to your local animal shelter and pick a friend.
  2. As with all your builds, this is perfect. The butt is great. Excellence.
  3. The hot-dog set. I think you're not understanding us.
  4. EDIT: I said something that should have been said in the movie discussion thread, and now I need to say something set related. I'm looking forward to getting Destiny's Bounty. It's a good looking boat.
  5. I'm afraid to click that link. EDIT: clicked it. Not a virus. Genuine nipples. We're good.
  6. Oh shoot, man. I didn't know you wrote that one. I never stay for the end credits and I never pay attention to anything when we're filming stuff. Sorry, man. It's nothing personal, it's just something that stifled my career for three to five years and nearly ruined my home life.
  7. Because I wasn't in that one except for the ridiculous omelette scene with that awful voiceover work I had to do for the talking egg dream sequence! It was in my contract for the second film and I regret it every day. Stop reminding me of this thing. I hate it.
  8. Wait, what? Am I missing something? Is this a regional translation thing? What's with the nipples?
  9. Since we have to vote, I'm gonna vote to lynch Ebrick because he's dumb and doesn't enjoy any of my movies except for like, two of them. And he speaks weird. I don't think we should lynch anybody, but if we all have to vote, my vote is going towards that chump. Although I hope he doesn't get lynched because he's still reviewing my next film and I think he might like it. VOTE: Ebrick (Lord Duvors)
  10. Hold up there, guy, that's one man's opinion. A highly respected opinion beloved by millions of readers, I admit, but your readers are basically sheep. Which makes you a wolf. A wolf who's barking up the wrong tree. I'm the tree here, guy. So bark down the road a bit and let me grow in peace. Those first two films are good.
  11. Oh yeah. And THIS one's gonna be great, because I'm back in it. Guess who got the writers to resurrect their character with a voodoo scene? That's right: this guy. You're gonna love it.
  12. Uh, except for "Mystery On The Monorail 3". That one sucked.
  13. I'm gonna go warm up my face so I can act better. If you hear any weird clicks or clacks, it's not morse code, that's just my jaw doing it's thing. Gotta love it.
  14. Also, Gopher, get some goldfish. The snack that smiles back. Love 'em.
  15. I got one Panther, and I haven't had a chance to order a Leopard yet, but I thought i was going to be happy with one of each...Until I saw your picture of a whole horde. They're much more menacing as a pack...