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  1. From the rules: What you build your character doing and what your character looks like should reflect your rank. For example, a TIE Pilot could be a technician aboard a Star Destroyer or pilot a TIE/ln escorting it, but shouldn't be an officer on the Star Destroyer. A Stormtrooper could work with Storm Commandos, but shouldn't be portrayed as one of them. A Rebel Trooper could be shown attempting to defend a starship from being boarded, but shouldn't be able to hold his own against Darth Vader on the Tantive IV. This is not something that can be enforced in a specific set of rules; it's something that will be taken into account in scoring. Builders of the final four ranks (50 XP and up) can build their characters however they want doing pretty much whatever they want, with the exception of a managerial role, which is reserved for those of the final two ranks (100 XP and up). The possible ranks (and their required XP amounts) are: Empire - Stormtrooper/Tie Pilot (0 XP) > Imperial Survey Corps (10 XP) > Imperial Security Bureau (25 XP) > Storm Commandos/Shadowtroopers/Dark Troopers (50 XP) > Imperial Department of Military Research (100 XP) Basically there are Episodes that are like challenges where you have specific goals and a deadline. Between each Episode you may build up to 4 freebuilds that are scored. As you gain in score your rank increases and it opens up more storytelling chances. Once an Episode is posted you figure out what you want to build and make sure to post it before the deadline.
  2. I really like the prison vibe. You have a lot of those torsos! Cool layout and I like the door with the little visor slot. The only thing I don't love is the tiles with studs as they stand out too much. But overall a really nice build and I think the repetitive walls help keep the focus on the action in the foreground.
  3. I'd been assigned to inspect a garrison outpost, one of those jobs I understood the importance of but it wasn't one I looked forward to. Being an officer meant getting jobs you didn't want to do sometimes, though at least this one kept me out of some swamp or jungle. And despite being generally mundane it offered a chance to relax a bit and sleep in a bed. I knew what my reputation was. I hadn't sought it out, but you hear it from little comments or joking with other officers where the jokes contain a bit of truth. I wasn't one of those pedantic officers who insists on everything by the book. I didn't seek to get anyone with infractions and things like proper spacing of tools wasn't something I was concerned with. However, safety items, those were always big for me. Fire equipment being in the correct location, emergency medical supplies readily available, and things like that were not to be glossed over. In a situation where those items were needed seconds mattered and could have a decisive impact on the outcome. Lives could be lost in the blink of an eye. As I arrived I was greeted by the commanding officer, a man by the name of Jamison. He seemed a competent fellow and from initial appearances looked to run a good posting. Everything looked clean and maintained. As we began our inspection I began to wonder why he was here. We all end up somewhere for a reason, I was inspecting his outpost because my commanding officer felt it was our duty to maintain proper postings and he wanted those under him to be responsible and know what we should do if we wound up in command of a base. So why was this officer Jamison here? His files were in order, brief and to the point with all the necessary information. He was clearly a bit fatigued though not overly so and though I'm sure they had prepared for my "surprise" visit (I cannot ever remember being stationed anywhere that we didn't know at least a day in advance of an inspection visit so I assumed they knew of my trip) it didn't seem that he was worried over it. I started to piece together why he was here as he began to make note of shortages. Being an outpost outside of a capital city meant that he was further down the requisition line and being a good and competent officer this meant that he was often annoyed by the lack of spare parts and other items vital to keeping an Empire facility at 100% readiness. He had several vehicles down for maintenance as he awaited parts currently. There was a particular emphasis on how he had stressed this in his reports but that he was still short. It was clear that his superiors had grown weary of his complaints, a failing in many officers sadly. They wanted to believe in the cause so much they preferred blind allegiance and did not want to hear any variation from that narrative. The Empire was always right, so you could never show it was wrong in any way and if you tried it was you who had an issue. Those are the sort of officers that get a lot of people killed because suddenly there is an attack and all those reports outlining the problems are only proven correct. I let him know that I would include the issues in my report but that I wasn't in a place to assure him of improvements. There was a visible easing within his demeanor and I believe the simple acknowledgement that I too saw the issues made him feel better. I had a lingering annoyance that a good officer was being kept at a low priority posting simply because he was bold enough to point out problems. On our way to review his men we paused to view them from an observation station. There was good discipline among his soldiers and their uniforms and armor were clean and worn with pride. I got the sense that they understood they were fortunate to have him in charge and that they would fight hard for him should it be needed. I intended to try and praise Jamison in the hopes that he would be moved to a more important command. It worried me that a lesser officer was at a more critical posting simply because they knew to keep their mouth shut. We officers should want what was best for the Empire even if that meant owning up to the problems. Please judge
  4. This was a fun episode. And I would definitely like to see the cross-contest thing continue. I'd be happy to dip my toes into BoBS occasionally without having to really get up to speed on all the rules and such, would make for a nice change of pace.
  5. A very clean aesthetic. Love the use of colors and the action shots.
  6. That is enormous. I can't even imagine doing a build on that scale! Looks right out of a movie. Some really great photos and photo editing. I liked how you built stuff coming out of the various pipes also, really gives it that extra level of detail. Amazing.
  7. What a strange mission this was. We were being sent to Xizor's palace to help "clean it up" and yet NOT engage rebels. I got it, practical choice and I'm a practical man; the Stormtroopers I was leading weren't quite so thrilled. I'd been given 3 Stormtroopers and orders to clear a specific floor and only take out Xizor forces. Initially there was no resistance and we started to wonder if due to sheer size the palace had diverted defenders to strategic points. Shortly after we found ourselves in an ambush. They took out one of my guys before we dropped several of theirs. That was enough to scare them into fleeing, they weren't professional soldiers and really they were fighting for pay and not a cause. We had no choice but to leave our fallen comrade, though we marked his spot on our map so we could return after we cleared the floor. As we moved on I noticed something strange ahead and fearing another ambush we all were extra cautious. We came upon a rebel in hiding and found out his group had also been ambushed. They weren't so lucky and he was the only survivor. Despite the feelings of my comrades I suggested that he join us until we could locate more rebel forces. Being an experienced soldier I could see the quick calculation of working with "the enemy" versus going it alone and he decided to join us. After some discussion my fellow troopers finally seemed to agree that having an extra gun and pair of eyes was a worthwhile trade and that in general this whole mission was bizarre so in a way it made sense. After another 20 minutes of tense searching we decided to take a quick break and grab a drink of water. The rebel and I watched the way ahead while my guys took a minute of downtime. I was impressed by the rebel, it was clear he had seen plenty of action and could acquit himself well. It was unfortunate that he had picked the other side. He chuckled as he said: "Can't believe I've got a bunch of stormies with guns behind me and I'm worried about what is in front of me!" I replied: "Yeah, this is a weird one. Hopefully we all make it through this and remember that it is possible for us to work together." He nodded quietly and in a few minutes it was our turn to have a minute to drink and "relax". I thought about how even if we made it through this, we were facing an enemy that could cause enough concern for the Empire to work with rebels. Side Note: Yes, I have transitioned over to fleshies. I know... but with new sets coming out in fleshies I felt like it was going to be inevitable.
  8. Danny lives! Yeah, I'm torn on whether to continue or start fresh. I'm leaning towards starting fresh just because I feel like I created too many people and storylines and I'd feel like I should wrap them up... but I probably wouldn't want to.
  9. Same. Though it is from the prequels, I still want the figs and droids.
  10. Lovely interior room, I'm glad you added a pic of it in the spoiler since we never get to see it in the main images and it really is cool. Good story too!
  11. So with 2 A-FXs now out there and not in the same category or day ... I'm guessing they are random? Do either of you have a photo to post?
  12. Hmmm... I like this one a lot. One question, given that I'm a pilot do I need to build in #3 the Skyhook battle? Now that I'm Dark Trooper I wasn't sure if that meant I could build in one of the other 2 or being a TIE pilot meant that I needed to build in #3.
  13. contest

    Some really clever entries and some great stories too.
  14. A: 1 - 2 - 5 B: 3 - 4 - 5 C: 1 - 2 - 6 D: 6 - 7 - 10
  15. Nice story and nice build. I liked the action sequences and the crate. You put some nice details into the crate that make what could be considered a background build into something that stood out. Looking forward to seeing more from you and it helps you picked the right side.