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  1. I like the whole top line. But having voted Rogue last time and knowing that figure, I went with Bagpiper over Forestman because to me rogue > forestman.
  2. Love it! Great design and all the little micro ships are cool too. Has a bit of a Mon Calamari vibe to it. I really like the last one with all the colorful containers, feels like a megacontainer ship you'd see today. Cool hangar and I like how it is broken up by the grav deck ring, but it isn't out of place.
  3. I missed that it had been scored, congrats to everyone. A lot of very visually pleasing entries. Good job Empire, winning as we are supposed to.
  4. Yeah went rogue for the detailing and everything, but it was hard not to go with Banana guy.
  5. I'd buy a whole bunch of space police and ice warrior.
  6. Yes, elevation change is something I need to work on. I tend to build flat.
  7. Yeti just barely edges the robot for me.
  8. Fair points. I recently got a photo tent, so hopefully once I get used to that it will help some with the lighting and make the background less noticeable. The plants were tough as I realized the layout I had meant they had to be short or they would end up blocking. Which I already had painted myself into a corner a bit based on some of the design choices I'd made with the overall concept which turned out how I wanted but posed a challenge to make things easily photographed. I haven't done a lot of brickbuilt flora and in part it is because a lot of what I see I don't like -- the bricks stand out too much for me. I probably put too much into the building and not enough into the greenery. Then again, I had more of an idea on that so it isn't too surprising. The green plates weren't terribly inspired, but I was trying to go for a very well manicured grass effect and I'm not sure how much more refined I could get at this scale. I didn't want to do tiles as it would then feel a little too flat. Even the width of the stalks on the flower pieces seems too wide for grass blades so I'm not sure what else would be available. There really was very little to go on for Chandrila but the pics mostly made it seem vaguely Earth-like so I didn't want to go all Felucia crazy or anything. Good feedback though all around. I like doing the various SoNE and AG challenges as it often pushes me out of my comfort zone which is the only way to really learn. I liked how the house turned out and the little stone benches and the fountain. The landscape was certainly the weak point of it. Oh, and I liked my curtains. Though in retrospect they were hard to see, which is why I added a couple extra shots that showed them off.
  9. What sneak peek are you guys talking about?
  10. I like it, cool concept. The landscape is nice and some great details within the cart. Good story too.
  11. All money to Bob!
  12. So beautiful. Thank you.
  13. I voted Leprechaun even though I kinda wanted to vote for Grampa. But his minifig is nothing special, I just like the character.
  14. I like the boardroom feel to it. Sad to see AG1 go, but excited for AG2. Hope to see you there!
  15. Bob, please purchase Everything is Awesomnium once pombe posts the build. Thanks!