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  1. Posting this for Prof Thaum as he is away for a bit. The hard work and story are his though! : Hadvice, we are ready for the last scientific trial on BC 122, it has successfully took many test. Now the time has come. The Awesomium powered NPMA is now stabilized. : We're going to inject BC 122 the NPMA solution it was working on a few times ago. There's some DNA sample of the former councellor Thomson inside the nanoscope : BC 122 was plugged to the nanoscope to control the nanites and operate directly on the DNA samples : Here's a nanite, with the Awesomium NPMA anti-radical ingredient. : It will remove the neutral ingredient and replace it by the NPMA one : with the nanoscope we can se that the white neutral ingredient are replaced by purple-pink one which are awesomium powered NPMA biological nanite. : : The syringe are ready, both are full professor, we can proceed. : The first dose... : ... and the second. JUst have to wait now : I'm not very reassured... : Keep calm, just have to analyze the liquid... BC 122 : AAaaha ahhahaaaaaaa BC 122 : What the hell !!!! I am... I am flowing !!! : It works Hadvice !! It works !! : Aaaah !! Aaaah aaaha hahaha hah aaaaaaa !!! aaaaagllooo gloooo !! BC 122 : agloooo blooobloop < flooootsch > <plink> <plonk> : Should I get a floor cloth professor ? : You're a bonehead Hadvice ! First test ! : It is reacting to your fish professor... : A success !!! A sharp success !!! The firs trial !!! Heee HA !!! Quick, Hadvice, my wand, another test !! : I feel really sick professor < Schwaample > : Coooockle ? : Here it goes again... : Agllooooo bllooopbluuup : hin hin hin hin I like those test professor... : OK, that's enough, now concentrate BC 122 !!! You asked me about your body, now it's up to you, think about you're body, and get it back... You even could get a better body, if you want !!! : My body !! I want a better body !! BC 1222 : gnnnnnnnnn gnnnnnnnnnnn !!! BC 122 : I feel very powerful now !!! I'm strong ! I have a great body !!! It's a miracle professor, you're pure genius !!! : I have tears in the eyes Hadvice !!! The mimetic poly alloy is an overwhelming success !! : That's fantastic professor !!! You're name is now immortal !! : Names are for gravestone Hadvice, who cares about my name, I'm already immortal...
  2. The illustrious Octan corporation wishes to purchase the technology of Mimetic Poly Alloy.
  3. All my money to Bob please.
  4. Really great building design1 Love the natural look of the flowering vine and the cobblestone out front. I especially appreciated all the minifig choices from outfits to facial expressions. Love the strong color contrast throughout also, really pulls you in.
  5. What a return! Love the beach shanty vibe to the whole build, especially that roof. I love how gritty it all feels.
  6. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After ED-208 departed with Dr. Norah I got a message from Tor Tuss that ED had left a present behind for me. I went to meet him in one of their supply warehouses and found quite a shock! ED had apparently made improvements to Gidget and brought her back to me. I was excited and showed her to Tor. He was quite intrigued but seemed to keep his distance. I think he just wasn't used to a robot dog because he said she seemed angry, which is weird because as a robot dog she doesn't even have emotions! As the autonomous cargo train went by Gidget did seem to notice and want to go investigate, but stayed put. Hopefully I can take her exploring before having to head on to my next adventure! Warehouse by itself: Cargo Train:
  7. Why couldn't Mesabi just get another croissant?
  8. I like those speeders and a great story. I always love to see the cross-over stories! I like that Tracy has a cape now that she is evil.
  9. My favorites thus far from the 1 image we've seen: Butterfly Girl Surfer Retro Spaceguy Yuppie Vet Rocket Kid Those I'll get at least 1 of.
  10. Hey Bob, at the end of the game can you post like top 10 players for most DP, most Awesomnium gained, most Bio gained, most Water gained, etc? Figure it would be kinda cool to see how it all totals up over the course of the game.
  11. All money to Bob please. Also, once my credits clear through, can we please get Goatman a Bag of Fertilizer? Thanks.
  12. I believe the tag is "civil building". Nice exterior shot, I like the wig on the robot. Hope you get it all wrapped up!
  13. Yeah, a less dark and dirty Mos Easley though. Great story as usual. Some really nice detailing like the floor pattern and the rock'em sock'em robots. The holoscreen was very nicely edited in, subtle and not distracting.
  14. Whatever facility Hombre is at in the initial pictures is somewhere I want to visit! I like how you guys are tying the stories together. Great collaboration! Always good to hear from Hombre!
  15. Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spaceship, Spying, Stealth Ship Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I had talked to our awesome CEO pombe and after discussing the merits of the extraction of Dr. Norah he had authorized the use of a stealth ship to aid in her extraction. This would not only allow us to keep her safe, but also would prevent any issues with Kawashita that had a major presence on Arium Major. It was very exciting that it was all happening! It was also super scary to have to reveal the truth. Initially Dr. Norah was shocked and didn't believe that I could be from Octan. She said it didn't make sense as I'd been picked up on Guinevere and Octan hadn't ever been there! I told her that despite being a scientist I was doing investigative work on Guinevere in a secretive fashion. She said "So you are a spy?" I told her I definitely wasn't a spy, I had no training in such things! She insisted that I let her leave and that she was going back to Mantis ASAP. I knew it was the shock of it all and that she wasn't thinking clearly so I told her that it would be for the best for her to come to Octan. She very quickly seemed to change her mind and agreed it would be for the best. I told her that we would get her safely to Farmolis and set her up with her own lab facilities. I said that she would be very happy there and she agreed. I was so relieved and super happy that this was going so well. It seemed like the more I talked to her the more she calmed down and came around to my thinking. ED-208 was going to stay with her and keep her safe. He would also aid her once on Farmolis and assist in her transition to Octan. Overview: