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  1. I feel the same way. Standard Lego brand or BrickTrax. Coaster, I like how your rails look like the standard Lego rails too. ME rails looks too much like the old 12v era rails yet, with the new connectors. Weird.
  2. I designed this for R40's. However, it still needs some adjustments. Once I can get those done, I will post a video of it going through the standard Lego curves. I am open to that...and have some of my other locomotives for sale on Bricklink. This Big Boy uses quite a few rare parts/colors so I am more reluctant to share because of the cost associated with that. I will also have to update my file with the above mentioned adjustments.
  3. Thanks Pirzy! Thanks for so delicately pointing out the she still needs a wee bit of adjusting! :-D but seriously, the video is awesome! Thank you so much for posting this! I designed this to run on R40 standard Lego curved track. However, it still needs a little adjusting. I will have to move the tender back by half a stud and the front wheel forward half a stud too. I thought I would see if only putting traction tyres on one side so that it does not slow down in the curves but I think it will be better to have tyres on both sides now. Other than that... Once I get settled in to my new place I should be able to take some proper photos.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Hello! I have been a member for a while and first jumped into Eurobricks with a tread about my Rise from the Dark Ages full of all the things I had be building in LDD. Now I present to you, the locomotive that started my whole enlightenment in the first place. The Union Pacific 4000 class. I chose to number mine after 4017 which is on display in Green Bay, Wisconsin since that is the one I have gone to see. If you poke around my Flickr long enough you might be able to find some earlier versions than the one you see in the photos below. I'm sorry I do not have professional photos this engine made its debut at the last NILTC show this past weekend. They were gracious enough to let me join them. I know some of them took a whole lot more photos and videos than I but here are a few that I have. Coaster was there and it was a real treat to see this run through his custom R104 double cross-over. For some interesting notes: The version in brick is 8.4. That is I have almost completely rebuilt this 8 times in LDD and have made 4 minor revisions. This engine has 2 XL motors in the boiler and is geared to the same as the Emerald Night. BrickStuff lighting gear lights up the head light, the front marker lights, the cab, and the rear red light on the back of the tender. I do plan to do a proper photo-shoot but I am moving soon so it will not take place until some time this summer. In the mean time...enjoy!! I would love to hear all comments and critiques. This next is not very good, but it handles curves just fine. I'm sorry I don't have any videos yet...but I have one and will post it later. I hope you enjoy and I will update once I have had time for a proper photo-shoot!
  6. Thank you! I have another I want to post but I want to start a new topic for it. the problem is that I cannot figure out how to embed images from flickr with my phone!
  7. Really cool idea! Just wondering if you can do something that would rise up between the rails so the inexperienced eye could not tell a decoupler even exists. Especially if the track were ballasted. I cannot remember where I saw it but someone had made something that was just a 2x4 piece of ballast and sleeper that would come up and hold the bogie in place. Just a thought....
  8. So you mean like having PTC for Lego trains!? Oh. My. Now that is really freakin' COOL!!! Even though I like steamers where everything is manual or mechanical being able to run all your trains on PTC would be awesome!
  9. Oh! these are beautiful! Is the price per wheel? So if I needs 6 wheels, roughly $30+ for all 6?
  10. Meh, while the Erie Triplex is cool and pretty awesome to watch on PennLug's layout and the most recent one built with the sand green boiler, they could not generate enough steam to take advantage of the 3rd set of driving wheels. Honestly, I don't think even a Creator set could capture the magnificence of the two MOC Triplexes that are out there right now. I don't think TLG would produce a train set with 2000+ pieces. (this is my guess for the number of pieces in these MOC's based on the fact that I am building an equally sized articulated steamer at a cool 2600 pieces.)
  11. I like building steamers that are driven from the locomotive. Definitely more challenging but doable. Easiest tip for a beginner would be to study the drive-line of the Emerald Night, while not perfect is a great place to start. I think the most challenging is the rods on the side of the driver wheels and the cylinders. I use the tender for what it is supposed to be used for...a tender. Meaning that is where I keep the battery. Anyway, decide on what you want and focus on that. I find that studying photos of a real locomotive to model to be very helpful. Anyway, any questions you have just ask!
  12. All these are so beautiful! If I were not so interested in steam a fleet of SD's in different liveries would be something I could really get behind for myself.
  13. I the really like Hayes buffers!
  14. Set 60052 is the first bunch of track I got. Whit it is not very much, it is a great starting point because it come with the switches. I actually got an second 60052 for my birthday and it really is a great set for parts and track. I really would not mind a couple more...just for parts and track actually... Sounds exciting! Welcome to the community!
  15. It looks to me that you might be able to easily power both your drivers through some bevel gears. This should fix your issue. While theoretical your drive-train can go through the blinds and connecting rods it will be stronger going directly to the flanged drivers via axles and bevel gears. This will keep the weight of the motors over the drive wheels. I think you will also find a smoother transfer of power with this set up.