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  1. That would be a great way to eliminate a bunch of licensed CMFs! I wish the same would also happen with the Hazmat Guy.
  2. Nice tower, Puvel! The wood siding technique is put to good use for this tower! The snowy landscape and gray cliff face are nice contrasts to the watchtower and really make it stand out. I also think the cliff face would look better with some elevation variation at the top, but it still looks pretty good how you have it. I like the tree with bits of snow on the leaves. The reindeer and skunk are cute additions!
  3. Very nice watchtower, Maestro! The angles and texturing on the stonework make for a nice tower of unrefined construction! The little gatehouse completes the build nicely, as does the climbing vine. The Avalonian banner looks great!
  4. This is an excellent swamp scene, Blufiji! The mangroves are great, and the bits of swamp foliage below them fill out the scene nicely! All of the ramshackle huts and piers are perfectly orcish! That dark green base is pretty stunning for swamp water, but I think it might look better with a bit more foliage or sticks protruding to break up the completely smooth surface. I really like how this is an orc daily life scene that has no apparent signs of war and conflict!
  5. I agree. Many of my favorites will already be in the second round, and I have high hopes that they can win their groups then as well!
  6. Well, the chance to see groups with only TLBM, Simpsons, and Disney figures just increased: 5 more regular CMFs and one TLBM figure in this group! I blame the random picks for allowing some great figures to be eliminated in the first round (like clockwork robot) while some that I do not prefer will make it through simply because of skewed groupings.
  7. @timecorridor There are also bars that are 4-studs long. The 6-stud version has a thicker stop ring near one end. Both of these would be more to scale for a staff or walking stick where the 3-long version is probably scaled better for a cane.
  8. Very interesting figures with great descriptions and interesting parts usage! These are definitely recognizable from their historical reference and I learned some new information as well! I particularly like those Greek armataloi and the Janissaries.
  9. Another excellent build, SK! I really like the simply realistic stone and roof techniques! Those gables are very clean in appearance with some great architectural embellishment! The color scheme is just beautiful for this build. The half-timber portion adds a lot to the appearance, as do the windows on both levels. The inclusion of the metallic round 1x1 tiles works well to add texture and color variation to the stonework! The pavement and moss around the build give a nice texturing for the ground. I still have not done much with building borders around builds, but this clean border does look really nice.
  10. Yeah, I believe that is correct. I was pretty sure this group would be a landslide, though, and I am not disappointed with the one in the lead.
  11. @Borex @BrickHat I do feel bad for the Space theme. It seems to have had some bad pairings in the first round. I personally prefer historical figures, but I also like Space and would definitely have voted for some Space figures had they not been paired against other favorites of mine. There does seem to be a greater preference on Eurobricks for Historic over Space which is probably discouraging to avid Space fans, but just remember that all but one top figure will be eliminated by the end of the game, so all themes but one will ultimately have discouraged fans in the end. I like the classic alien and the space miner, but they were paired against the scarecrow (which I personally like much better). I also like the clockwork robot much better than the Yeti that won in group 10, but I apparently was not in the majority here on Eurobricks...
  12. I just mean that I like the game the way it is and the end result of all rounds will be one CMF at the very top of the list. I do agree that I dislike the random selection, as some groups had my personal favorites against each other while other rounds had none that I was interested in, but I know that not everyone will agree completely with me. This means that some of my favorites get eliminated earlier and all of my favorites (except one, if others are in agreement with me) will be eliminated by the end of the game. What might be interesting to see is a list of every Eurobricks member's ranking of every single CMF ever made when compared against each other. This would truly show which CMFs Eurobricks prefers as a whole, but this would be a very daunting task for each member to rank ALL CMFs ever made. I do not have a strong preference whether or not to allow runners-up to be included in round 2. I also note that there seems to be a preference among voters for historical figures rather than for the space figures which can be discouraging to those who like the space theme best, but, in the end, there will be only one CMF left which may not be a historical or space figure at all. The most significant note I take from this game is that I can still chose my own personal favorites for whatever reason I want, regardless of the game results.
  13. I voted to keep the runners-up since some of my favorites barely lost the round they were in, but I actually think now that I would change my vote. The purpose of this game is to eliminate all CMFs other than Eurobricks voters' top favorite. This means that every single CMF other than that top favorite will be eliminated, including everyone's personal favorite that might already have been eliminated. It seems to me the only reason to keep runners-up would be to establish a ranking from favorite to least favorite of all CMFs, which was not the intent of this game.
  14. Do you mean in the same group of round 2? Both king and queen won their group in round 1 already.
  15. Of course, one must also realize that elimination in this first round does not mean that the figures are not liked, just not the favorite from the random matching. The eliminations depend a lot upon which figures they are matched against. Some groups have had 3-4 of my most favorite CMFs, while other groups (current group 51, for example) have only figures for which I personally have little to no interest. In the end, there will only be one very favorite CMF of all Eurobricks' voters. This will not mean that all other CMFs are no good, just that the top pick was the favorite of those that voted. I have seen some of my most favorite figures just barely lose in their group. This shows that others also liked my favorites, but more others liked a different figure. As such, the loss of some space figures does not represent a dislike of the Space theme, just that more voters seem to prefer Historic themes. This game is based on subjectivity to opinion. I am still waiting to see which single figure comes out on top!