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  1. Instantly recognizable as a Don Leopold design! I also like the texturing and the variation in street elevation. The awning and balcony are great! This is a nice filler building for the limited challenge footprint. The door and window add character to the building, as do the log ends protruding from the walls!
  2. Thanks, Legofin! I dislike space limitations, so I tried to maximize the possible scene within the limitation. Thanks, ME! The water glow was one of the inspiring features for this build. Thanks, SK! For the space limitation, I figured a LEGO backdrop would utilize the vertical space nicely. I was happy with the outcome. So, with suggestions from some to use less stars or smaller stars, I reworked the build and took more pictures. Then, apparently, I only saved some of the pictures to my flashdrive to upload. I missed my favorite image, so I will have to upload at a later date. I do like the reworked image better than the original, and it has round stars (instead of square...) and fewer stars.
  3. Another fantastic build, ME! I am really liking your landscape style with the dark gray slopes and olive plates! The curled reeds add nice accent as well. Dark red is a perfect color choice for this inn! The light gray chimney and steps are great with the broken and aged design with overgrowing moss, and they make a nice contrast to the darker colors in the build. Nice windows, especially the roof gable skylights! Incorporating large, small, and dead trees really makes the scene realistic (those small trees are particularly nice , glad to see my design of use and thanks for credit). Nice description story as well!
  4. Thanks, LJ! I wanted to break up the plain dark gray rock with a minimalistic approach (since I planned on dark photography), so I used the sand green plates for moss. Thanks, Windusky! Thanks, en_zoo! Thanks, Gunman! Thanks, mrcp6d! I thought of the arch design during another larger MOC, and it became inspiration for this challenge! It is simple, but I also consider it effective. Thanks, TitusV! I must agree on too many stars. I did not realize this before photography, so I will need to correct this (leaving stars in a better constellation form and not quite as many, as it was too easy to add too many without having the final scene viewable). I am glad you like the waterfall, as the moon-lit appearance was intentional!
  5. Great build, Exetrius! I really like the ramshackle structure (especially the roof technique) and the small but effective landscaping! The irregular shape definitely maximizes the limited footprint! As LJ said, the use of macaroni bricks in the rocks works quite well here. That little tree is a perfect accent! The story gave me a laugh, though a jetpack of any sorts in GoH seems a bit of a far stretch to me. I still like your story, and your photography and editing are wonderful!
  6. Entry for Category A: "Skybridge" for the Alliance.
  7. “The heir of Cedrica has been found! …true King of Historica …calls for aid! …message must get through!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “Shortest route… over waterfall skybridge… is it safe in the dark?” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…must trust DarkWind, he knows the way… this closing darkness!” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “…maybe a blessing, these shadows… keep hidden from the enemies…” …cloppa-clop cloppa-clop cloppa-clop… “For the true King, I must cross!” -Whreeheeheennee! …taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak taka-tak… More photos: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The base of this build is 6 X 42 = 252, which comes up just less than 16 X 16 = 256. Hopefully this is acceptable for this challenge. The most difficult part of this was trying to get a clear picture of a scene at night. I tried different lighting (or lack thereof), and finally achieved an acceptable result. The image is meant to be dark, so for more images and a lighted image, check out the spoiler or my Flickr account. -Slegengr
  8. Nice little Mitgardian landscape, Puvel! Using an Algus soldier for the riding messenger is a great idea! Nice rockwork and bits of snow and ice in the terrain. The snow atop the rock looks realistic, especially with the tips projecting down. I like your Mitgardian soldier and fig posing, though I hope he does not drop his shield! Good thing spears have an advantage against cavalry!
  9. And here lies many an inspirational build for me... Excellent builds, Gideon! I certainly missed some over my time here on Eurobricks and am glad to see all of these builds compiled into this post! Your photography skills really stand out as a perfect addition to your outstanding building skills! I will be looking forward to your builds that could be added to the list in the future.
  10. Great build, Blufiji! The woodwork is very Elven in appearance! I particularly like the curving log walls. The windows and architectural details are very nice. Dense foliage and wonderful trees are an exact representation of Avalonia! The edge color variations (especially using sand green and green for the terrain layers) and the water technique give a perfect cutaway appearance. That gondola is nicely done in what I picture as an Elven style! Could we get more detailed pictures of the gondola?
  11. This is a beautiful build, LJ! Classically inspired (and true in appearance), yet updated with modern techniques and details, you have included everything! Removing the hands to add the chains around the wrists is an interesting technique! The cracked and varied rock and smooth water make a great cutaway view for the scene. The clean and simple appearance of the wall and tower are quite realistic, but you added plenty of details to avoid a plain, flat gray wall (particularly the coat of arms over the gate). The working drawbridge is a great inclusion. That prison wagon is a nice update to the Dungeon Hunters set!
  12. Nice store, lightningtiger! The full glass front gives a nice view! The yellow shelves look great. All the detailed items for sale really complete the store wonderfully. Beautiful parts usage for the chemical jug tops!
  13. Neat build, very true to the original, Kai! As others mentioned, I really like how you did the angled stonework on the main wall! The whole build is a perfectly updated depiction of the original set! The black roof tiles work well atop the wall, and I also like the use of round plates in the white towers to show texture variation.
  14. I personally do not mind the mixed skin tones too much. I do think it makes the unnatural yellow stand out, but fleshies allow for more skin tone variation. It would look particularly strange had you not included a darker skin tone as well, implying that LEGO minifigures can have different races rather than all being from one yellow-skinned race. The fleshie/yellow mix seems to make some sense for Kaliphlin or using fleshies for particular lighter-skinned races. It does still make the yellow stand out more strangely, though... And I will probably personally stick with yellows.
  15. Very nice build, Muakhah! I really like the random and broken cobblestone path, especially that some stones are angled from the horizontal! Your figures are really interesting and very Kaliphlin-esque! I particularly like that ball mace with the spikes beneath.