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  1. And there very well might be some bending. I don't dispute it. You have more than established yourself as a good, reliable source of information and skill in all things Technic Didumos But I also stand by that the photo you are using has bending itself, where the x axis jumps down one unit (2x) in the direction to support your theory. Minuscule to be sure, but when we are talking about like a 1/2 a stud changes it makes a differences.
  2. Yes - it is the pulley. Admittedly, I am unsure where the tire is from. I think it is a large rubber band on the pulley. The large blue rubber band I know fits as well. I hear your concerns of the strength, but they are rather strong given their appearance. Just like the overall theme of what you are doing here though..... you will never really know unless you give it a try....
  3. aren't there front wheel combinations that would offer less resistance? I know that is a very nit-picky observation.... but if you are really splitting hairs between who is the fastest with limited other factors it may help. What about the front wheels like these.....
  4. Funny.... I am actually working on a similar, but certainly not the same, project. When 42054 came out with the new wheels, I instantly thought of a.... what is called a "redneck" mudder here in the US. LIke this.... And knew that I had to build one. Been side-tracked with so many other projects and work.... haven't had a chance to finish but hopefully will soon. Mine will be powered by hopefully two XL motors..... perhaps will be slow but I actually hope to film it doing what I want it to..... go through some gnarly muddy conditions..... Yours is a fun little project. I must say that using the actuators is different for links......did you also consider the 1x16 links? They typically work very well for these applications.
  5. ?? Don't know why it wouldn't swivel....axle part is through pinhole not axle hole
  6. Not sure I see the bending. If u zoom in the photo with digital line u can see it is not straight either. Super slight deviations, to be sure....but as mentioned by @Zblj the alleged bending is so very slight itself. So not straight line might explain the alleged bending
  7. Congrats. Very cool. Thanks for sharing
  8. Please forgive the naivete of this question, I have searched fruitlessly for an answer.......but why the teddy bear for 42070??
  9. Well, if anything, this little study only showed me how ignorant I am of Lego PF So... take the following questions with a grain of salt. Totally owning my ignorance here....... I know there are significant differences between V1 and V2 receivers, but do those differences only occur when using 8878? If not, why not do the V1 and V2 tests with the PF battery boxes? Are you assuming whatever differences exist with 8878 also apply to the PF boxes? Both old and new? Why test configurations if you are not going to test all of them? Also.... and I think this was already acknowledged, but yes.... the cobble-like surface not only is not the best surface..... but it may even invalidate your results. And why the highest should take the average. Especially on a bumpy surface, the variation on a bumpy surface is likely very important. The idea of the video is great, but the execution leaves me with many more questions than answers.
  10. Drilled cylinder is a modded piece. And there are huge differences between LPEs when using modded versus unmodded pieces. If drilling cylinders.... you may as well also modify the switches. No heroism in modifying cylinders but not switches. Don't want to sound cynical... this indeed is a great project. I love the looks of the Audi so far.... really great. But still curious about the small LPE being able to make this drift. Have you done any tests yet on the small LPE? You may want to do this before proceeding. Hate to see all the wonderful bodywork, etc. be done, only to find out that the small LPE can't power this into drifting......
  11. Fun machine..... but would it look a little more realistic if you slowed it down a bit? Both the ST walking and twirling his gun seemed a little too fast.....
  12. Welcome to eurobricks and oh my!! Incredible submission! Video would be wonderful and very popular i am sure. And images of the build along the way.....I would be very interested.
  13. I second the eight for possible instructions......and the plea to keep at it I am following this project as well and would love to build it sometime. Love your builds!
  14. What a great idea. The bikes r great but along with Darth and Co. This is exceptional.
  15. Pretty special project. Sign me up as one who would built it if instructions were available