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  1. In reference to the video.......I think the first time I heard of the new gear racks being used as a large turnable (with rounded tiles in the middle) was @shineyu project here: I was the doubter that this would work because I thought the tiles would crack and then jam the tracks. There are stories, in the US, of bad batches of the tiles going to PAB stores around the holiday season of 2014 where these rounded tiles would break right down the middle with first application...... But apparently, for all other intents and purposes.... they work just fine.
  2. Put into youtube video pictures I had taken a while ago:
  3. Again - I understand they are working well now. But, its not like Lego has its own plan that produces its own motors (or at least I would highly doubt it). These are brushed motors from somewhere..... and work by the principles of brushed motors. Eleven years old and counting.... perhaps I am wrong, I would sure like to be. But IMO 11 years is enough to at least concern me enough that buying them is not worth it at this point in time.
  4. This essentially is my concern. I don't have any...... but it is not the cost that keeps me from buying one or two. I would gladly fork over the money...... but they are now around 11 years old. Even if one were to buy one unused.... I think mechanical or electrical degradation would set in at some point. I am no electrical engineer, but I worry about decreases in performance over time. These are brushed motors btw.... which have a limited lifespan. If one would buy one used..... you really have no idea the abuse that the motor may have already been through. Now..... I know that many owners out there are saying....."mine work just fine" - but you likely have already gotten your use out of them. And past performance really does not indicate future performance. If I were to buy one, I would need to know that it would provide me years of good play - which , in something that is electrical, a brushed motor nonetheless and over ten years old, I just don't think that is a guarantee I am going to get......
  5. Although looks, creativity, and originality are fun, I had to go with the judging criteria of durability, weaponry, and overall likeliness to win a battle. Some builds were mechanically wonderful and sophisticated, but in real-life application would not have held up in a battle. Many builds had great ideas behind them in the weapons department, and in theory, if built with different materials, could have really done well in a battle. But weapons with no real weight behind them, took to long to reset, or that spun fast but were flimsy, IMO just lacked the function to really do anything in a real fight. Thanks everyone who entered......entertaining contest and I wish everyone good luck! 20: 10 3: 6 25: 4 22: 3 14: 2 30: 1
  6. Those super swampers.......are those 1.9 or 2.2 ?
  7. Done and fixed. Funny, I had it listed correctly everywhere else. Funny how a little typo can take you from a helicopter to a spaceship just like that
  8. Thanks Jeroen! And I think that you are referring to the back option for cranking the mechanism? A crank would have been great, much like that found in Lego 10212. But I did try that.... and the build is just too light and its weight too oddly distributed. All the crank did was move the ship more when trying to crank in the wings. And a smaller toothed gear just made the cranking harder - a larger toothed gear would have been the best, but it would not fit inside the 5x7 frame. Pictures have now been uploaded to Flickr. Here are a few. A detailed write-up of details of the build, challenges, etc are here: No need to re-write them all, check out the link if interested.
  9. Good call. Sorry I did not see this
  10. So, several people have recommended DaVinci Resolve. Looks like there are Windows versions in addition to Linux and Mac versions. Looked up several reviews and Filmora looks like another popular package, but looks like it costs $ and is not free. Certainly not out for any freebies, the only reason a free option is enticing is because I am under no illusions that I will ever produce anything worth putting down big bucks for...... yet at the same time, like everyone else, it is fun to try and maximize my "hobby skills" - any Windows Movie Maker just isn't cutting it anymore. Thanks for the recommendations..... keep em coming. In the meantime, I will look into DaVinci Resolve......
  11. Just to give us all a little break from grading our awesome battle bot submissions This thread initially began in the SW forum as a WIP. Now that it is done, Jim and I decided best to put it here and not create a new thread. The photos for this project are all done, but I need a little more time to upload them to Flickr and do my customary write-up of details, add WIP pics, etc. that I do for my MOCpages.... so I will add little details to this build here..... though they should be coming, with pics, in just a few days. Until then, just wanted to share a little youtube video of my build. Little different than what we are accustomed to here in this forum. Enjoy!
  12. Hey All, We have a topic for Technic Photography, but I don't think we have one for videography. Although this also could be a more mainstream topic, for perhaps the general forum, I thought because we have a photography thread it might be good to also have a videography one. Many things to discuss in terms of making videos of our MOCs and MODs, but first one I have for the group is opinion regarding the best FREE video editing software out there. Is there a main player among the bunch? Although there are many competitors in the area of photography, GIMP, at least in my opinion, seems to be the main preferred choice of most (in the world of free photo-editing software). Just wondering if there is a similar "leader-of-the-pack" in the world of video-editing/creating.
  13. I have seen other pieces of your kinetic art, but this is the first time seeing this one. Wonderful job......I especially love the piece selection (color selection?) for the disks at the top
  14. If I were Tyrion Lannister, and I had to determine whether I lived or died by a trial by combat...... I would choose this bot. (Must have read or watched Game of Thrones to understand this reference). This is a beauty Jerry.... especially love the steering.