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  1. Does anyone else find it odd that the differential is the only "gear" that has been mentioned so far?
  2. Could you provide more information on the suspension? I'm not sure, from the photos, that I understand how you have use axles as springs.
  3. There seem to be a lot of comments about a chassis not being a suitable subject for a Technic set. I'm not sure I agree. I admit I'm old school, that I was there for the release of the first sets in the 70s, but I'm trying to avoid the bias that nostalgia can bring. Technic, for me, is not supposed to be about pretty models. It's about representing mechanical principles and how they can be applied. A model with body work displaying perfect lines that hide the mechanics is, although still worthy, somehow detracting from the ethos of Technic. I currently have the Brunoj Ferrari 458 MOC on display along with the original car chassis 857. The 857 is the one that has been getting more interest from visitors, young and old. They recognise it as a car and are intrigued that it gives an insight into what is going on "behind the scenes" of something they can all relate to. These are the same feelings I recall from 40 years ago ... the world may have moved on but, perhaps not so much as we may like to believe. There is a place for both styles of build so, I applaud the return of the 8860 albeit in a tribute 3 set bonus build. I think TLG should have been bolder and gone for a full release of a tribute set which displays the core values of Technic. Just my two penneth...
  4. Would you care to provide a clue as to where "here" is?
  5. Dog

    Great build! As others have said, there are a lot of functions packed in to a small space. The video is very well edited 👏
  6. I certainly hope so. Though I'd really like them to appear in the Lego Stores tomorrow. Do we think that will be the case?
  7. The thread linked above is a great source of ideas. Storage and sorting is a very personal thing and something you'll have to do a bit of trial and error on. A couple of general pieces of advice: 1) don't overfill boxes or partitions, it makes searching for pieces a nightmare 2) don't be afraid to change your system when you feel the need
  8. This is a difficult one. Ideally you want to avoid hunching over and to reduce the amount of twisting of your spine. However, the volume of pieces that you require for MOCing makes it very difficult keep everything in easy reach. A cresent shaped table and a swivel chair would probably be ideal. But, that is a very specific layout that few of us would be able to accommodate in our homes.
  9. I think I'd put your approach into the interesting category, ahead of Lox Lego's 8 hours straight! You are the first person I've heard of that carries their collection around everywhere they go
  10. Good choice. And the colours are going to match with the NXT stuff you already have 🙂
  11. The build is looking really good. Very nice implementation of the functions, and I like the forward thinking to test everything with weight added 🙂
  12. It's the first time I've seen it. It looks very impressive.
  13. I had to double take on the first photo to check it wasn't of the real truck. Amazing lines and details!
  14. This looks amazing! The technic figure looks a little under size in the first photo 😄