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  1. Cousarmy0001, Thanks yeah I found a good source for reddish brown and went overboard with it. I still like it even though she is quite plain. Yeah the widows were tried in multiple configurations both double and single arched and ended with liking this version best. Thanks again for your replies, some great input 👍 Bodi, Thanks for great reply!
  2. The Archer is a fictional ship loosely based on 17th century VOC. I got inspired after watching the Admiral movie and really got into Michiel de Ruyter's story. Still have some finishing details like anchors, rigging, etc. Battling the Pirates Thanks for looking, David
  3. Added new Brickwarrior Lute to the Bards, and new Tiefling. Drizzt also found Guenhwyvar, and the High Elf Ranger, Shakar
  4. Adding a Gnome locksmith, Tiefling fighter, and a Khajiit rare items trader to the crowd, Tiefling fighter Khajiit rare items trader
  5. Medieval Fantasy: 1. Dark elf - Warrior with pet animal (black panther) 2. Bard - female w/lute 3. Rogue - female w/hood and daggers 4. Centaur - warrior 5. Alchemist - with new potion bottles 6. Halfling - with backpack and map 7. Dwarf - Hunter with pet animal (Wolf) 8. Monk - w/cane staff 9. Cleric - with weapons 10. Lizard folk - trader 11. Barbarian - w/two handed sword 12. Goblin - female shaman 13. Tiefling - ranger 14. Gnome - crossbow maker 15. Orc - wizard w/skull head staff 16. Human - classic ranger with sword sheath on the back with shield attachment
  6. Updated Drizzt using a Silver Surfer head with eyes painted
  7. Once Upon a Time][/URL]
  8. Hidronax, Thanks for the great reply, yes this can be DM'd for table top play, a good starting point for adventures to be had. A small goblin hord has even stormed it before. Here is the Drow kitbash using a Kreo hair.
  9. Zoth33, Thank you, the croc warriors were a spin on making Argonians from Elder Scrolls. I pull ideas from my favorite games D&D, Pathfinder, Skyrim, LOTR, and mix it all together. Public playtime, Thanks, yes I really dig getting the thin phone camera down in the minifig eye level perspective. It helps bring it alive.
  10. Thank you zoth, Here's a top view, Littleworlds Thank you, Yes some pieces are from brickforge and brickwarriors. Here are a few more pics.
  11. Added some additional D&D figbarf characters Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall Clerics Argonians Elves Fighters Mages Bards
  12. Here are some pictures of my favorite set, along with custom and figbarf minifigs Thanks for looking,
  13. Yes, Drizzt's head and hair are from Kreo D&D line.